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  1. Yes I have Yes I have as well. I ran out of time last year to continue working my way down between marathon and key west. Live bait will work best and I had fun fishing with my lady with some live shrimp on 3/8 jig heads. But she is not a not owl and I was able to roam the non human hours to target and land some large. I’m on my 4th year and it’s fun to map out a plan and see what works and what doesn’t. Try talking to locals who seem knowledgeable about the tides on the bridges you want to fish. One bridge could be hot on the drop while a mile down at another bridge you won’t catch seaweed. Try to buy notebook or keep notes on your phone. There is so much to cover, I barlely scratching the surface for the months of March and April. All this info could be worthless once may roll around. People think I’m crazy at work bc I consider this a relaxing vacation.
  2. Use Google map to see which bridges give you level water access. I'll use grassy key bridge as a example . Much easier to play a taron from the edge than up on a bridge. Still probably not catching a 100+. Buckatils and single hook soft plastic jigheads.
  3. Came here to say Mrs Macks truffle fries and the high fish sandwich
  4. Past few years I have shipped down a medium flat rate box to the keys. Easiest way to get your lures down if you're not checking a suitcase. Seems like you're at the whim of a TSA agent if you bring them on your carry-on. Bucktails have worked the best for me from land and boat. If you bucktail up here you'll be fine in Florida. I've caught everything from a searobin to grouper on a bucktail in Florida. Soft plastics, pencils or a SS popper, minnow plugs, darters, and tins should do it. I totally recommend single hook plugs if you're targeting tarpon. They have a pretty tough jaw and you want to set the hook hard multiple times. Your plugs should have upgraded split rings and hooks. Live shrimp will def put a bend in your rod. Hit up a few of the local tackle shops and spend a few bucks, the shops I went visited were really great explaining what tackle should be used for the area's I planned on fishing. I may have diverted some time at work to studying Google maps to see what looked fishy to me and based my conversations with the guys at the shop around that information. Lastly, make sure you get a your fishing license. I wish NY had the Enforcement Florida is able to provide. Where are planning on staying, I'm sure more guys will chime in or you can try in the florida forum here on Sol. I put in a 14 hr day at work so I'll try to remember to keep on an eye on this thread.
  5. I’m a big fan of eel skins, it’s a high confidence lure for me. You can put a skin just about any lure but I have had the most success with needles. I have a 1 3/4 super strike needle that I took a piece of wire and got it hot and created an indent to tie up the skin. Works great in skinny water or calm nights. I know guys last jyear in April by me have done well with loaded red fins tied behind the lip. I can’t personally speak for how effective they are but Instagram has some around. My montauk needles are the 2 and 3 oz BM skins and a chef Chris needle he made out of a bar stool. It at least 8-9 inches painted eel skin blue and caught me a low 20 on my first cast. The BM junior swims great with a skin too. Try bending the line up if you want it to dive a little. I think I left the BM in the freezer most of the year this past season. I added skin to a sp bullet bc I had no other use for that lure. Casted well but I lost it to a bluefish and haven’t used it since. I rig mine with the skins inside out. If you are on Long Island cow harbor sells skins and I believe rigged eels.
  6. That night haunts me the most, also lost some nice fish on the lip of sand beaches more times than I care to admit. But I think we all live for those nights.
  7. Don’t know where OP is fishing but a good tip I picked up for Montauk is loosing your drag if a big fish runs and wraps you around a rock. Hopefully the line will slide over the rock and it won’t break you off. I don’t care how heavy your braid is, if you hook a hook a trophey bass you ain’t horsing him in on the initial run. But for an initial hook set I like a tight drag where that hook is getting buried in the fishes jaw. For big fish, setting the hook more than once gives me some more confidence knowing that hook isn’t popping out. I lost, without a doubt, the biggest of my life on a late night tide in montauk from not setting the hook more than once. Hook popped out on the initial run towards a massive boulder 50 yards out. A few casts later another fish broke me off and took my BM eel skin needle on that same boulder. A few casts after that my buddy was weighing his 1st 40#. Each situation is always different but lose enough big fish and you’ll hopefully get an idea.
  8. Bought a sample pack of Solarez and a $10 light off Amazon, really easy to work with.
  9. Hey Mike, happy new year, it's Tom. Didn't he also address concerns on the inside of the bag which reduces the stitching in a way that I won't snag the 20 plugs I'll probably jam in there but still keep the overall Integrity of the shape of the bag? I’m way over my head, Vanessa was pointing out all the superior cuts and seams and layers and all the crafty chit she has an eye for. -Wet boot 2019
  10. Nick's a member here so maybe he will chime in. Hopefully he will have a table at another winter show and you guys can see for yourself. I think these bags are top notch, just like his plugs. He spent alot of time and put some serious thought into these bags and they came out bulletproof for the type of fishing he does in Montauk.
  11. Ebbpoint beachwalker
  12. Yes I'll be there Sunday and can bring the rod.
  13. Thanks, if the rod is available and Im able to make the show I will you know.
  14. Rod is used, guides are in good shape though. Not sure if I can make surf day but I will be attending Somerset if that would work for you.
  15. I'm in Bayside Queens, I'll be at some of the shows this winter too.