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  1. Paying attention....thanks guys
  2. Yes. I found a spot that looks fishy on google earth where A tributary meets the potomac with a shallow point sticking out. Probably a rip present when the tide is running
  3. If things go according to plan (when has that ever happened) I will be fishing the lower potomac in June. Surfcaster my whole life but never in striper country. I would appreciate any advice you guys might have. Thanks
  4. I would like to make clear that I think this is a great lifetime reel. been fishing it hard for 5 years. I expect maintenance issues in any piece of equiptment
  5. This bearing failed on my torque as well. I replaced with the same bearing but, the poster above makes a good point. Better to upgrade. has anyone done this and know the correct size for sure ? I actually damaged the frame internally but fortunately only cosmetic damage. My own fault. I knew something was wrong but continued to fish
  6. For whatever it's worth I have popped the side plate on any reel I have owned after a wet day. If there is water dump it. Leave sideplate off until dry. When grease becomes discolored service. Simple as that
  7. Hey mike, I think very few fisherman use the auto bail trip any more. In fact a lot of us remove it whenever possible If you are used to an auto trip it might feel strange at first to do it by hand but I think you will prefer this method when you become accustomed to it Good luck
  8. Hey fmtuna, do you think you guys will have any more at that price ? Thanks
  9. Damn, missed the sale. Both okuma and tackle direct are out. Shite
  10. Thks, yeah your right, I should have used search. Will do so now
  11. Thought I should check with you guys before I pull the trigger....thanks
  12. I bet you could get a penn z for that price in the bst, so why bother
  13. could you remove the insert then epoxy it in the housing ?
  14. Hey nc coastal, I own this reel. And I also have wind knot issues if I have to much line on the spool. Penn recommends 1/8" from the lip ( if I remember correctly) but i always put a bit too much then have wind knots until enough has been cut away. Then no more problem. However I have not had your bottom heavy line lay issue. On a positive note I have been fishing my torque hard in harsh conditions for 6 years and it has been great. Will most certainly out live me Penn will take care of you then you will have a lifetime reel....good luck