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  1. can't do a link, but if you go to international page...then scroll down to the 965's then scroll down the page to the first item which has a red stop sign on it...then look to the right and click on the highlighted 965 design change original to newer housing that will take you to a page with explanation and excellent photos of the differences
  2. where i live and fish (costa rica) the locals all use short rods say 6-7 ft with abus. snook is the target species and they are in close. my go to rods are a cts s8 12' spinning and a cts 11 ft conventional . locals get a better presentation on some lures with their short rods i think but when there is nothing biting in close i can catch jacks out where they can not reach. matter of personal taste i guess
  3. i would need it shipped to i should have mentioned i am looking for the 2nd generation 965 thks
  4. never did pull the trigger on ebay. still looking. would like one in new condition......thks
  5. thks tony....sounds like i should confine my search to the newer generation
  6. looking into some parts and they specify that there are two generations of the 965 international. my question is: are the differences only cosmetic ? ...thks
  7. f350 is a redneck
  8. very nice collection, especially the second to last photo. 30's senators with box ?
  9. that was a nice piece of work
  10. the upper end penn stuff is all made in the usa in philadelphia at the same location they have had since like forever. recently a knowledgeable member on this said $250 is the line more or less. above that = usa
  11. got it, thks
  12. both...sometimes i am fishing a river or estuary mouth and my play is to stay on it through out a tide cycle but still there is plenty of room for movement within the specific spot. when things are slow i go to commando mode. hit and run. i will cover miles of beach hitting any structure that looks good
  13. good on all the people in this thread that said they buy made in usa
  14. penn 965 factory refurbished on ebay. looks new. anyone have any info on this refurbished thing ? always wanted one of these things....thks