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  1. The feds are going to have a problem if the unindicted co-conspirator is Lou’s Fish Market. Mark Parente was the former owner and he single handedly sank the governments last EDNY indictment of a fisherman. That case was a disaster for the feds, they were lucky to get a mistrial when the jury hung. They based that case on Parente’s cooked books. The cross examination of the him was brutal. He admitted to lying to the investigators, falsifying records that the government used in for the trial, and lying under oath during direct examination.
  2. Fun thread to read here. The best times I had were driving my girlfriend and her cousin around Memorial Day yard sales from Montauk to East Hampton. Women sitting in lawn chairs with no husband or sons in sight have sold wood Mussos, old Plano bins of old stock Super Strike, and buckets of plastic swimmers were had for no more than a 20 bill. On the occasions that fisherman were selling tackle, it was blast negotiating and just talking and listening to stories of old Montauk. Most of the tackle is sitting in bins and I really need to go thru it and start selling it. Been staying this to myself for years but maybe I'll try this winter.
  3. I’ll take them.
  4. Have any of you guys chasing rooster fish in Cabo or Puerto Valletta confirm that Mexican officials have changed their sporting goods policy and 5 piece surf rods are not allowed in carryon and must be checked. Seems this is a recent rule change. I’m close to ordering a 5 piece from CTS and 4171 bag to bring down for rangers and cabos, and superstrike and some a pencil or two. Maybe soft plastics.... bc adult money.
  5. Plug was released to support Montauk Surfcasters association.
  6. Janet Messineo- Casting into the Light Lefty Kreh- My Life was this Big Presidents who fished - George HW Bush, Jimmy Carter, Eisenhower, and my personal favorite George Washington.
  7. I totally agree, fishing the back country on light tackle is a trip everyone should take. I spent 3 days chasing snook, reds, trout, and small tarpon two years ago. You might not catch quality fish but you will be bending a rod all day fishing those mangroves. Another thing to consider is March brings vicious NE winds and it could get a little sporty running out to the reefs. Those Ne winds will also shut down the tarpon bite in downtown Islamorada. We got blown out, we tried with m some mullet from mullet man but got not takers. Running across Florida Bay to fish the backcountry will protect you from the wind and fish some truly magnificent waters.
  8. I picked up a few of his 3/4oz darters years ago. Not sure if he still turns them but it’s a fun little to use in the beginning of the season for me. The groves darter around 1oz is good too.
  9. I'm in, thanks Nick. Cuppa good giveaways from you buddy
  10. I’m rooting for him Mike, hopefully it works for him. Always a good time when he was hanging at the shop. Hope you’re doing well
  11. All my reels have mono backing with braid. Just have a shop do it for you. I try pack around 300 yards of braid with backing for my surf reels. You can get quite a bit of 10# braid on these smaller reels. It lets me cut down any braid that gets frayed over the course of the season and then I’ll reverse the line before I put new braid on. For these small reels I am fishing light stuff, 3/8oz- 3/4oz. Heavy braid is not needed because I’m not targeting large fish. I’m using 15-30# leaders. This is for fluke, albies, and school sized bass in back bays or sand beaches. If I’m fishing any rocky areas I’m using a VS250 with 50#braid and 60# leader paired with a 10-11 ft rod. If your not fishing rocky areas you can probably get away with 30# braid. What type of area are you planning on using this setup?
  12. Daiwa bg 2500 on the less expensive side or a Stradic 4 or 5k if you want to spend a little more. Both reels have served me well. *edit- forgot to add I wouldn’t put 30lb braid on either reel. I wouldn’t go higher than 20#, I personally have 10#.
  13. Killer work as always Nick. I’m in
  14. Pretty nice and humble dude when he was wet suited up and taking headers when a nor’easter was passing through montauk. They were filming running coast and it was either the first week of October or Columbus weekend where a nice run of bass were under the light for a few mornings.
  15. That’s exactly what a three letter agency would say. Sounds like Wetzel is controlled opposition to throw us off the scent. Heard a few surf guys went missing after fishing on his rock. Please report back with information