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  1. bought a toro tamer travel rod from charkbait. broke on the first cast. called em up and they could not have been better. treated me like a million dollar customer on a $75 order. replacement on the way. great guys
  2. i am still getting them but they are on the right side now
  3. can we all agree to never buy anything that pops up ? ever
  4. really bad
  5. i thought i heard they stopped making these rods ? or was it just the hatteras specials ?
  6. cant fly home. airports are closed in costa rica. stuck in the states till june 1. need transportation. staying in springfield va. $100 budget thks
  7. condolences
  8. yes on the crack. i need one of these things for that reason. original only lasted about 40 years. any chance of a warranty claim ?
  9. did you try removing shims from base of the spool ?
  10. i recently bought a reel on the bst that i have wanted for a long time. a penn 965. no experience to speak of with level winds but i wanted to try. have not yet had a chance to use, but jeez what a sweet little machine. good luck
  11. for whatever it's worth i think i had it in february. got it right after flying to my ship. 2nd sickest i have ever been. (malaria was worse...maybe) high fever and one night i woke up and was very short of breath. i was on my ship. told the mates i would not be standing watches for awhile. took a few days to get over the worst. about 8 maybe 10 days to recover edit: at the time china flu was not on my radar so i did not think that was what it was. if i had known it was kung flu (if in fact it was) i would have gotten away from my crew asap
  12. pretty sure it comes from wuhan
  13. Will the iPhone work with any provider ? How is the battery ? Thanks
  14. Thanks Butch