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  1. one thing I would like to add is that if you watched the video, most of the paddlers were paddling the correct way, and that is the insert the blade into the water and rotate the body , not pull with the arm. On most fishing kayaks today with the chairs- it makes it a little hard to do a proper stroke- you would need to site up slightly away from the chair to get the rotation. this way you use your core for each stroke and not just the arm. Good luck!
  3. agreed, you will likely want a low angle stroke as opposed to a high angle-
  4. Al, I think the same exact way, LOL!
  5. Great photo essay Al. Looks like everyone had a great time- I did not see any fish pics????
  6. you guys should have a good time- send pics of them bruiser blues!
  7. I launch at the dike- it is right across from the sedge islands. Access to deeper water immediately. Strong current tho- I never had a problem in 2015 outback. I struggled in my Jackson BigRig. You have to park in the cul de sac and cart your kayak down a sandy path. It isnt too bad tho.
  8. when you say your mast has issues unfurling- is it because the block is on the other side (right side)? if so, can you reverse the line to be pulled out on the right side instead of the left?
  9. this is in great bay I believe..the old fish factory. Rigging..what specifically do you have questions on?
  10. lol! I would love to catch snakeheads and or bowfin on my flyrod. I just watched a seamoney video where he was catching them- they seem to have no quit in them.
  11. lets get er out there!
  12. DId you catch them from land or by yak?
  13. I am pretty sure he did as he is standing in his driveway with the snakehead