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  1. i just bought a, in new condition penn spinfisher vi 4500 in the bst for $95. not sure if it makes the op s weight requirements but a legitimate surf reel for under $100 it is
  2. ok fair enough...pm me payment info when you get a chance
  3. If handi was still alive i bet he would have offered to send ypu one for free. He offered to send me stuff for free more then once....great guy I am glad to see you back...good luck Mark
  4. very cool reel, which i need like another testicle, but,,but are you excepting offers ?
  5. mark d


    costa rica has a carribean and pacific side. in fact if you really wanted to you could fish both sides in the same day although i never have
  6. mark d


    i have never heard anyone even mention it in costa rica. dont think it exists there. i used to hear about it a lot in the bahamas .
  7. mark d


    i have eaten small barracuda you aint missin much. i would live off smaller reef fish, grouper snapper etc, when i sailed in the Bahamas no issues
  8. damn pretty fish. i like the extratuf boots. best deck boot ever
  9. i have heard those were good reels
  10. cant speak to the bg but i have 2 spin v 4500 and 6500. both excellent reels. i upgraded the gears but probably not necessary. ....good luck
  11. whatever you decide you should try in the bst first. might find a reel bargain.....see what i did there ? i kill myself
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