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  1. Hobie rep told me maybe September...
  2. Jodi from Hobie replied that they are, so maybe late this year or next year when they sell them as stand alone drives...
  3. My son has been bugging me about the 180 MD to upgrade his R11, but now saw the version with kick up fins. Does anyone know if the MD180 + Kick UP fins are compatible with 2012 & 13 Revo hulls? We are still running our bombproof V2 drives in the Click and Go hulls (Revo 11 & 13 models). Waiting for Hobie to answer as well, and yes, I know about the recall in certain versions of the kick ups. Thanks
  4. I’ve been out 3 times using this Backjoy ortho-spine cushion. Made of material that Crocs seem to be made of. They don’t slip while paddling and floats. Last ditch recommendation on a modification rather than an upgrade, but cheaper at $30. Better than the Hobie inflatable cushion.
  5. I like this cushion, it’s like Crocs for yer bum. I need to tether it to my crap Gen 1 Hobie seat, but it is better than the Hobie air cushion too.
  6. Nice C&R!
  7. You can try Ram mounts and just swivel them out of the way while paddling...
  8. I just read this but heard your voice quote it vividly LOL
  9. I just picked this up for my old style hull w/o Vantage. It’s basically Crocs, but for yer bum. I’ll try it on the deck with the seat on top, and the other way around to see which is better.
  10. Pic 1 looks like shad, pic 2 looks like blue...
  11. Thanks for the update. Hogs are a species of Special Concern in NYS. WCS/Bronx Zoo and the NPS reintroduced them to Gateway NRA and FINS a few decades ago. Plenty of Fowler’s toads for them to eat at WE2. I’m gonna reach out to some of my contacts and see if they can inquire about this site and piggyback their presence on the plover situation.
  12. Hey, did you take this pic of this Eastern hognose at WE2 dock area? If so, please PM me, thanks
  13. Just call Bimini Bay and ask...
  14. Springtime bump