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  1. This order can still be appealed to the Court of Appeals, which is the highest court in NY.
  2. I have a after-hours mini pikie in blurple if you're still looking.
  3. Nick you in montauk? I'll be out Saturday-Tuesdsy.
  4. Been experimenting with uv powder, didn’t realize the pink powder was glow in the dark.
  5. Looking for any trades.
  6. I have to dig it out but I have one used.
  7. Are you looking for a expert witness?
  8. Last try at 300. So have Seiger she reel if you want a combo.
  9. Let’s try 325
  10. I would recommend the Phynix red eye 7” 15-40. Rod was built by Lou and it has performed exceptionally well for fishing in the keys.
  11. Bump- open to offers
  12. Brand new Surf Series rated 6-10. I’ll be at Striper Day tomorrow. $375
  13. Lol don't have too much offer. Cash and I have a conventional trevala-s ml paired with a lefty Diawa fuego with a power handle if you were looking for a light setup.