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  1. This. Bruford is amazing, what a career.
  2. We named the dog Indiana.
  3. Why the dumping on Rush? Very talented three guys, Peart pals sing was a loss he was an amazing drummer.
  4. Didn’t they tour with two drummers? Similar to Genesis…
  5. Awesome
  6. Please join me at Flatbread Company Providence on April 16 as we hold the annual RIde Against Cancer Kickoff event at Flatbread Company in Providence! All pizzas sold between 5PM and 10PM dine-in or take out will benefit the RIde and help SEND KIDS WITH CANCER TO COLLEGE! Address: 161 Cushing St, Providence, RI 02906
  7. Whole-lotta awesome right here! Even the guys! Nice, should be the SOL banner.
  8. Thank YOU folks for your support! The event was very successful this year and in September the "Beach Party" was held and two college bound childhood cancer survivors were presented with scholarship funded by your generosity!
  9. This is a no brainer if you live near Providence. Tomorrow night there is an event to support sending kids with cancer to college and all you have to do is choose to eat here or do take-out! Tomorrow at 5 PM - 10 PM Flatbread Company Providence 161 Cushing Street Providence, Rhode Island 02906
  10. We have similar tastes, perhaps try Great Divide Yeti or Old Rasputin preferably from nitro tap. Don't care for either from bottles, or most stouts for that matter.
  11. Yes, reading this thread should be part of the required SOL On Boarding orientation.
  12. Happy Togest Thanksgiving Wee Ever everyone!
  13. Southern Mass peeps - this is a no brainer if you live near Providence and don't have other plans. Tomorrow night there is an event to support sending kids with cancer to college and all you have to do is choose to eat here or do take-out! I'll be there looking forward to meeting some folks! Tomorrow at 5 PM - 10 PM Flatbread Company Providence 161 Cushing Street Providence, Rhode Island 02906
  14. Let's make sure it's known as the "little c" from now on! I'm still "in it to kick it"! Kick cancer that is! cancer is impacting all our lives more than ever, so don't get mad - get EVEN! Kids don't ask for cancer, so lets work together to help them beat it and survive it! This will be my LUCKY 15th ride. Over the past 14 rides we've been able to raise over $150,000, a nice chunk (<- see what I did there) of that from SOLers! Indeed, a large part of the contributions have been in-kind as well, from plug builders donating their time and artwork, fly tiers tying terrific teasers to manufacturers like ZeeBaaS and Penn donating high end reels! Your donations help support cutting edge PEDIATRIC CANCER RESEARCH AND CARE through The Jimmy Fund at Dana Farber by supporting my participation in the 2 day almost 200 mile Pan-Massachusetts Challenge. I'd greatly appreciate your generous contribution by entering the raffle or donating something for it - ANYTHING of value, it doesn't matter. Children's lives and futures depend on it! How do you enter? By popular demand, I'm offering additional pricing options, including a $5 option this year, with each level offering a lower price/entry (as you'd expect). Just use the convenient links below to get in! $5 Kick cancer 5 times get 1 chance! $10 Kick cancer 10 times get 3 chances! $25 Kick cancer 25 times get 10 chances! $50 Kick cancer 50 times get 25 chances! When you make your donation, it would be helpful if you would mention "SOL" or "raffle" and your SOL username in the "Note To Rider" box (you'll see what I'm referring to when you donate). You can also make your donation in honor or memory of someone and a letter acknowledging your donation will be send to the recipient/address of your choice. Very nice feature, and gesture! If you prefer to use check or Money Order, please make it out to "The Jimmy Fund" and contact me for the mailing address. Cash in person works as well (please don't mail cash, I can't be responsible for that)! There's nothing fishy about this - 100% of your donation goes towards cancer research - YES - 100% pass through from the PMC to The Jimmy Fund! Well, OK... there is something fishy about this: 100% of your donation will support the cutting edge research of Dr. Wolfram Goessling's Zebra Fish lab - Dr. Goessling practices catch and release - all research is performed on live fish using ultrasound and luminescence! NOTE: Anyone who supports the raffle with an in-kind donation to the surf bag will get a chance in the drawing as well as a THANK YOU for your kind support! Thank you SOL - you're the wind at our backs! IronMike Raffle ends September 30th, drawing on October 1st, 2017!
  15. Mike, you've been an amazing and generous supporter of my efforts for many years, thank YOU!
  16. We all win with people like CrappieAttitude (that's really funny actually :-) ) and all the other kind hearted and generous folks on SOL! Stay tuned for the 2018-19 raffle as I start to collect more goodness to raffle!
  17. Michael P!
  18. The winner is....
  19. Bob, you're the tops man.
  20. Sir, thank you very much for your generous donation towards pediatric cancer research! Last call, I'm drawing the winner tonight at 9pm!
  21. Hey CrappieAttitude (great username!)... you can donate.... Here - to support the genius of Dr. Wolfram Goessling's zebra fish research, ... Here - to support sending a childhood cancer survivor to college through the Rhode Island based National GRACE Fondation... OR split the donation between them! $5 gets you one entry, $10 gets 3, $25 gets 10, $50 gets 25! THANK YOU!
  22. Thank you Pedro! Very nice, I also like the way you supply the hooks separately so the winner can decide!
  23. CHOOPYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and RM Smith Collaboration Plugs - NICE!
  24. Thank you Bud from WV!
  25. Drawing is tomorrow! THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING A PART OF THIS!