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  1. Do a google search for "Bauer pike flies" and you will find some great youtube tutorials from kanalgratisdotse.
  2. 1:08 minute mark !
  3. 7-wt for permit ? you must be a much better fisherman than most !
  4. Oklahoma is in Florida but I wouldn't expect you to know that unless you're from there or fished there !
  5. One of the biggest mistakes with some heavy rods in my humble opinion is the use of a fore grip. I don't know what rod manufactures were thinking when they came out with this concept but they basically compromise the most effective section/part of the rod that's essential in fighting big fish. When I built my #12 weights I used Struble reel seats designed to attach removable butt extensions and I simply made two different length extensions for them, a regular one and a longer one to change the fulcrum and leverage without the need of a fore grip. This allows me to keep my hand on the right part of the handle where it belongs during a battle without increasing fatigue and prevents the habit of instinctively wanting to reach further up the blank which will ultimately compromise not only the efficiency and fighting ability of the rod but also it's structural integrity .
  6. Have they arrived to Oklahoma ?
  7. OK so you get charged for over weight not over size. Looks like I'm gonna have to put the rods in my Plano tube and check them in.
  8. Nice ties.
  9. Why do you get charged for oversize baggage if its under 62" overall measurements ? Still have my 1290 RPLX 3 piece. Can't see myself spending several hundred dollars for a rod that gets used a couple of times a year.
  10. Now that's a toad ! congats.
  11. I realize they are too long to carry on, hence the title and content of my post.
  12. I was looking for and hoping for something other than a hockey duffle bag, a rolling bag preferably. Might visit a Golf shop and look at some of their club bags but I don't know if they are spacious enough to carry essentials for two weeks. Trying to prevent having to pay for my check in bag and an extra bag for the rods.
  13. Got a tarpon trip coming up and was wondering if anyone is using or knows of any luggage that will accommodate 9' three piece rod tubes (39") . Not looking for something just for the rods but something I can check in with all my rods, cloths and other necessary items for the trip.
  14. It looks like it has a plastic sleeve/cover over the handle, don't know of any custom rod builders that would do that.
  15. They can only fit so much literature on a fly line box, the rest is on their website. This is almost as good as T&T's description of their Excocett quote, " thin-diameter top section that slices through the wind for quick and accurate casts " REALLY ! Where they come up with this BS is way beyond me but I guess that's another testament of how stupid they perceive us to be for paying such absurd prices for their product.