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  1. How did that work out for Toys R Us, RadioShack, Gander Mountain, Payless Shoes, and Vitamin World?
  2. Private equity firms have done a great job creating a false perception that they are coming in to save a company from bankruptcy. There have not been many retail success stories. Let’s see how much debt they saddle Pure with. Things don’t end well for companies if they have a few underperforming quarters.
  3. My office is a few blocks away so pending some work emergency I will get over there for the striped bass conference. Thanks for posting.
  4. I have a Fiberstar 1088, located on Long Island.
  5. I’d just like to mention the 5in unloaded Redfin. All summer in montauk small fish were holding on a sand beach. The majority of them were actually hugging the lip 10 feet in front of you. The 5in got job done just fine. Never had a need to bomb a cast across the bar for this particular spot. So I try to keep one in my bag when distance is not needed.
  6. Guys were fishing under the lamp at low water with 8-10 ft rollers coming in. It was a wild scene and good fishing before it fizzled out later in the morning. IMG_8429.MOV
  7. I took that picture during last years blow. My boot did not get wet taking the photo Mike
  8. Only been up to the canal a few times so take my advice with a grain of salt. The FSC 1088 throws 2-6 no problem. You could probably pull up a trophy lobster por of with the power of this rod. For the other rods you mentioned, see if any of the them are offering demo days so you can test them out. Hoping to take a few days off and get back up there for a few days this week. Really nice change of pace from Montauk.
  9. I’ve gone to Florida and Puerto with hooks and bucktails that passed in my carryon. It’s basically a crapshoot and you’re at the discretion of a TSA agent. Much easier to just mail a flat rate box of gear down.
  10. Camp hero permit. You need one to parkthere
  11. Guy cotton is a great lightweight jacket with gaskets. Perfect to use on warm.niight with a short sleeve shirt. On this cold night, really helped layering and keeping you warmer. Had. Mine 5 years
  12. Let me offer my 2 cents since I go out a few times a year and according to my math that makes me some of expert. Bait, clams and squid on a high low right. The most fun I had were dropping big jigs down deep and waiting for those biscuits to open up their large mouths and inhale the jig. Won a sweet pool out in montauk one time.e and a buddy are going on the boat Friday if you're in Montauk. She could form an Armada of mediocre tatctis ... Good look and bring a few rods. I worked 15 hr but this seems like gold Jerry, GOLD
  13. I’ll take it...
  14. Yup great piece of gear, especially for mtk nor’easters when all you need are bucktails.
  15. I’ll take the mini and a yellow. Please send me a message with your PayPal info