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  1. After I typed this, Microshift just released a 1x9 drivetrain that goes 11-42 (shifter, rear mech, and cassette) for $125 with a 4 yr warranty which is dope. Slightly cheaper or as cheap as Shimano SLX 10 spd, but 1 less gear and a lighter chain.
  2. If you need more gear range, I would recommend sticking with a 1x drivetrain as you have, but go with a chainring between 28-30 and a rear cassette 11-40 or 42. That should get you through the softest sand w/o breaking the bank, maintaining decent chain line, esp. if you stick with 10spd. Lots of used 1x10 drivetrains available on the cheap since 1x11, 1x12, and now 1x13 are the rage.
  3. I have some notches in joists just for this reason and inspectors had no issues with it... I can just detach the box, rock the opening and reattach, no? LOL, the orange is not an extension cord. What do you mean by clean all that up? Cable tie em altogether? Thanks for all the responses guys.
  4. So this has been bothering me for a while, but is cutting a cardboard template to cut a sheet of rock the best way to close up these gaps in my garage ceiling? Other than the heat loss, mice crawl on the wires up in there. I wish there was some expanding foam that wasn’t so hard to remove as I’d like to just blast the voids...
  5. Sprinter conversion with shower and bathroom
  6. I dunno, but maybe this cassette and V1/V2 knock off drive will enable homemade shapers to create their own pedal-friendly, reinforced glass hulls more easily and economically.
  7. Our 2016 Highlander Hybrid is in the auto body shop because I hit Rudolph the day after Christmas so I can't check how an 11' rod fits until next week, but it is supposed to get 27 City/28 Hwy. Not planning to try it on sand due to all the electrical components underneath but for the parking lots, it's worth a look. How about this? one of many vanlife episodes
  8. I like Orange Seal the best with Stan’s a close second. I’ve been experimenting wirh MultiSeal w/ kevlar bits, but the first 2 with a little glitter mixed in does the trick too. Just make sure your wife knows you bought it vs her thinking you hit the strip joint. I think I bought fat specific valves but can’ recall the brand. Agree; I’ve tried using foam backer rod w/ fatty strippers and it failed on one wheel. I bought a roll of the 8” wide pink foam insulation roll to buld up the bead area but if I use the split tube method I won’t need it. MTBR dot com’s fat bike forum is great for this kinda info, as well as the wheels & tire forum.
  9. I couldn’ convert my 26” Surly Marge Lite rims with Surly Nate tires into tubeless without using a Fatty Striper latex band. They held after that but one stopped holding air this summer, so I had to use a tube. I did buy a pair of 24x4 inner tubes that I will use next for a split tube method. Seems silly to use a split tube and sealant since there will be no weight savings at all, but then I can at least run low psi again (4-6psi).
  10. TB, if your CR-V has roof rails just get cross bars. If it has a rail and bar set up, just put it upside down on its gunwales and use kayak/canoe tie down straps. There a plenty of videos on youtube that shows you how to tie em down, along with bow and stern tie down hooks. You can add foam crossbar pads (& other carrier attachments later) if you prefer but I found it easier to slide the yak into position without them. If you don’t have a spot under the front end for a tie down hook, you can make cheap loops with paracord and wrap around your hood hinges; just leave a 3-4” sticking out so the hooks clear your windshield when tightened. Craigslist is a treasure trove for used roof rack parts.
  11. That's what I mean, my bike in the box weighs freakin' 45lbs and has a huge footprint while Denny's 4x4x108 tube weighing 3lbs is a much smaller footprint, and he would be charged more than double than me! The company I use is called Bikeflights, and they coordinate the shipping details and print out the Fed Ex label so all you have to I remember someone here on SOL said on-line retailers such as Amazon were responsible for increased rates since they tend to pack small items in larger than necessary boxes. I figure increased online shopping increased shipping services, but should mean increased profits for shippers, and over time, shipping discounts should apply so long as fuel prices don't get out of hand. Meh, what do I know.
  12. Depends on the weight you want to deal with - the LC models are significantly heavier than the same sized non-LC models. With a modern guide spacing, casting far won't be an issue in most cases, and few less moving parts to worry about in the regular model for repeated casting. If you are slinging bait and think it will get splashed or take a few waves off the beach and want to buy just 1 reel, than I'd get the SSV VI LC model over the regular. If you want an LC model with large line capacity that is significantly lighter in weight vs. comparable sized LC and SSV models, and doesn't have to be as water resistant, look at the Conflict II LC. Good luck!
  13. I am shipping a full suspension mountain bike via FedEx to someone in Virginia tomorrow. The box is 54x9x34 and weighs 45 lbs, and I insured it for$1600 which cost me $20. With a $5 residential delivery fee, the total is $73. Without insurance and the residential delivery fee, it would cost me $49. This thing is huge, but shipping a 4x4 dam. or 13" circumference tube over 9' long that weighs no more than 8 lbs. can cost almost as much to the West Coast.
  14. Cool stuff! I love seeing people ride dem fatties on the beach in the fall when I visit to surfcast. For those who are adding aftermarket motors, be careful with the lithium batteries as some can explode; if you use C02 canisters they can explode too and it can be a bad, burning scene. Here is my fattie, but I never took her on the beach yet and probably has too many linkages to add rod holders and baskets, etc.. She climbs like a goat, and descends like a rocket... well, a porky rocket.
  15. Some guys may not want flying particles/objects damaging blanks and tips. Everything from salt, pebbles to deer...