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  1. Scott, I've been looking for one of these. I'll take it, thanks. Sam
  2. So maybe you can: 1) See if someone has a new version hullavator and 2019 Outback to confirm this issue for yourself 2) See if someone has a 2019 Outback and older style hullavator to test compatibility If #2 works out, return, sell, or trade your new hullavator for an older model. Where are you located? I am in Putnam County NY & have older hullavators
  3. Did you try flipping the 2019 Outback upside down on the Hullavator to see if that helps?
  4. No micro SD included, you can put in whatever size memory you want
  5. I had an ad up for while in case you are interested
  6. how old is she? size feet?
  7. Comes as pictured with 2 batteries. It works great; just selling to get a 7 Black. $205 shipped insured, Paypal or USPS M.O. preferred.
  8. Cool, thanks. One thing about tubeless and fat tires though, is that if you have trouble re-seating the tire bead to the rim, it will be very tough to use even a high volume hand pump to get enough pressure to seat the bead in order to inflate it at all. So while I am running tubeless on my fatty, it was done ghetto style so if I flat, I’m gonna hafta use a tube to ride home. The tire and rims are both tubeless non-compatible.
  9. Tom, what’s on the end of the kickstand? Just curious if it is just a spike that sinks into the sand. Looks awesome! I hope you carry a fatty tube and a CO2 cartridge to make life easier. There are ton of great multi tool options out now as well. I bet you can make $$ selling beers and Italian ices when the fishing’s slow. You now have the range to find topless chicks. Is this the wrong forum for that?
  10. I just bought a 2017 GC LTD V6 for $33K all in with 15K miles & a wired hitch. I'd have to pay a lot more for a Sequoia, LC, or 4 Runner in similar condition, but the size of the GC is perfect for my needs. Good luck!
  11. After I typed this, Microshift just released a 1x9 drivetrain that goes 11-42 (shifter, rear mech, and cassette) for $125 with a 4 yr warranty which is dope. Slightly cheaper or as cheap as Shimano SLX 10 spd, but 1 less gear and a lighter chain.
  12. If you need more gear range, I would recommend sticking with a 1x drivetrain as you have, but go with a chainring between 28-30 and a rear cassette 11-40 or 42. That should get you through the softest sand w/o breaking the bank, maintaining decent chain line, esp. if you stick with 10spd. Lots of used 1x10 drivetrains available on the cheap since 1x11, 1x12, and now 1x13 are the rage.
  13. I have some notches in joists just for this reason and inspectors had no issues with it... I can just detach the box, rock the opening and reattach, no? LOL, the orange is not an extension cord. What do you mean by clean all that up? Cable tie em altogether? Thanks for all the responses guys.
  14. So this has been bothering me for a while, but is cutting a cardboard template to cut a sheet of rock the best way to close up these gaps in my garage ceiling? Other than the heat loss, mice crawl on the wires up in there. I wish there was some expanding foam that wasn’t so hard to remove as I’d like to just blast the voids...