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  1. Mike, it will take honest politicians that genuinely care about the environment and the future, who are not influenced nor motivated by money and greed. Realistically unfortunately that's a none existent combination of qualities in the real world of politics !
  2. Nice boats Herb but I would have to agree with Bob that they are over priced for what you get. Judging by Bob's pictures, it looks like the fit and finish on the Sea Ox is also superior and I suspect there may not be that much of a price difference between the two. Sailfish has the same sought after variable deadrise as the old Seacrafts, a unique hull design known for rough water capabilities but their layout leaves a little to be desired with their euro transom and raised seating in the bow. Nothing compares to a clean open level deck in a fishing boat.
  3. Nice read, thanks for sharing ! counting the days for the giants of Homosassa. Fed five last year, jumped three of them and released one about 150 lbs.
  4. You did well, that boat has the sexiest lines in its class. How does she ride in the slop ? This is my 45 year old 18 SF Seacraft, she's a beast for its size.
  5. Nice boast Bob, similar lines to a SeaCraft. I thought you were having a Layton build.
  6. Rod rating and line rating is all over the place. Its gotten to the point that you don't know what you are buying unless you actually cast the rod with a few different lines to find a good or balanced match . I have some older 12 weight lines that are thinner than some present 9 weights. This didn't come about by chance or accident either, its called marketing or in simple terms confuse the consumer so he doesn't really know what he's buying so he buys more until he finds out what works !
  7. It is so sad and unfortunately common practice that the appointed bureaucrats responsible for making serious and important decisions that have an impact our natural resources have never stepped foot outside their high rise office building in NY City let alone take their son or grandson fishing ! The still image of the kid holding a Striped Bass in waist deep water near the end is priceless. We have evolved into the most destructive and despicable creatures on the entire planet ! Some of the things we do to the environment, each other and even ourselves sometimes is pathetic. An ethically impaired and morally bankrupt society so motivated by greed and money that some of these decision makers don't even care about the destruction being left behind for our children and their children that follow.
  8. I always related to the terms slow and fast as how quickly a rod recovers.
  9. There has to be a correlation of lightness and durability in my opinion. Having one without the other isn't practical let alone ideal, you can have the lightest rod but if its as fragile or brittle as a pretzel what good is it ? and vice versa, you can have a beast of a fighting stick but can only tolerate casting cast it so much because it weighs a ton.
  10. Lucky dog ! I have to wait till the last week in May.
  11. I would read this before you give them your money !
  12. and they came in both 2 and 3 piece like you stated ! I still have four of them #7, 8,10,12. in 3 piece and three 2 piece, 7'9" bonefish, #10 and #12. Five of them I build and two are factory.
  13. Jim Teeny T-Series, 24' fast sinking head or TS-Series 30' fast sinking head fly lines. not very pretty loops but sinks like an anchor.
  14. bump.
  15. X2 I'm having issues with the site !