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  1. No reason why you can't continue to do both. I prefer salt but salt can take more time to prep and clean-up (for me at least). Fly fish for freshwater bass. Buy a cheap set-up and a fistful off popping bugs. It'll give freshwater a new lease on life.
  2. Kastmaster, East Wall Point Judith, 14 years old, 1984
  3. I still have my Norvise for sale with the big saltwater jaws. Search the Sale section. I can move a little on price.
  4. I bought the JW Hybrid MH spinning 1-4 ounces. It’s pretty much exactly what I want at a reasonable price for a nano-carbon blank……got 15% off at a sale too.
  5. Although I think the L (light) is the better of the 2, I handled a Jigging World Hybrid 7’ MH (I think it’s a 701mh) and it just may be THE one for me.
  6. I appreciate all the responses. I really do. It shows you are looking to help your fellow fisher. But, the question was seeking 1st hand opinions on either rod specified in the original post for fishing blackfish/tautog with a jig. Of course, I am open to read about other rods used for the same purpose. My local shop likes those Harrier’s. I like the 7’ (approximately) length because I have to work around an outboard on an engine bracket. I tried conventional using a Shimano Tranx 201 but prefer the spinner still. The free fall of a jig down to 3/4 ounce with a half a crab body is still better with a spinner.
  7. To each his own. At almost 53 I want to stay sharp and always be willing to try new techniques. After 4 seasons of fishing tog jigs using a St Croix MH fast spinning rod, I am a big believer in tog jig success. Once the tide moves where I need more than 2.5 ounces then I switch to grandpa style togging. I fish eastern Long Island sound. The tide can be swift and I leave some spots when I’m scoping too much with 10 ounces of lead but fish the jigs when it slows around slack. Surprisingly, I lose way less jigs than I do double hook rigs. My “right handed” set ups I are a Trevala S and a Lamiglas with avet sxj’s (left hand wind) I want a better jig spinning rod. The St Croix’s butt is too short. Good luck with that 1 dimensional approach.
  8. Using jigs for tautog is mostly done with “light” spinning rods
  9. Anyone use the new Trevala B 7' spinning rods in either light or medium-light for fishing tog jigs? They seem to have a great action for such purpose. I checked them, but out not sure which one is best. I fish eastern Long Island Sound so I'm mostly fishing 1 to 2 ounce jigs and venture above 2 occasionally and fish up to about 50' deep but mostly in the 10'-30' range. Model # TVS70LB and TVS70MLB.
  10. For me in southeast CT, freshwater now. CT keeps trout open all year. Late winter largemouth can be good and pike are active. I start casting for schoolies in mid-April, but things really get going in May.
  11. Checking in to see if anyone is interested. It is tying season
  12. This is a stay at home day or fish from shore if you must fish. Fishing in this weather is not an option in any boat. That's small craft advisory weather. Anything done after deciding to fish in a boat is moot. And I wish people stop thinking that stripers like these are trophies. He's an idiot, plain and simple.
  13. Provide a list of fishing tackle needs/wants. How many students in the program? Also, I live in the eastern CT shoreline area. I can provide some time to help, too.
  14. Live in Southeastern CT, work in central CT area.
  15. Here is pricing for each item separately. Prices include shipping: Norvise with light - $320 (I'll ship the Corian base I made for it.....very nice.) Original style saltwater/large jaws with magnum hubs - $75 Bobbin Kit - $60 Dubbing Table - $45 I may consider a Regal Big Game Medallion (plus cash) as a trade for the above.
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