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  1. That certainly does look awesome!
  2. Real nice deal, good luck with it.
  3. Bump
  4. Pescodor pro 120 in great shape no leaks , no repairs . 1 rod holder 2 flush Scotty mounts . Very stable and seat is very comfortable $650 .00 Suffolk country LI ( sorry no paddle)
  5. Sweet ride ! Good luck with it.
  6. And don't forget your PFD.
  7. Good luck with it and be safe out there.
  8. Was hoping you were going to say Long Island lol, a bit to far for me . glws
  9. I’m Interested , what’s your location?
  10. Do you have the newer version? Do you use it in the salt ? If so how is the drive holding up? Thanks.
  11. It is truly great to hear a story like this!
  12. Yes it is tomorrow. I called the booth they told me it starts around 730 am ends around 11 am
  13. Went by at all different times the last few weeks and it's been closed.
  14. Appreciate the input, it seems from what I've been reading they addressed some of the earlier issues they were having.
  15. Anyone have any experience or good info on the pescodor pilot? Seems like some good deals on them lately and some of the problems were worked out on the newer 2018 models