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  1. We appreciate all the pain you go through in the name of science and information to bring us accurate data.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It's so new but looks pretty good so far. I'm looking forward to the results from everyone.
  3. If the ARB retainer has a hydrophobic coating, would you want to use grease in there? Would grease mess up the coating?
  4. Taking the family to see Weezer again on the 22nd. I was surprised how good they were live last year.
  5. Temple Fork Outfitters I believe
  6. I have used Dicapac’s for the last 8-10 years and have never had an issue with water intrusion. They even float because it traps air inside. The phone can get hot in it just like any other bag type case.
  7. Posted on Instagram this morning
  8. Open the reel up and fill the "S" slot of the crosswind block with grease. That works most of the time and it's a simple fix.
  9. The only one that comes to mind on the peninsula is Delaware Paddlesports in Lewes. I've never dealt with them but have seen good reviews. They seem to have a large selection from most of the name brands. Watch for days that shops will allow you to come demo the yaks. This is very important to do so you won't be stuck with a boat doesn't handle the way you wanted or expected in current, wind or just straight tracking. Paddling a boat lets you see how you fit and can give you an idea of how much gear you would or wouldn't want to bring aboard. Good Luck.
  10. Do you already have a sit in or are you planning on buying one? Most people myself included fish from sit on top boats. Easier to rig, fish out of and most importantly to get back into when you go in the drink. I'll defer to the sit in guys if you already have one but would highly recommend a sit on top.
  11. I have a feeling I know where he is talking about. Trust me, you will lose tackle there. The rocks and boulders are hungry. I once lost a Shimano Waxwing on the first cast and that lure doesn't dive more than 2-3 ft. I usually put 9-12 bucktails according to weight in a small Plano box that has 4-5 slots in it
  12. Here is a screenshot from the Delmarva forum of the GFS model for Irma. Not good if this model holds true.
  13. much life down there!
  14. Sunset over Cherrystone Campground
  15. Post a picture and someone will be able to help. You can get parts for old Penn's, especially the drag knobs, but a picture will help.