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  1. doesnt make sense. I have Hook 2 5 TS- I bought the (can't remember the name- but it is an adapter to get the transducer down below the hull so the side scan can work) and have not had any issues at all. May want to call lowrance tech service and ask them.
  2. GPS comes in handy with fog.
  3. I can't wait to see it in action.
  4. I think I remember seeing a video on youtube of a guy sailing with one ama only- he hiked out when the wind was against his non aka side- very doable-
  5. with a good wind you will easily do 8mph with the AI/ Revo/ Aka- I have to reef my sail and still get up to 8 no problem. Have fun!
  6. I fish out of an AI and although it takes some work getting it on the water and off- but once on it is an absolute pleasure to fish from. As stated I would be careful with windy days- you can hike out on the ama with a haka and that should help you control the boat.
  7. You can swivel the transducer arm out of the water while your paddling. For me, I want to take full advantage of what the modern units technologically offer. I am not saying that a transducer can't shoot through a kayak hull , i just think why take the chance. Especially with all the nifty transducer arm attachments we have today. Heck you could even drop it off the read and it would improve your paddling by causing the kayak to go straight- it would act like a keel.
  8. looks like a quality trip.
  9. mine is tarped
  10. I use the Adventure Island- reverse has been imperative for me. but my yak is a floating dock....
  11. I use a large beach umbrella in a rod holder- works perfect!
  12. um yeah that is a little crazy for my blood LOL
  13. I cant provide what you are looking for , howver, I owned the 2017 outback and after watching the videos of the 2019 I have to admit that Hobie to a great platform and made it even better. Makes me want to buy one
  14. Are you selling them? You will have to post them in the kayak and boat BST forum.
  15. it is a done deal- I am pretty sure It is a free event- just have to pay for campsite. Chris said there is alot of red tape to cut through and needs everyone who is attending to send him an email so he can get everything squared away. chris at the****store dot com