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  1. there are beeter reel guys here then me, but until one of them chimes in......i gotta go with crosswind block if the knock is coming at the top of the spool travel. if it was my reel i would add a heavy grease to that area and see what happens, but thats me. tony in the penn forum would certainly help you out if you are not comfortable in that area. there is a good tutorial on that reel in alan tani's site. good luck to ya
  2. very cool. good on ya
  3. friend of mine live lined mice for alligators when he was a kid.....double peta violation
  4. hey shark lobster, i just noticed your question was in regards to the slammer drag. i should not have commented as i have not worked with that drag yet
  5. got ya. hmmmmmm. maybe merry xmas to me. thks
  6. cool beans. hope it serves you well
  7. i have one of these and it works well. 2 " belt is no problem
  8. thks. been thinking about playing with a small reel, but you know how it is...the day you decide to use it you will hook a big tarpon
  9. sharklobster, how much, and what kind of line do you get on a slammer 3 3500 ? thks
  10. i remove split rings. don't think they serve a purpose if you are not tying direct. i do add split rings to those lures that the ta clips will not fit works for me...good luck
  11. very nice
  12. i like the 50 lb clips. like to keep the hardware to a minimum. i fish 30lb braid so i figure don't need heavier clips. they do get bent sometimes and i just toss em..............i also like to carefully wind them through the guides when i am done fishing or changing reels
  13. hey shark lobster, i have used cal's and penn blue without problems
  14. i have used cal's and penn blue grease. both have worked fine for me