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  1. Another Chinese import.
  2. Allie's can back-pedal all they want. Those statements were made with the purposeful intent of dismissing those serving and those who have served, publicly, privately or otherwise. Allie's has lost my business, but more importantly my respect. Allie's makes furking donuts. A non-essential food item that any moron with a mixing bowl and a spoon can make at home and now they think they're better than other people. They spent their entire cache of integrity over one emotionally driven media stunt in the name of being SJW's. Allie's made their bed...Banned for life.
  3. You sir, are truly a lemming of the highest order. Beach passes pay for services. If the services are not provided why is this government taking the money? That's the crux of this post. "People are dying..." "Cats are sleeping with dogs!" Oh the humanity of it all! The government is playing you like a fiddle. I'll bet you wear a cloth mask even though stopping a virus with cloth is like putting up a chain link fence to keep mosquitos away. Go hide in your house please. I mean, even after this mind control bullspit is over with.
  4. None of this rhetoric on Gyna's gestapo mandates seems terribly relevant. I haven't seen, let alone been able to summon a DEM representative near RI shores. CT is just as bad. If you do see a DEM vehicle near the shore wave to them. It's likely because it's mealtime and the food places are near the shore. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, gets between a DEM officer and an Ally's toasted coconut donut. GO fishing. Enjoy the fresh air. If you see Gyna, defiantly flip her off. She and her brethren across the US are trying to condition Americans to believe that they are selfish for demanding their constitutional freedom. It only happens of you let it. Now get out there and get inked!!
  5. Release it...I don't need a mount to prove anything, it's about the salt air, the hunt, tuning your intuition into knowledge, bending a rod and maybe (just maybe) dinner. I'm single, so even a 28" striper is too much for a meal and maybe one leftover lunch. I just won't eat fish multiple days in a row and freezing it defeats the flavor. Because of these points, stripers, for me, equal 100% C&R. To each his own within the limits of the law. I wish you wouldn't take big breeders like from the OP but it's your option. But if you're not going to consume the meat, if all that you're going to do is hang the fish's corpse off of your ego, I implore you to instead, take lots of pictures, get some good measurements, get a quality foam mount with some nice frames for the snapshots and display them together.
  6. Best one I've heard in a while: PSA: A local man had left a pair of cowboys tickets in plain sight on the console of his truck. Someone smashed out his window and left 4 more...
  7. Proof that regulators are for sale...
  8. Thought the same when I saw his mug - miss that guy. RIP brother~!
  9. You just keep swingin' away, there Sparky. Probably easier for a keyboard hero like yourself rather than say, apologize to the first guy you took a swat at? But please feel free to continue your arrogant posts. I'm sure you think it makes you look cool.
  10. Yes Sir, that's one of my plugs! Mini-creek-chub style in eel paint. I actually still have a few of the finished, but unassembled, bodies from that run. Action on those is really fluid. Enjoy! (PS - Looks like that guy has never-ever seen water...those screen spline pieces as hook protectors are original too...(and Epstein didn't kill himself.)
  11. Guy knew what he was doing. He's a Comm Shrimper with his own vessel - this is the same as killing elephants for their ivory.
  12. (CNN) -- A man in Florida could face up to a year in federal prison and a $50,000 fine after witnesses said they saw him kill an endangered smalltooth sawfish by removing the long, flat saw that gives the fish its name. Chad Ponce pleaded guilty Friday to killing an endangered species. Prosecutors said he was seen on a boat off Ponte Vedra last year using a power saw to remove the fish's rostrum -- a long, narrow tooth-lined extension of its head that resembles a saw. Smalltooth sawfish use that saw to sense and attack prey. Without it, they can't survive. NOAA says on its website that they are found only off the Florida coast. The smalltooth sawfish has been protected under the Endangered Species Act since 2003. CNN has reached out to the public defender listed for Ponce but has not heard back. Two clear points that validate this guy as a total D*CK...he is brazen enough to do this in clear sight of other anglers, and he can't afford an attorney. Do the math folks... I hope this guy does time.
  13. Well then maybe you should chill your keyboard before tearing into a site veteran? This "Ready...Shoot...Aim" nonsense is gettin' old.
  14. Icebergs....would have made the trifecta. Jus' sayin is all...
  15. Check with higher-end fence and deck builders. Scraps can often be had for a few free plugs....