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  1. Hi everybody. I was wondering if anyone knew any commerical blue crab fishermen on Long Island. Looking to find a supplier. I know it's off topic if it's against the rules please delete. If not please PM me if you know anyone who is a commerical licensed blue crab fisherman or really any local commerical seafood. Thanks
  2. To Mods: If this post is against forum rules please delete. Long time member here, looking to see if anyone here knows any commerical boats/captains around Long Island looking for wholesaler to move their catches. Am Licensed to purchase and can move a decent amount of product. If anyone knows anyone, PM me. Or any tips on where to look for them would also be helpful. Thank you. Thanks.
  3. When things are too hot , everything is more difficult to do. I noticed over the years. Small fluke and porgy get really active when it's really hot. But things do slow down. But the water heats up slower than the air so it should still be good for a while. After everything gets hot it's time to mostly night fish.
  4. It's a two -fer!
  5. Insect repellent bath - the bugs are all out now. It's best you take a shower with DEET before coming out to Jbay now. Unless you enjoy gnats flying up your nose and crawling on your eyelids and skeeters in your ears. Time for me to hit the open beaches now! I hate bugs!
  6. It's nice that you help out snake eater not many would give a crap and just laugh as they drive by. I think the jones beach permit thing is too easy to get. They should have to check every vehicle for right gear like the breezy one does. And an easier way to spot permits like the stickers at breezy. That way a park cop can make a quick scan and fill his quota for the year in one day at sore thumb.
  7. Thanks ! My first 20+ lber. Yeah , that Rod is still in repair. Thank you guys for letting me know.
  8. PB. 39 in , 21lbs I rarely take home bass , this one swallowed hook and after 10 min of trying to revive it , unfortunately it just floated.
  9. Thanks for all the input. Yes i did have a cracked guide so I switched rods and fixed that. But when I did a double Palomer on a bunker treble it slipped when I caught one ... Or maybe it was cut by a blue .... I didn't think of that. Yes I am correctly tying the Palomer and double Palomer. It's the first time I'm having these issues in the past 4-5 years. I liked the mono to braid but I always get worried I didn't correctly tie the knot and may lose fish. Or forget to replace the leader after a long night. I'll have to do some more testing to see if anything happens again.
  10. I changed my braided line after 3 years of fishing with the same line. Power pro brand. After I changed to line, I noticed my Palomer knot was slipping very often. This was not the case before. Has the line changed? I had to change to a double Palomer to swivels when bait fishing with 2oz plus When using trebles or clips the double Palomer still slips I'm thinking using Uni knots or Double uni knots. What type of knot are you using ? I lost a lot of terminal tackle this week after I changed lines. Also I head uncle josh pork rind strips are discontinued ... True or not ?
  11. I was out a few days in a row in west south shore. Bunker are so thick it's unbelievable. Saw some acrobatics by huge blues flying in the air it was amazing. I was chucking and then live lining. But the bunker was so thick they were not interested in any of my offerings. No body around me was catching either. I think I'm better off switching over to lures for now. Still haven't caught anything and noticed the landscape changed a bit out there but the tides are still the same . Nonetheless it's always fun to be out there at the right times and see rare things like massive blitzes 10 feet from you happening.
  12. Beck in NYC. Hope to contribute to thread soon.
  13. Bump
  14. He's right you know ? I've had fish swim so close to my feet a couple times as the sun comes up. I must've been in 2 feet of water in the wash. In the middle of the day, during the summers fishing for fluke , I've been in water no more than 18 inches , holding the rod between my legs with bucktails in water , replying to a text , only to realize a big fluke was swimming up to check out my teaser before hitting it , 10 feet from me
  15. Have you tried fishing late into the night ? I usually seem to have much better luck after the sun has set for a few hours.