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  1. yes it was, and I did not even list all the bucktail I sent. The box weighed 14lbs -
  2. sorry got to go simple. Way too much stuff to list. PM coming.
  3. I am selling my vice- has 2 tube adapters- the needle is better- but comes with both. Drying wheel, scissors, 3 bobbins, large whip finisher thread, tinsel, and other fly tying material all thrown in. $125.00 for everything Vice is a griffin- I forget the model. comes with pedastal base and clamp. Not parting out just getting rid of everything. Have Orvice hydros V reels new never used (2 of them) will post separately.
  4. I will sell you my 2 year old drysuit. $250.00. in excellent condition. It will fit you plus a few layers of clothing. Relief zipper. latex wrist gaskets, neoprene neck. Makes more comfortable for all day excursions. Always put the zipper silicone on. It is all black, Stohlquist EZ Dry Suit I live in Cherry Hill if you want to check it out I can meet you somewhere. I will shoot you my cell in a PM as I dont check this everyday.
  5. I agree, it does give your kayak an identification that the coast guard and state police can search. Funny thing is , here in NJ when I went to register my kayak because I put a 1hp gas motor on it, the DMV acted like they did not want to do it. It was cheap a few years ago- I think the plastic letters were more expensive than the actual registration.
  6. awesome shots!
  7. oh man a time lapse of it coming out would have been cool
  8. Auto insurance should cover it, no?
  9. did you get the insurance money to replace the camera? I see great things about the A7R series.
  10. I have the DJI spark, It has really got my re-interested in photography. I don't use it alot as there are so many restrictions. I flew my drone up to look at antennas on a water tank (I work in telecom) and I got too close to the tank and the drone took off on me. I could not control it and headed for an office building. I was worried that it would fly through a window or into someone or a car. scary. . I still plan to use it but sparingly and only to emphasis a story. Here is a video from OBX NC
  11. I shot weddings full time from 2006 to 2010. I have always been a creative person and really enjoyed shooting weddings, engagement sessions but I got a few bridezillas and that was it- went back into the profession I am in now, which is telecom industry. I sold all my camera gear. I had nice 'L' canon lenses too. I sold everything and did not pick up a camera again until a few months ago, I know shoot what I want when I want and am starting to enjoy the art of photography and even have stepped into videography- something I never thought I would do LOL