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  1. Buy rods locally. Buying them online is like using the drive thru for coffee.
  2. avet SXJ, 20lb braid
  3. Lunker City Shakers for the underappreciated plastic and can't beat the taditional grub and lead-head for it's versatility.
  4. I'm dropping the prices. $325 shipped, $300 pick up in person (I can meet you a reasonable distance).
  5. Like-new, unfished Orvis Recon 10' 3wt euronymphing rod. I bought it with the intention of trying this technique. This is the RECON, not the RECON II. I applied U40 cork seal on the cork grip as I do with all my cork grip rods. I moved and I am much further from good trout water (but closer to the salty stuff). For me it's not worth keeping for fishing I now that I trout fish less than 10 times per year. I'm in CT. $375 shipped, $350 pick-up.
  6. Valentine or Billy Pate
  7. Considering the uniqueness, that has more bragging rights than a 40" striper. That's a great catch for a double hook rig baited with green crabs. 8 wt? That's fantastic!
  8. I never targeted with a fly but I can't imagine the initial tug a 3lb plus tog would put on a fly rod.
  9. Sorry about the delay. Doing spring clean yard work all day. I’m gonna hold onto my Hardy for now. It’s a step up from the Orvis in performance and value and I don’t want to downgrade. Good luck. It’s a great price and I’m surprised no one has jumped on it.
  10. I have a Hardy Zephrus 9wt, like new. It's not a balanced trade and not in my favor.
  11. Would you be interested in a trade? 9wt or Recon Euronymph 10' 3wt?
  12. Not a revolver but a long, revolver like trigger pull. Take a look at a Kahr P380 for pocket. Not the in vogue plastic fantastic but very well me and perfect for pocket car. I own on one revolver, N-frame .357 Pro Series. I need really big pockets for that. Unfortunately , I can't speak from experience on j-frame sized revolvers but hoping someday.
  13. Ahhh. Thank you. I was looking at the initial post, not the last.
  14. Hardy Zenith 1 pc 4wt. 8’10” The finest 4 wt I ever used an I use a lot of 4 wts. I am selling because I have 2 of these 1-piece rods (plus another 9’, 4 piece). I’m not shipping unless you pay for actual shipping. I live in central CT and willing to drive to most of CT, western-central MA, and RI to meet. I have rod tube and sock. Rod in like new condition. U40 cork seal applied to grip when new. $275
  15. how do I close this thing?
  16. It's yours! Sold to arkaid. I'll PM you my address (work/home) to arrange pick up.
  17. Sorry, I'm checking this website for the first time in a long time. I have a daughter who has been a handful starting in December. Things are much better for all of us. With nice trout weather on the horizon I'll get it out along with my other rods this weekend.
  18. Yes, at doctors this morning and will send pictures early afternoon. Thanks.
  19. I have a Loomis Short Stix 9/10 that I can offer to trade. Bought it brand new with sock and tube. Used on the backyard grass only.
  20. I have not had a chance to give it much thought. My apologies. I’m still unpacking from a move. I am going through my fishing stuff soon and will decide. I have to downsize and give up a few rods and reels. Reach out to me after the new year as I am using time between the holdidays to go through stuff.
  21. I apologize for the delay getting back to you. I completely forgot it was still posted. I decided not too long after the original post to sell my house and got very distracted with my focus on that stuff. I lost my interest in selling when there was no interest in buying. I will certainly get back to you in a few days and let you know. Thanks!