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  1. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks. I was looking at that long pier/dike behind his shop on the maps.
  3. No. I am the original (just ask TimS). He is obviously an imposter. :-)
  4. I am going to be in Salem this weekend for an event with my wife. I may have some time Saturday or Sunday morning to get out to fish for a little bit. I am not looking for secret spots, but if someone could point me in the direction of public access points where I could wet a line. I also plan on stopping in at Tomos Tackle to check that shop out. Thanks.
  5. Check out the Black Hole Challenger Bank spinning rods. The 731M throws 1 to 4 oz. The 761MH throws 3 to 6 oz.
  6. That's a Gibbs Stubby Needlefish. Use a steady and painfully slow retrieve. If that doesn't produce, add a few twitches here and there but keep it slow.
  7. Mine arrived yesterday. For those who are still doubting Woot, they are legit Costas.
  8. Any builder that has a 6 to 8 month waiting period has it for a reason. if you find someone without that long a wait, you may want to ask yourself why...
  9. Smith Optics has a few pairs with polarized glass lenses. The Guides Choice model comes to mind.
  10. I will know in a week or so when my pair arrives. As someone who runs an online store, it's easy to have a blanket statement for a policy and then miss adding a link. I find myself missing the Prop 65 warning llink every once in a while, even though pretty much every fishing product sold has to have it in the listing if you want to sell in CA.
  11. Dammit, wish I saw that before I bought the Costas.... I just looked, what kind of ass-backwards sale is this?
  12. Cary, I believe you read that incorrectly. if you click the link regarding the 90 day warranty from Woot, you get this: So it specifically states the manufacturer warranty supersedes the Woot warranty where available, not the other way around. I didn't see anywhere that stated there was no Costa warranty available for these, so that statement does not apply. What Woot is saying, as a blanket statement because that paragraph is linked to every product they offer, is that if a warranty is not supplied by the manufacturer or 3rd party, Woot will give you a 90 day warranty.
  13. From a Jersey Shore Online article:
  14. OutDoor Monkeys Of those two rods, easily ODM all the way unless you have budget constraints.
  15. A good featherweight reel is the Shimano Vanford. For the Segue, the 4000 or maybe even 5000 would work (Shimano's sizes run small for this line of reels compare to Daiwa and Penn). I have the 3000 on a 7 1/2 foot ODM DNA Back bay and it is a fantastic setup for small bass and fluke in the surf. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the Certate, so I cannot help you there.