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  1. Check out Little River in Gorham, decent river to bounce around and catch trout. I hear there’s some nice salmon in Dundee Pond as well or, as TLK mentioned Sebago Lake is always a decent bet for togue, bass, salmon and, from what I’m told any way, maybe a Pike or two
  2. Last I heard (earlier today) they temporarily suspended the search but this was third hand information, not very familiar with the particulars. Very sad though, praying for a miracle for that man and his family
  3. He’s not going that far/across the pond just moving to a more neutral location for work purposes. I don’t think the Stripers go THAT far off shore, unless someone isn’t tellin me something Maybe I’m the one who’s late to the party Hahaha
  4. I wish you nothing but the best old friend, one of the true Striper fanatics and all around good guys I’ve met over the years. I appreciate all you’ve done for me even though our paths have only crossed a few times, the bait, the hospitality, the fishing etc. I have yet to fish the spot(s) you showed me but it’s still on the agenda for this season and I’ll be sure to do so with respect and with you in mind. Here’s to health, happiness and well wishes on a new beginning for you and your family.........good luck to ya bud, you got my number let’s stay in touch Slainte’
  5. OOB is present and accounted for, I don’t frequent the pages of SOL as much as I used to but I’m still fishing. And speaking of (I’ve only had this thought come and go a thousand times for a myriad of reasons the last couple/few weeks) I haven’t forgotten about ya Crozzbow, we still need to wet a line here before the seasons over. I’m dropping my daughter off tomorrow after she gets out of work and have a pretty clear schedule for the next 7+ days, any chance the activity coordinator would allow for some night time Tomfoolery in the coming days? I know the tides are getting a lil late and the nights a bit colder but maybe a mid tide end of the week/this weekend/early next week? Hell I’d even be willing to switch things up completely and catch an early morning tide, or an afternoon, pretty much game for anything. As for the the sage advice and beach-related observations, I haven’t much to report on the season worth much more than a hill of beans. I’ve caught and released a good amount of fish but no keepers and nothing really bigger than the all-too-common mid twenty inchers we’ve been seeing for a few seasons now. I fished pretty hard the beginning of the season and bounced around from river to beach to docks to rocks and anywhere in between. Save for a stellar morning with SKS (complete with a couple fresh off the lathe, hand-turned top-water plugs) early in the season where we caught and released a few dozen fish on the Saco and another evening I found a pile of fish feeding on silversides by the millions, it’s been a hit and miss kind of year for me. I’ve had a few good nights on the beaches between P.P. & Camp Ellis where the fish were both plentiful and hungry, but they’re fewer and farther between than they used to be. I’m thinking next year is gonna be a total 180, time to concentrate my efforts a lil further north & south and around more structure......just haven’t seen the size or numbers I used to see in my normal haunts and my stubbornness prevents me from buying into the fishery being THAT far gone, although it’s most definitely in decline. Any way I’ve rambled on long enough, glad to see you’re still out there pounding the sand. I do still read and enjoy all your N.O.P. entries, the tube and worm has been good to you over the years for sure. Let me know if you can find some time to sneak out for a few hours and maybe we can put a few fish on the beach......
  6. I did something I never do last night and that was chase a report. I try to make a habit out of sticking to my own devices whether they pay off or not, I get more satisfaction than targeting fish in a bath tub, but last night it got the better of me. I fished for like 2 1/2 hours off the beach and another hour+ at the docks, lost a decent fish off the beach that hit aggressively, had him 80% of the way in and then poof gone, wasn’t happy. Decided to check out the docks and while my initial canvass didn’t reveal much life, just as I was about to call it a night I heard that all too familiar slap, followed by another and another and then a few bigger ones. Only landed two fish but lost a couple more on the way up and a few more in the drink. So where is this inane rambling headed you ask.....LOL. The fish definitely seemed to be in full-on feeding mode, it wreaked of fall run action even though I know that’s at least 3 weeks away give or take. It was cold that’s for sure, dipped into the low 50’s or upper 40’s I believe, felt Fall(ish) any way, made me appreciative for what lies ahead in the coming months. I have been fishing with a few guys this year who are newer to the game, not kids by any means but youngsters never the less, some of whom are very frustrated at the lack of size/numbers/consistency and all I keep saying is, just wait a month. All the short strikes all the half-hearted bites all the finicky fishing, that all changes come September. Sure ya still gotta find the fish but once ya do, hang on cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
  7. Agree with the above, full moon on my stretch of beach usually doesn’t bode well UNLESS, as someone else suggested, a decent cloud cover is present. I fished for a couple hours off a beach in Cape last night, no fish landed and only a couple/few taps of the rod. Seaweed wasn’t an issue (at the start) for me at the top of the tide but another guy I fished with didn’t have the right set up (which we won’t even get into......complete face palm) and gave up after the 3rd or 4th time he had enough weed on his line to make Willie Nelson blush. Unfortunately once the tide turned all the red mung and other debris that stayed close to water’s edge got pushed back out and drove me off the beach pretty quick. Chalk it up to another night of experience, still beat the hell outta working or watching the boob tube
  8. Always an open invite my friend, name the time and the place and we’ll make it happen.......a lil early warning will be necessary as my daughter’s place of employment recently terminated someone and thus she has been working far more days than not (using my vehicle to get back and forth)
  9. I wish I could say it had to do with intestinal fortitude and unwavering persistence but it was more like utter defiance and stubbornness. By the time I head out the mosquitoes usually aren’t that bad, the cool sea breeze and plummeting temps tend to keep them at bay enough that they aren’t driving ya crazy.........the other night, however, not so much. The itching, scratching, swatting and flicking pales in comparison to the mental toll it takes on ya but they didn’t let up much from the time I got there until the time I left
  10. I fished a beach maybe 2-3 miles south last night with little issue, only weed I saw got disposed of lonnnnng before it became a problem. Def. had some of that red mung in close but nowhere near enough to push me out......the mosquitos did that after about 3 hours of relentless itching, scratching and slapping. A quick move north or south, whichever direction the wind’s blowing from (Pine Point to Camp Ellis) will get ya away from the seaweed/high surf the majority of the time. Use those jetty’s as a wave/weed break, OOB is dead smack in the middle and can get pretty turbulent pretty quickly, I find myself fishing away from OOB, also my home turf, more and more as time moves on.
  11. By hook or by crook, lifeguard tower or light of the moon, we WILL find our way off that beach. Let me know when the healing process allows you to sling a few ounces and we’ll see if we can put a few pounds on the board.....no rush on this end, I’ll be runnin and gunnin for another 3 1/2 months any way. Until then, old friend......
  12. Damn man sorry to hear about that Crozzbow, heal up soon and get back on the water my friend........we all miss your N.O.P. reports. Speedy recovery wishes comimg your way
  13. Any time my friend
  14. “I got a lotta seawater in my underpants, but I’m gonna keep going” should be the name of your podcast man......I was dying when you said that. Keep em coming man, love these videos
  15. Yes should have mentioned that, in-line circle hooks only......no J hooks and no offset circle hooks