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  1. First of all lets get civil. One one look at the age of the rod an not one of us know how the rod was fished, if it as abused or treated like a new born. Remember I am not taking sides here. First GLoomis is now owed by Shimono , not Garry Loomis. Garry sold the company about 10 years ago.. I believe when this rod was designed they used PacBay guides, this can be confirmed by calling Garry at North Fork Composites in Woodland WA. about 1 mile from his original factory. Now lets get back to the original question about the guide it could be a defect or it being said be thankful that they well place the guide. could have been caused by a bang on a rail or just dropping it. That said I believe any rod fished for 15 years and had one guide failure is surprising in its self. Personally if it were me and I liked the action and feel of the blank I would have it re-wrapped with new up to-date guides . Then you also must consider this, as a graphite rod gets older it also gets softer (this is the nature of the beast). Then there is an issue of a hidden defect,a hidden nick or a small crush just these 2 issues can cause a instant rod failure. Next there is the issue of cost shipping/handling (how and what to use to pack i the rod in, also finding a shipper you can trust to handle all the shipping protocol. Now what about down time how long well the rod be out of commission (For me the down time would be 2 days,( one day removing guide, finding correct guide, prepping guide, wrapping and applying finish. Second dry curing and dring? Chasing Tails where do you live? This way someone can recommend an experienced rod builder or wrapper near you I live in WA State. I hope this helps, If anyone reads my profile knows that what I said is true. I have in the custom rod business for almost 28 years. I am retired now from my store front shop. I just like to share what I know about custom rods and repair. Good Wraps Bob
  2. One of my West Coast Suppliers said North Fork Rods info well be coming to suppliers after ICAST Good Wraps Bob
  3. Are these guides laid on the spine. If not the guides well follow the Curve of the blank and make them look off Good Wraps Bob
  4. I totally agree with Dick F. A custom rod is built for a persons needs and functions the way they they like. What goes into building a custom rod is just a few things the mass- producers of rods don't do. Go in to any store and look at any manufactured rod of the same modle. The first thing you well notice is the grips and reelseat are all the same length, the guide spaceing is all the same. In a custom rod all these factore change. Do to the fact that not one modle of a rod serries well react the same. It takes time to learn a few tricks to build a rod the way you want it to work, ROD BUILDING IS NOT ROCKER SCIENCE. The weaving, thread work and Marbilizing is just iceing on the cake. I am sure there are a few builders in your area that can assest you. You well pay just as much for a shelf rod as for the componutes to make your rod. If you were from Western Washington State I would have you come over for coffee and show you what it takes to build a rod. Hey Dick, Karen says Hi and we miss you coming to WoodLand WA. Good Wraps Bob
  5. Make sure it has never been frozen. If the hardner is clowdy or lloks like it has cristalized just nuke it for 15 secounds Good Wraps Bob
  6. I agree with Saltheat. you might call Todd at Lamiglas. As for Lamiglas blems I must have builtat least a hundered over the last15 yrs and never had a situation like yours. My blems were generally a color defect or a small tweck at the tip ( which I trimed off, but I nver had a rod failur. Saltheart is correct about Lamiglas selling blems they stopped about 3yrs ago. Builders were buying them and then selling those blanks on eBay as #1 Good Wraps Bob
  7. Were you fighting a fish when the rod broke? It sounds like you high sticked the rod. If not how do you store the rod while in transport? Good Wraps Bob
  8. Gentelmen That was a great rod in its time. The rod was designed by mr Green one of the NW best casters and owner of Finwick and Sage Rods. The rod was designed and made on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. The Finwick company was sold a feww years back and they no longer sell blanks of any kind. I know here in Washington the finwick steelhead rods still go for a premeium price if they are in mint condition. Good Holidays and Good Wraps Bob
  9. I am sure there are some excellant rod builders in your area. It would help if they knew where you were located. NJ takes in alot of shore line Good Holiday and Good Wraps
  10. I have my light right over my wrapper and the reflection from the light on to the blank gives me a great center line. Good Wraps Bob
  11. You might also get a book called Advanced custom Rod Building by Dale Clemens. I am also a contributor on You well find losts of good info and great help there. You might try and get hold of CaptNeil or Al Goldberg these 2 guys are from the East Coast. I think New Jersy or Long Island. Someone correct me if I am wrong Good Wraps
  12. All your suggestion are great. I would also remove the butt cap and put a 4 inch plug where the cut is. Good Wraps Bob
  13. I believe a weave would look better than a stick on decale. A weave would make it more personal Good Wraps Bob
  14. Where in Texas are you located? I bet their is a builder in your area who would love to put you under their fin. What manulas do you have and what kind of rod are you looking to build. Good Wraps Bob
  15. On blanks I am familiar with both manufactures Lamiglas and the Baston Forecast. I live about 100 miles from both manufactures. Baston is at the top of the State at Squim on the Straits Of Juan De Fuca. While Lamiglas is located in Woodland WA on the Columbia River near Vancouver WA What I would do is email Todd Vivian at Lamiglas and Bill Baston at Baston ent and ask their opinion on their rod series, of rods recommenced. Like the Lami CGBT841 Batson SWM70MH. Good Wraps Bob