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  1. I agree, it does give your kayak an identification that the coast guard and state police can search. Funny thing is , here in NJ when I went to register my kayak because I put a 1hp gas motor on it, the DMV acted like they did not want to do it. It was cheap a few years ago- I think the plastic letters were more expensive than the actual registration.
  2. awesome shots!
  3. oh man a time lapse of it coming out would have been cool
  4. Auto insurance should cover it, no?
  5. did you get the insurance money to replace the camera? I see great things about the A7R series.
  6. I have the DJI spark, It has really got my re-interested in photography. I don't use it alot as there are so many restrictions. I flew my drone up to look at antennas on a water tank (I work in telecom) and I got too close to the tank and the drone took off on me. I could not control it and headed for an office building. I was worried that it would fly through a window or into someone or a car. scary. . I still plan to use it but sparingly and only to emphasis a story. Here is a video from OBX NC
  7. I shot weddings full time from 2006 to 2010. I have always been a creative person and really enjoyed shooting weddings, engagement sessions but I got a few bridezillas and that was it- went back into the profession I am in now, which is telecom industry. I sold all my camera gear. I had nice 'L' canon lenses too. I sold everything and did not pick up a camera again until a few months ago, I know shoot what I want when I want and am starting to enjoy the art of photography and even have stepped into videography- something I never thought I would do LOL
  8. selling some gear- pick up in cherry hill nj or negotiate meet point. Penn Slammer III 500 loaded with 40# PP (I believe) the rod is teh 10' 1-5oz parabolic rod. Feels great in hand. I don't use this rod to often and I want to finance camera equipment. $300 picked up
  9. selling elsewhere
  10. selling elsewhere
  11. if you dont have a problem with the slayer 10 then the revo 11 would be fine for you.