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  1. I've done about as much tinkering with trailers as one could do- If you are bored and have nothing else to do, have a gander at me spending too much time and money in the pursuit of kayaking happiness.
  2. I belong to a few FB groups for the fishpro and seadoos in general. I even spoke to the dealer about it and they said that it is normal and nothing to worry about- which could be total BS. I installed a bilge pump this week just to be on the safe side. If the carbon ring goes my plan is to replace it and realign the engine- I am a little scared to try it myself but I want it done right so I will do what needs to be done, plus its good to learn how to fix and work on your own equipment to make sure it is running great. Saltwater is the harshest environment on the planet- got to keep things up.
  3. I have about 18 hours on mine. Almost done with the bilge pump installation- I lost the negative screw and had to order it. One thing I did notice was a thin black line of residue- Presumably from the carbon ring. Have you noticed anything like that in your hull?
  4. Ryan the crew at the Kayak Fishing Store are second to none. They are all kayak fisherman and fish your area. Best bunch of guys around!
  5. Its a 3 seater but I would never have 3 on board while fishing. 2 people are doable but a little tight. For one person it is fantastic. I added a rod holder up front so I can troll and keep the rod in site without having to spin around.
  6. John I love it. I launch in way less time as I don't have to assemble everything like the Hobie AI. I sit way higher so I can see the action better, I am more comfortable standing while casting so that helps. I launch in oyster creek and in 10 minutes I am trolling in front of IBSP- it really has made a big impact on the way I fish, I feel more productive. I also dont feel like I could get run over like in the Hobie. The only downside is finding places to launch- That is one thing the kayaks have over it but I can live with it.
  7. I no longer fish from a kayak but I will be out front on my jetski looking for bonito and albies. I hope to find them. I was out last weekend in front of IBSP and found many pods of bunker but alas , nothing was on them. Did get one small blue trolling, but I just enjoyed being out there. Catching fish is a by product.
  8. Was hoping to find a boat ramp near manasquan inlet so I could fish with you guys. Maybe pull you out a little further and a little faster.
  9. instead of kayaker, replace with bolder. Black boulder barely sticking up amongst the waves. Boater hits the boulder and puts a hole in boat. Who is at fault? The bolder or the boat captain?
  10. Wow so sorry she lost her life due to negligence. So sad.
  11. I am planning on fly fishing from my Fish Pro- Kind of already have a plan after riding this thing about 5 times. If you face backward you can drop the line to either side of you into the foot wells. There is nothing at all to get hung up on. I think this setup is the perfect stripping basket.
  12. Clear as day out and yet the boater still ran into the kayak. See the collision at 7:22 be careful out there guys.
  13. the big tuna has been around a while. I am sure there are plenty of youtube video reviews on it.