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  1. The damage
  2. I broke my lamiglas recently pulling one in , it's a fun fight just kind of tiring.
  3. the last few times ive been out, have been nothing but giant dogfish. cant fish bait because of them. I never knew we had so many here.
  4. IT WAS OPEN ? Damn I missed that. The last few times ive been there has been nothing but dogfish , so big I have never even seen them that big.
  5. If soemthing is organized and you need a body. I'd be happy to come down and help support peaceful protests. Lol Remember when we could drive to the point past the front jetty? I'm guess it was closed because of the plovers I never really questioned why I thought it was a safety issue. Now I'm guessing it was actually birds.
  6. I heard this. Some guys told me not to park at field 2 when it's dark. I was having fun at the the boat basin not catching anything but when I got back to the lot after dark not a single car was parked.
  7. Will do, I am going to check it out later , prob still closed will post later
  8. ty for insight
  9. I was not even aware there was a surfing permit and yeah they look like theyre clearing land for more nests its still closed
  10. And nothing will change until younger generations are in positions of power.
  11. It was still closed. Yeah it's a nice walk
  12. Planning to go check it out again
  13. Can't enter off-road at all. not sure too lazy to even think about that hah.
  14. Demo was closed due to plovers today, the park police said could be closed one day up to few weeks they have no idea they told me.
  15. Tried some dead sticking on the south side, fog so thick in the morning. Tried the out going. Nada