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  1. I know where those falls are... Beaver work on Queens?
  2. Fair shake, GW. Thank you. PM the necessary info and I’ll see to payment.
  3. Am I in on 1,2,3 & 39? Just checking, GW…
  4. I’ll take 1,2,3, & 39 GW. $60 shipped?
  5. Not exactly what I'm hunting for... but a very nice "4" Slick. GLWS
  6. Cardinal 4... cream color body, fixed spool?
  7. Big names/ big money involved... I'm guessing 15 years, 12.75 served.
  8. Searching for Stillwater Smack-It Jr.'s in Black (#22), Pearl White (#97) and Yellow (#99). Anyone got some spares, they're willing to part with?
  9. Bump... to save someone else from making that mistake.
  10. Getting all the "Cosmoline" off those rifles was / is a nightmare...
  11. With a suitable conveyance and half a brain, headed ANYWHERE. So... probably in Philly.
  12. Perhaps they’ll find his camper and remains, at the bottom of a ravine? We should look when Google updates the satellite images. Maybe have a contest?
  13. Anyone ever find Belmo? Inquiring minds want to know…
  14. Lurking...
  15. What’s this thing wrapped around my trophy?