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  1. Mrs biggene, good seeing you again this year. I didn't sell out, but did sell about 75% of the plugs I brought. It was a good day.
  2. Ah, the Choopy plug. Yes, I am that JB. I was fishing with Choopy one night while he was still testing those. He handed me one to try out. I had been in a long striper drought, and after an hour of throwing other lures, I put that one on and broke my drought. I said he should call it the Skunk Chaser.
  3. i don't know what JBSC is, so I am going to have to say no....
  4. If you are landing in Vineyard Haven, your best bet is to bike over to the drawbridge between Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs and fish the jetty there (you will see it off the starboard side of the ferry as you come in to the docks). There has been bait and what looks to be false albacore or bonito chasing it in the channel there the past couple of days. If you are landing in Oak Bluffs, What Fun King said...
  5. I'll be there from the 15th to the 22nd, assuming this hurricane doesn't screw up my plans.
  6. I saw all-black swim shads once. I beleive they were made by calcutta. I have not seen them since. I did not buy them at the time because, well, white...
  7. I bet that works great on tarpon, who generally swallow their prey whole, and in one shot. For bluefish, i am pretty sure you would miss every hit on that setup. For bass, I would expect you would hook fish, since bass try to hit from the head. But since sometimes bass will grab a bait any way it can, and then turn it to swallow it headfirst, there is no guarantee a bass will get the hook in it's mouth before it realizes it grabbed something unnatural. I look forward to see the results of your experiment, but I suspect you will not get the increased hook ups promised with bass.
  8. Bonekracker. If you are looking for that hint of purple hue that is seen depending on the angle that you view the plug over a white paint, you need a purple interference paint, not a color shift paint. I don't believe Createx makes one, but Golden does. Go to a craft store and look for Golden Interference Violet (it will look white in the bottle). It's an acrylic paint you will need to thin the spray through an airbrush. Golden also makes an airbrush medium you can thin it with. I have never added a coat of epoxy between the base color and the interference paint. Doing say may add a little depth to the effect, but I don;t think it is necessary. If you are looking for a plug that looks like it changes color depending on the angle you are looking at, then you want a color shift paint. However, all of the colorshift paints I have found (or made myself) required you paint them over black.
  9. What are the issues you are having?
  10. The service station across the street from Betty & Nicks in Seaside Park does cooler rack installations.
  11. The lots by the wonderbar and across Ocean Ave from the Silverball Arcade were free.
  12. Choopy makes a couple of sizes of slow sink needles, my go-to when the Superstrikes are too heavy.
  13. Check your PMs
  14. Scoob, Great video. I have enjoyed what you have done on YouTube. One question about the issue you found with the Star reel. That gap being open to the shaft is a bad design, but when the reel is fully reassembled, does the rotor cap sit in that slot, essentially closing up that gap?
  15. lonellr, I found the video I referenced above: