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  1. ok, so i googled the battle of pavia. no insult intended but damn, thats 5 minutes i aint bettin back
  2. i wouldn´t enter mine in a beauty contest but who cares ?
  3. my penn torque 5 is about 7 years old now. will outlive me with plenty to spare. could not ask for more from a surf reel.
  4. this may not be relevant as i fish costa rica not mexico, but my go to lure for rosters and jacks are surface tension lures. easy to skip across the surface and cast. i don't think they are made anymore. only have a couple left. similar to the ice cream. again maybe not relevant but my best rooster spot was an estuary mouth at high water slack. long casts not required. again this is in c.r. not mexico
  5. where are they made ? or has this been answered lot of negative posts....odd to see such strong opinions about a reel nobody has used yet
  6. thanks
  7. very cool. good on ya
  8. nice restoration. looks great. what is the story on that vise. never seen anything like it. very cool
  9. ok so today i fixed one toilet and broke another (ouch $350) , fixed electrical problem in the master bedroom, fixed electrical problem in the master bath, replaced about 15 light bulbs, halfway installed a tankless water heater ( need a reducer for the water hook up) and made zero progress on my gomexus knob. i know, i know, i need to prioritize. jeez i need to come home more often. this stuff really piles up
  10. oly was the good stuff. we drank that when we had money i forgot to your wooden handles. that is next level stuff im guessing you were in ak in the military. if i recall correctly you are a retired machinist. im gonna make a wild ass guess you were at elmendorf
  11. lb, our replies just passed each other. i got back to costa rica yesterday. snuck in some reel work in between the honey-do-list projects today. been gone 4 months, list is long
  12. hey lb, thanks. that video is exactly what i needed....also i really liked this guy. there was the distinct sound of ice cubes tinkling in glass at 6:02 and 8:38. i just flew home yesterday and i am now sipping on duty free johnny walker gold so i appreciate this. also he is wearing a hamms t-shirt. this was the cheap beer we drank in alaska when we didnt have any money which was like always. as i am in my cups now i will wait till tomorrow to start thanks to all you guys for your help. this stuff aint rocket science but if you have access to knowledgeable people that are willing to help why not ask ?
  13. looks great. what i really like is that reel is fished. looks battle scarred
  14. handle day continues. one down one to go. if anybody that has intstalled a gomexus knob on a 704 handle would be kind enough to pass on their experience it would be much appreciated as always thanks guys