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  1. Sad news. Only met Dick a few times but through his posts feel like I’ve lost a good friend. RIP.
  2. Sad news. Wishing him well.
  3. Yes, January thaw would be great. Just retired and hoping to hit a few ponds for some winter trout. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. Prayers for Dick and his family. Hoping for the best during his recovery.
  5. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way! See you in action before you know it.
  6. Hope all goes well. God bless.
  7. God bless you Dick. Hope nothing but the best for you. Met you a few times at Bell Road and Long Pond. Enjoy your reports all year long but this one makes me sad. Hope to meet you fishing again.
  8. Thanks for posting. My first time seeing it, but not my last.
  9. Congrats on two nice looking fish! Curious what you used to take the pictures, they look so clear.
  10. I'm wondering how you find the 10 foot sink tip for pond fishing. I have forever been fishing with a full intermediate line, Cortand Trout Precision, which does work well on the trout but I do seem to spend a lot of time cleaning weeds from my fly. Thanks in advance if you can offer any comparisons. Sorry about your car.