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  1. Current velocity and bearing? Holdover on an 11.36 mile shot? (.50 cal) Anyone?
  2. Excellent choice.
  3. Linked. Reminder set. Looking forward to it, Dan.
  4. South America is not another country. It’s a continent.
  5. Good access, local bait and tackle, expecting vacationing fisherman as guests. Could do a lot worse and spend a lot more in RI.
  6. I don't trust tonight's forecast...
  7. Wonder how much they're skimming at Gideons?
  8. Catching is often secondary to the solitude. I could just be a lousy fisherman, too.
  9. SK is always worth a shot. Might just find your 40X likes them too...
  10. Congrats, DB. Celebrate every day...
  11. Federal... Wolf... Lapua?
  12. I saw that too. Takes Glock mags. Though not a Glock guy, I think that was a smart design element for low cost magazine availability. Supposedly a SIG adapter is available, as well. Not sure I have any 9mm SIG's in the safe, but it'd be a good excuse to go shopping! CZ magazines, maybe? Think I have some 9's there... Or they could offer other calibers in the carbine. Hope springs eternal.
  13. “Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate…?”