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  1. hey finn seeker, i would recommend small hooks and shrimp for the 5 year old. i would fish the rocks with the sinker on the bottom of the rig set up to breakaway when you hang. he should have pretty steady action of small fish. perfect for the little ones. good luck
  2. hey shark, nice set up
  3. hey bill z, nicce work, good on ya
  4. i have a cheapo that i can't remember the brand of (not home now) but i prefer my regular bench vise...good luck
  5. hey puff t, no i'm a penn guy, but thks for asking......used to live in quepos. nice town, but it has grown up a lot since i lived there. we go to los suenos a lot because it is close to my house. it is very nice. hope you have a good trip..................good luck
  6. hey olvart thks, just got back from an afternoon evening session lost 3 on walmart shrimp. mustad 3/0 circle hooks offset. maybe too big ? never saw the fish but one took a bit of drag but drag was pretty loose. fished lures in the am and yesterday. spooks, plastic swimmers. jig heads with plastic, etc...nada. will try the shrimp again tomorrow. thks again for the help
  7. hey puff tentackle, is the penn international still for sale ?
  8. a bit south of houma. no time for charters. i'm at work but can fish close by in the morning and evening, thks for the info
  9. i am in a shipyard on a bayou in la for the next couple of weeks. any fishing ideas/help would be most appreciated...thks
  10. i cornered a rat on a boat one time. as i went to put the boots to him he attacked. i respected the hell out of him for that. killed him anyway, but i respected him for it. when my time comes i plan to do the same. what the hell make it interesting. where i fish i swim across the mouths of rivers and estuaries. crocodiles are an issue. i carry a knife on my belt. i know i can't win that fight but fight it will be
  11. beautiful
  12. hey puff tenackle, i am interested in the penn but i saw someone asked first so i will wait to see how that plays out. don't want to be a dick. can't do a pickup in the states but i saw you are going to cr. maybe we could do a meet up there as thats where i live. where are you headed ? i saw you are looking for some uncle josh. i think i have a jar stashed. can't check now cause i'm on my ship. when are you going to cr ?
  13. yes i scored one of the blue dry bags and is is excellent. great giveaway. can be used as a flotation device in a pinch
  14. $250 ? come on i have 2 kids in college...but now that i think about it do they really need college ? i mean really
  15. has the jogger been charged yet ?