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  1. No issues with the rod rack on the garage doors? Nice use of space!
  2. I used to have under-deck storage in my former house, but now all my yaks and SUPs are on racks on the side of my shed and on my docks upside down or on their sides without covers. Cats and dog are keeping critters away. So far so good.
  3. Cheech, we can meet up for this. Thanks for your interest but sorry rhahn427.
  4. I had a Wheeleez 30cm balloon tire cart which I stole the tires and pins from to use on my C-Tug conversion. If anyone wants the frame you can buy just the tires and pins for a nice beach cart on the cheap. I will need to put it in a large box to ship but I can't imagine it will cost more than $30. I'm in Putnam and travel to Westchester, Rockland, and W. CT/W. MA for work if you want to meet up.
  5. Nice Brad, happy for the young man. He swoled up since I last saw him! There are stripers in the rivers and lakes down yonder. Trout too. But prolly lots o' Girls Gone Wild. YED road trip!
  6. $80 for both pairs shipped? If so I'll take em both please. The black and gray ones are turbos.
  7. Make sure you're not too tall or heavy for these little boats. Taller people have trouble getting the proper leg room they need to pedal effectively. Reservoirs can be kinda large- wind has more effect on open water so you may wish to think about this before you pass up on a 12-14' hull for a 10-11' hull, which is better to deal with wind-cocking and can provide more glide and speed. I know you're set on a pedal drive system, but for smaller waters I have a few 10' Wilderness Systems Tarpon (T100) and a Native kayak (model escapes me). Perfect puddle jumpers for ponds and streams, no drive to catch up on rocks and shoals, or fly lines to tangle with. Less things to remember and lose, and easier to portage from the vehicle. I'm waiting for the supply chain to improve to get some 180MD + kick up fins for my revos though, since the lake I live on has some shallow rocky coves and I'm tired of bending my fin rods back. Good luck whatever you choose!
  8. If the electrical components can handle some salt... dayum! Anyone getting one?
  9. Good to hear first-hand experiences on this forum. Any issues with the masts not returning properly due to rubbing & friction? Thanks KnewBee.
  10. I saw that too. Guy kept working them until they got smoother. It'll give me something to do this winter during COVID shutdown again...
  11. I'm gonna buy 2 MD 180 + KU and keep my V2s as back up. Hobie reps, dealers, and MM all stated possibly a September release.
  12. No, but I dare you to ask someone if they'd like to see your bone-conduction microphone...
  13. If I were you, I'd rent it for cyclists who have jobs. Maybe get in touch with a local club, group of people who ride together, racers, triathletes. More likely to find people close by, they may have high end carbon-framed bikes, they may have multiple bikes, and may not interested in your stuff and hobbies. You can get more bikes in and have more potential renters o a recurring basis than to find a fellow kayaker who eventually will find it tiring to go find parking and load/unload their kayak from your garage.
  14. Lucky dude; listening to him it sounds like at least he & his brother presumably learned a lot from this nerve-wracking experience.
  15. Check out NRS, Austin Canoe & Kayak, etc. Order different sizes and ship back the ones that don't fit or you don't like. You might end up paying more for the return but beats settling for crappy or no inventory, or getting COVID. The only reason to go out is to grab some personal time away from wife and family. JK. Sort of...