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  1. meet up not possible for me, but was just curious are those things rated like 8-16 oz ? always heard they were great rods. good luck with your sale
  2. ok, no bites....i raise my offer to good price
  3. ok, my wife is at my mother's now so she can ship these for me if anyone is interested....i will drop the price to $400...thks
  4. want to buy penn international 965 for ridiculously low price or could trade these infared night vision binoculars: Edge GS 2.7 x 50. they cost $700 new so i would need some kickback thks
  5. i've tried some different things. not sure if anything is actually better then the original water shoes...keds
  6. a member here recommended a grease called aquashield to "seal" a reel. I tried it on my spin V on a river bar in heavy to moderate surf for 2 days. dunked many times. normally i would have about half a teaspoon of water ingress in these conditions per day. i had none. so if it was me i would buy a penn v for $100 on ebay and "seal" it with aquashield. scooby has a video on this stuff good luck
  7. i always enjoyed his posts and enthusiasm. don't remeber him ever being negative towards anyone. i like that
  8. my go to reel is a penn torque and the backup is a spin v. usualy have wind knots when i first put line on them because i put to much. once i cut back to what they like they are fine
  9. thks bennie
  10. nice carp. hope to get a few when i visit my mom......corn ?
  11. thats great your fishing with your dad. wish i still could. what reel is that with the wood handle ? .....delmar ?
  12. tied one once with hair i cut from the family cocker spaniel. left a bald spot. really pissed everybody off
  13. interesting idea, but what would you call it ?
  14. the question is " what is better, untouched or fished" ? really ?