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  1. Because anyone can do it with little practice, especially once shown. My wife can do a much better job at folding laundry and can do it all day. I’m spent after a set of sheets. She is no Olympiad.
  2. Only by golfers.
  3. I agree. Fun activity that is sporting. Sports require athletes. Look at your fellow fisher "athletes" donning waders, would you pick them first for pick-up basketball?
  4. Buy the Hydros IV posted. Gel spun will give you plenty of backing.
  5. Would you do $160? I'll pay cash. I am going on vacation and will pick up around August 5th. BTW, love the shoes.
  6. I take a great casting 9' rod on my boat once in a great while. I have nowhere to put it except laying it along the deck somewhere. My shortstix is with me 100% of the time. It may not feel like a Winston but it fits in my gunwale rod holder and allows me to bring a fly rod every no matter what I am targeting that day. The convenience of a rod this size can't be over-stated.
  7. Bump. Any takers at $45?
  8. Is this the baby blue colored avid inshore?
  9. I will also trade for similar condition floating line for Loomis Shortstix rods such as Airflo 40+, Rio In-touch Outbound Short, or Wulff Ambush in the ranges of about 325 to 350 grains or 275 to 300 grains.
  10. I searched high and low and ended up getting, I think, the last new Shortstix 7/8 from a shop.
  11. Line sells for $90 new. WF8F Cortland Flats Taper. Only wound on a reel, never fished. Selling for $50. Line only, no box. The plastic spool is an old one I had lying around.
  12. No worries at all. I was thinking you were on vacation. I'll be mailing the line today. Line sold! Thank you.
  13. I have sent 2 PM's with no response. Are you still interested?
  14. CCC and Block madness has not benefited any egg layers
  15. Search Mike Long San Diego Fishing. That captures the whole modern googan culture