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  1. the big tuna has been around a while. I am sure there are plenty of youtube video reviews on it.
  2. I have J racks that I hauled a 100lb 2 seater sit on top with, no issues. I ill let them go for seventy five bucks. PM me if interested
  3. RIP BFD, thanks for being you! My condolences to the family!
  4. Gelflex (no put intended) hit the nail on the head. Here is a link to what you need I would add a little plop of goop to the hole before you puty the rivet in and then again after you install it and dab some in the hole where the rivet base snapped out.
  5. Learn how to properly wear a PFD. Here is a free course from boaters ed for paddlers.
  6. I am Leary of the suction cups too. I may try and bolt the fly rod holder to the sides of my cooler. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. my buddy gave me this ifly flyrod holder quite a few years ago- never found a spot for it as I always kayak fished- but now that I bought a jetski I found the perfect location. Website says it can handle 50mph winds.
  8. wishing BFD well. Hang in there Sir!
  9. Oh man, albies, fall run, yeah uam excited for all that. I can be out front in no time and chase em down. Cant wait
  10. Its hard to say. But knowing me i am sure i will try ti add a t top would be nice and maybe a windshield...but that is way down the road.
  11. I saw him a few years ago and always wanted one since then.
  12. Very doable. Should only take 20 minutes or so to get out there.
  13. Here she is. YED mothership!