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  1. Okay thank you once more. Haven't had any tear out so far.
  2. Okay thank you steel pulse. How would you know when it's time to change? Is it like checking a knife? Stroke the edge sideways?
  3. That's what I have thought of and done. Just wasn't sure. I would never do that. On a another note: I have a aftermarket cutter and was wondering how long it will last and if you could sharpen it? Like something like a strop.
  4. Lol. That's why I want dwindle my supply before I buy more.
  5. Like the title says. I have been thinking about the height and wondering if it should be in the middle of the pins on the head and tail stock or a little lower? I have tried both but not sure if it works any differernt.
  6. I saw this when you posted it. I like how mine works. Just got to configure my setup better.
  7. You never used up the wood? I still have some. Just recently had the time to get back in the shop and only made a few peanuts that are still raw.
  8. I'm in. Thanks for the chance.
  9. Looks good. I don't have my vise bolted down so I can't to it that way right now.
  10. That sounds like a good idea.
  11. Thanks.
  12. Not a problem
  13. I want to make one for lure weights.
  14. 2 ton & 30 min are the same