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  1. Others are correct - face plate for attaching to a work piece (typically anything bowled-out) - a drill chuck with some kind of threaded bung attachment in it. As far as that little rod goes, is that a pin to secure the spindle from rotating? Look for a correlating hole in the spindle head. Or maybe an indexing pin? Sometimes lathes have equidistant holes drilled into the backside of the pulley so that you can rotate and stop the spindle/piece to add marks or mill/file/drill other features in a pattern (180, 90, etc. degrees apart) - Look for a correlating hole in the back of the spindle head for that feature.
  2. Terms like "Stick " and "Rod" generally refer to flux coated stick-welding rods. The method is typically for heavier jobs where you're gouging with the electrode. Look for TIG welding wire... With stick welding, the flux coated filler rod is the electrode and is consumed as you work the puddle along as the flux melts around the molten puddle shielding it from oxygen. TIG refers to using a tungsten electrode that provides an arc, melting the parent metal and filler wire while shielding the puddle with an inert gas like argon, rather than flux. Key term here is "Wire".
  3. Buy by the pound - Save many $ - Buy 1/16 " (.062") 304L or 316L tig wire, sold in either boxes or tubes in 3 foot lengths from a welding supply shop like Air Gas. I get three plug wires from each length. There are a few tutorials here on SOL and around the web on simple bending techniques for the nose loops - It really is simple as pie. Save your money for buying SST lips from those tackle stores. Lips are a PIA to cut and bend.
  4. Alrighty then! The Delta Iron Bed 1440 (Model 715-46) lathe has been saved from the hands of the scrap man. A few things went right, a few....not so well. I lost some functionality of the lathe. The hand arbor that once bolted to the end of the pulley spindle, which guided the ram rod for popping out the spur drive / drill chuck / etc...can no longer mount because the replacement pulley has most of the hub machined away disallowing for the tapped holes to bolt-on the hand arbor. Also, there was an indexing feature on the back side of the outer pulley half that the replacement pulleys do not have. Not a huge loss of function in the big picture....As I stated above, the bore of the pulley is correct for the 24mm spindle diameter, but the keyways are small, but they open up easily with a small flat bastard file because the pot-metal is so gummy. I lost 3/4" on the over-all diameter of the spindle pulley, which translates to some low-end RPM loss. Again, I'm not turning massive bowls or raw logs, so no real suffering there either. All-in-all, for the $90 spent to avert having to replace this sized lathe at the cost of around $2600.00 today's prices I'm pleased. However, I can see the problem now with their design. If you look at the close-up of the new pulley, (it's the half that slides), look at where the cast in "spokes" join to the hub and you'll see casting defects, the irregular surfaces that just scream "CRACK ME HERE!" I know I'll be doing this exercise again one day because of this.
  5. I'll be reassembling my lathe...To laugh and learn, see the lure building forum regarding Delta lathe replacement parts...
  6. UPDATE - On March 8th I ordered replacement parts from LeNeave Supply in Charlotte. As with many other posts on lathe/tool forums the replacement part is not exact. LeNeave disclosed this at the time as well, so having read about this previously I was prepared. The primary difference is that the spindle pulley outside diameter is about 3/4" smaller than the OEM pulley assembly. What this translates to is that the two highest notches on the speed control are no longer able to be used, in fact, it's best to install a hard stop on the lever to avoid the belt from running off the top during operation. The bore diameter is correct. This is one of the other issues that people were having with adapting replacement parts. The bore on the new pulleys were small and folks were sending them out to be reamed out to fit their spindle. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the parts that LeNeave is selling. The spindle is 24mm and the pulley bore is a .939" slip fit. The keyway however, seems to be undersized, but that can be opened up easily with a file because these are still cast from cheap pot metal. Understand that this condition is better than oversized. I'd hate to try to keep shims in place. Tomorrow will be the tell-all as I will reassemble the lathe and give it a test run. I know that a lot of folks here are disinterested to some degree in this thread. I advise those who have the reeves pulleys in their machines to seek replacement parts now, or at least bookmark this thread for future reference. It's my understanding that it's not IF your pulleys will fail, rather it's WHEN. Stay tuned.
  7. In the area of the CT river you'll see them, especially near cabela's as the river AND the garbage dump (MDC) are right there - Eagle eat out of the dump as readily as they fish for herring. Scotland is just north of the headwaters of the Thames but I've rarely seen eagles this far up....
  8. Bald Eagles have shown up WAY inland already. My neighbor had one hanging around for a few days - not sure what the attraction that far inland was. No herring make it anywhere near Scotland. The Greenville Dam is the closest I think. Longer days, that warmer angle to the sun, Orioles are singing their calls in the mornings from the big oak in the yard (the driveway being in a perpetual state of mud during the day, frozen deep tire tracks in the morning). We've got that month of 40 - 45 degree temperature grip to muddle through next month and then things should start to break loose after that.
  9. I received the motor pulley (the one that I DON'T need....) yesterday. I called about the spindle pulleys and the shop said that they may be a day or 3 behind as they ship from another location....Maybe your ACE shop in NY~!
  10. Check out my last post~!
  11. Success! If anyone is looking for these Reeves Pulley systems there is a woodworking machinery shop in Charlotte, NC who is manufacturing these variable speed pulleys. Contact LeNeave Supply at either 704-523-3187 or 800-442-2302 after 9:15 am Eastern Time. Ask for Greg. Have your lathe model number handy. I ordered 2 sets for the headstock and 1 set for the motor.
  12. "Great minds..." I have a call into a local shop. Probably wont hear from them until Monday.
  13. Same here as the others..."No longer Available"....Thanks for trying tho - much appreciated.
  14. If anyone is interested in a 4 ft Vega duplicator with an eastendlu carbide cutter adaptation I'll likely be selling that too....
  15. So it seems....Just kills me to toss a $1500 lathe in the shi*ter. I suppose I'll try to part out the rest of the machine on flea-bay but considering the fact that this pulley fails at such a high rate I'll bet the auction sites are drowning in the other pieces.