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  1. well this was an interesting read.
  2. I actually don't remember her name. I do know that a lot of the religious right isn't exactly thrilled with Trump. They may support him over least for now. But he is not their ideal candidate by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not sure there are a lot of people who could get elected to office with the "i'm raising taxes on most people in the country...except corp and the very wealthy". Well, yes and no. certainly it would cut into the lower and middle classes budget, eventually that would be reflected in lower pro ices all least that's the free market idea.
  3. sorry had to read the other non-nonsensical thread to see where he was making the leap.
  4. anyone else confused?
  5. Flat taxes do make the most sense and are the most fair (at least IMHO). The problem, of course is that any politician who supports them has to face a stark fact. Flat taxes means most people will see a tax increase while those who are the wealthiness will see a tax decrease. it's hard to get elected if you support that, because it's not a very popular idea.
  6. Healthier people and/or Shorter lifespans
  7. yes. and while there are things the government can do to off-set some of them, other then out-and-out regulation of the sector...costs will rise.
  8. If ya think you have it bad, I heard a Christian commentator say that basically neither candidate expressed their values. It's gotta be a hard pill to swallow for people of faith.
  9. I think they all will, Hillary, Trump, or anyone else. The issue with the previous system is too many people didn't have health care, so those that did paid for them. With a smaller number of people each year paying for more and more people who didn't or couldn't afford it coverage costs as a percentage of income went too high, increasing the number of people who couldn't afford it. Now the issue is, everyone is on, but the cost is a bit steep for less coverage...and lots have lost the ability to choose their level of coverage to fit their needs. It would be easier if the free market forces worked, where those that could afford health care coverage would get better care and those that didn't wouldn't. But it's not how it works, given the medical communities obligations. Instead those with healthcare coverage covered those without, or those without simply filed bankruptcy when they were financially destroyed because of health care costs. I'm not sure what the solution is going to be, both systems aren't working for most people. I do wonder if it's more about demographics though. As our aging population dies off and our population shrinks, one would think that at some point the health care industry would have to contract, leaving more competition and therefore lower prices. But who knows
  10. Maybe, maybe not. But it's interesting to see Trump getting beat at his own game. Apparently when it comes to insulting and bullying people, he's not much of a match for Hillary and the legion of angry women voters. I think a smell a toupee burning.
  11. Ahh. Now that's what I was referring to. thanks. I'm sure, though, that such things are in fact part of any candiates ground game. Heck if I can hire a private company to get my biz on the 1st page of google.... That's cool. It does though make my point about the trolls an Trump. I do think a lot of people here want him because he is explosive and destructive. Like wanting to see an accident at a NASCAR race. I'm sure many others hope that win or loose, his run will change the political landscape and the GOP...and if they can see a little grey matter in the process so much the better. It seems to have stopped being about issues and more about entertainment. and that's kinda sad.
  12. I don't know. Seems like Trump is the darling of the resident trolls here. But what trolls and payroll are you referring too about Hillary? Has her campaign paid folks to post on the internet on her behalf? Has she paid more or less than the Trump campaign? Do you have a link to that revelation or is this conjecture?
  13. I'm not sure he has a lot of support these days from the conservative right. He's more an old fart then anything else
  14. Sure. what's your point? I had thought it was a pretty clear question. Are Internet trolls part of the red-neck base or are the a separate camp in Trump's base? Does that help your reading comprehension a bit? I can try to re-phrase if you find it still too difficult.
  15. I don't think that's true. it seems many republicans and many of the religious right have not exactly signed up for the trump band wagon. That's more about trumps character as a person and not about the party. Many have signed on because they are agree with the way the country and more importantly DC has seemingly left then behind. Not because they think that way.