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  1. I apologize for the delay getting back to you. I completely forgot it was still posted. I decided not too long after the original post to sell my house and got very distracted with my focus on that stuff. I lost my interest in selling when there was no interest in buying. I will certainly get back to you in a few days and let you know. Thanks!
  2. Maybe Baby Ruth from Caddyshack or a "clinker"......Spent coal from ships boiler from sailing days past.
  3. For those that care, I got Grundens "Full Share" bibs and Nike cold weather (fleece lined) jogging pants.
  4. Thanks. Very helpful. I have older Cabela's Guidewear bibs but fish schmegma gets em real stinky and the velcro at the edge of every flap seems to catch everything from braided line to rags. When its real cold out there when black fishing in November I have my performance layers on but I short circuited it with jeans and a cotton long sleeve t-shirt. You reach into the water a few times and your arms are wet all trip.
  5. Its definitely not a look thing. I would think that you overheat with Grunden's over layers. I'll give it a try.
  6. I already wear stilettos. Is there anything from Huk or Aftco that is breathable but insulating. Maybe is easy to clean fish blood stains, water repellant. Obviously, no help on this topic.
  7. Jeans don't work well and I refuse to wear the orange rubber bibs.
  8. I need better October/November wear for fishing from a boat, especially long sleeve shirts and pants. What do you wear or recommend?
  9. In. I love the design.
  10. In-line spinner....mepps. Jitterbug for big blues.
  11. In NC, wouldn't a 10 wt be a given for Albies? I'd also think it's best if you need to fish the heavier sink lines in rips. Today's rods are lighter, but rods were already light when I started. There's a bunch of great, economical choices.
  12. We already pay more the more we drive. More frequent car maintenance which is taxed, more gas (quantity) which is taxed, etc. The 20K miles per year driver pays more fuel tax than the 10K per year driver. The roads are paid for many times over. Sure, in CT, I'll go tolls. After they eliminate the income tax and cut the gas tax accordingly. On the federal income tax form there is a line item that asks if you want to pay more taxes to the government above of what you owe, feel free to go above and beyond.