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  1. They were probably on a date...
  2. All my plugs are on their way to new homes!
  3. MrScott's Yellow Popper please! 1. Wire for Fire (1) 2. ATDR14(0) 3. H'Islander (1) 4. Antagonizer (0) 5. Punch 63 (1) 6. Mrscott24 (1) 7. Kent I (0)
  4. Yeah, I goofed but fixed it - White/pink pencil headed your way, waiting on MrScott's Address!
  5. I've been meaning to mention to the group here, shipping these is cheapest via USPS First Class Mail. You can go to the PO, or their website to print labels but I recommend using a 3rd party shipping vendor. I use "Pirate Ship". You save at least 20%, often more, over USPS-direct purchase rates. For the Pencil Popper going to WFF, USPS wanted $4.11, USPS via Pirate Ship is $3.01. No minimum labels, no cost to sign up. Just FYI....
  6. Hey now!!! There's an idea for a trolling rig behind a 'yak...A decoy with a string of baby decoys and one struggling lure a bit further back behind, attach the struggling duckling to the rear of the decoys with a quick release like they use on outriggers so that the only lure on the rod is the last one....
  7. That duckling is gonna get smashed...if not from below, maybe from above! There was a mama duck nesting inside the floating dock at the marina, one baby was def not fully "with it", it kept rolling over an would struggle to keep up with the brood. All the ladies on the dock were looking down at it as it kept tipping over...then *BOOM* - an osprey bombed down on the little guy. You could hear it peeping as the osprey flew away with her catch...It was pretty pathetic to hear. The ladies on the dock were somewhat damaged after that!
  8. You do some amazing work, Etch...Those are gonna get pounded!
  9. I'll go for WFF's Spook at the bottom~! 1. Mrscott 24 (3) 2. H'Islander (2) 3. Kent I (2) 4. Punch 63 (1) 5. ATDR14 (1) 6. Wire for Fire (2) 7. Antagonizer (1)
  10. I'll take Kent's middle pencil popper - Very interesting shape! UPDATED Round 1 1. Punch63 (1) 2. Wire for Fire (3) 3. Antagonizer (2) 4. ATDR 14 (1) 5. Kent I (2) 6. H'Islander (3) 7. Mrscott24 (3)
  11. And you as well Tony. Enjoy the jig and the plug! Can't wait to dive into 85 degree ocean water.
  12. Tomorrow.
  13. Antagonizer chimed in first. The clock is ticking....
  14. Moving special - Authentic "Eastendlu" Drill Jig for installing Thru-Holes. Needs a little oil and cleaning from sitting inactive. Has drill bushings for 1/8" & 3/16" drill bits. Use with your power drill. In the wake of getting laid-off and being in my 60's I've decided to down-size and move to Florida. I can't take it all with me. I tried to think of a way to make this fair to all but I think the bottom line is this...First to respond takes it. Unless otherwise agreed upon you have 1 week to pick it up. I will offer it up again next week if not retrieved. Price: You have to drive to Scotland to get it. (CT....eastern CT) and you have to send Eastendlu a thank you PM. He donated it to my shop at a get-together many moons ago. I'm hoping that someone could put this to use with their plug building interests. I use my lathe to install thru holes anymore and I hate to see such an awesome jig go unused.
  15. Gotta make this happen, Capt'n... I'm moving from CT to FL within the next 4 weeks (+/-). Just waiting for the shipping information. Decided on offering a sinker, some top water action and a swimmer/diver. 1). Needlefish in American Eel - 8", 2.6 oz. 2.) Pencil Popper in "Lipstick" - 7", 2.5 oz. 3). Nike in Blue over Pearl - ", 1.75 oz.