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  1. i have never fished albies but....i have compared floro to mono in a glass of water, a swimming pool and the ocean and i see no difference. people say it has better abrasion resistance, not true. check out the you tube abrasion test by saltstrong. i duplicated this test at home with similar results
  2. ^^^^^ my penns do not like a full spool either
  3. ????????? thats about the most common activity here. second most common is trashing brands. third most common is trashing people who use a different brand then you
  4. ^^^^^ i have fished them commercially and often you get them hooked in the tail because they slap the bait with their tail. they are good to eat and as others said mako is better but they are good
  5. great photo
  6. older is cooler, way cooler, but i have to admit my torque 5 is a better tool. i have to admit my torque 12 is a better tool then my squidder or newell.....let the abuse begin
  7. ^^^^ maybe they vary year to year ?
  8. 1. no expensive waders 2. no surf belt 3. there are not hundreds of dollars of equipment hanging from the non existent surf belt 4. no custom surf bag 5. can not see the reel well but i suspect it is not a van baas conclusion: must be photo shopped edit: can't believe i missed the following: 1. child is not wearing life jacket 2. child is not wearing helmet 3. child is not wearing body protection 4. child appears to be having fun conclusion: expect a visit from social services soon
  9. Correct, the difference in price is coming from the Fuji reel seat and guides. tony as per penn Like this
  10. ^^^^ i stand corrected thks
  11. i am surprised a diy guy like scooby does not make his own ?
  12. savage gear manic prey is the one you are thinking of (i think)...hooked a nice tarpon on one this year got my pb snook on a yozuri hydro this year interested in the shimano colt. first i heard of it edit: ok just looked up the shimano lure. looks about the same as the others, but who knows ? will give it a try..thks....these marketing people crack me up....Shimano's unique Propulsion Weight Transfer System ...thats some pretty fancy language for a ball bearing that rolls around and it aint unique
  13. i forgot to say mine is 9 ft
  14. i have the prevail 3/4 - 3 oz. it is the same blank as the battalion as per penn. for 1 oz buck tails i would have been better off with the 1/2-2 oz. don't like the way it loads at the low end.....good luck