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  1. Thanks for the pointers, I will look into these marinas!
  2. I'm looking into Marinas to keep my boat this year on the trailer. I don't want to keep it in a slip for the season because I like to move around, but does anyone have a good suggestion of a safe marina preferably around the stonington area that has a ramp and allows dry storage of boats on a trailer but open to any marina north or south of stonington.
  3. This was a fun trip! We had dinner at east bay, gave peaceful meadows a try afterwords, I would highly recommend both places. We did a lot of walking around and shopping, saw the rock and took in some of the sites. A lot of the historical stuff wasn't around or open this time of year like the plantation and some of the other buildings related to the history of plymouth but we still found plenty to do. On the way home we stopped in Newport RI which was also a pretty cool city. I wish we had more time to explore. Unfortunately the saltwater edge was closed on sunday, I was hoping to check that place out.
  4. You might want to consider buying a truck and trailer and doing the job yourself, the cost of the shipping will likely be pretty expensive and doing it yourself could be fun. I have bought boats from other states and drove them back, the search is half the fun.
  5. This is great, loving these suggestions- looking forward to getting out of Jersey and relaxing in plymouth for the weekend with a few beers. I don't plan on bringing any fishing tackle although it's killing me to say that, spring can't come soon enough.
  6. Girlfriend and I will be going to Plymouth this weekend. We are trying to find some things to do near by or sights to see on the cape or around Plymouth. Any recommendations for restaurants, good places to get a beer or nice towns to walk around in and shop? We have been to rockport last year and really liked that as a small town to visit and wander around in but that is a bit of a hike from plymouth. Any good fishing shops nearby where I can burn some money? Thanks in advance for any help-
  7. Lamiglas GSB i think 1321 M, I also have a 1321 MH blank that is pretty old I just re did. I also have the XS 101 MS, and a 9ft for lighter stuff all lamiglas. Lamiglas might be old technology, but none of these rods have ever broke despite years of abuse, some are over 15 seasons old with the grip on the handles worn down to the bone pretty much. I'm not sure the lighter rods sold today will be able to stand the same test of time. They are dependable if thats what you are into.
  8. It housed four 50 caliber machine guns at one point before getting washed into the sea, I believe there are more like this at Sandy Hook in NJ?? Pretty cool
  9. I live in Philadelphia now, I used to live in Tuckerton actually. I will be fishing Friday night into saturday morning so on my way back from IBSP/LBI area on saturday I can swing by wherever you are to do the exchange anywhere from the coast to Philadelphia?
  10. I will take them. I will be fishing this weekend, maybe we can meet up somewhere, or if not i'm sure we can figure something out.
  11. I use my wetsuit more often than my waders in NJ or NY/Montauk. I even used it a few times when I had a small boston whaler. It is more of a security thing, the added buoyancy is a huge plus, and I can cover more ground / walk faster in the wetsuits. Once it is on you will be fine. When you fill your waders up it sucks, when your walking in the water to try and get to a bar and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper and your not sure if your waders are going to fill it sucks. When you have a fish on and you have to scale down the rocks to try and get it not knowing if you're going to get hit and take a swim and fill your waders it sucks, those are the main reasons I often just put on the suit. Todays suits are really elastic and comfortable. 3/2mm for september/early october and a 5mm for october november into december. I had a 5mm suit that I would go clamming in January/Febuary/March and it was warm enough on most days. Although I own one piece suits, I read time and time again the two piece suit has the advantage because you can take it off more easily to piss if you don't want to piss in the suit (which you won't when you are standing on a dry jetty for a few hours) and you can take the top off when it gets hot. I use a pair of 5mm "scuba boots" they have a rubber sole, just throw some korkers on those and you can go anywhere. My 5mm has a full hood attached where I can wear it if I need it or ditch it when I don't, last thursday as the sun was coming up and the wind blew 20mph with pelting rain I was pretty thankful I could bring the hood up and stay comfortable. I have yet to figure out gloves, I have a pair of surfers neoprene gloves but it is hard to fish in them. I have been using glacier gloves on cold days with the wrist seam under the suit in hopes the gloves don't fill with water, seems to work out ok but I have never been able to figure out what gloves make me happy/dry and function well O'neil makes a nice suit, just this season my 3mm O'neil suit was wrecked beyond repair and that suit was around for almost 7 seasons. My 5mm is a suit I found recently also O'Neil, check the racks at surf shops they are/were having a lot of sales, I got my suit for 50% off at a local surf shop. My buddy has told me a lot of good things about henderson hyper flex which is a local NJ suit maker I think, might want to check them out as well.
  12. TO add fuel to the fire, has anyone noticed how some Nova Scotia fisherman are lighting it up with stripers these days in the summer? I'm not sure that was a common occurrence even 10-20 years ago. Any thoughts on a warming ocean pushing the range of the striped bass further north?
  13. I'm curious what everyones thoughts are about there being a later season every year? I really started fishing hard in about 2000, so I have about 17 seasons under my belt which isn't a lot and even then I thought the fishing was better in early october than it is now. I'm not trying to start a global warming thread, just if the people think that maybe the season is being pushed back a bit from when they first started fishing for stripers in the surf for whatever reason.
  14. I actually just got back, I didn't check back with this post until just now. I ended up getting the permit from Montauk Downs for just a little piece of mind on Saturday, Hither hills does not sell the permits. Although my user name says fly fish I am primarily a surf casters now a days. I was up there from Saturday morning before first light until Sunday and fished most of that time. I did a lot of walking as this is only my third trip and I'm trying to figure out the spots. Good luck to all who are going! Walked miles and miles for a few short fish but still fun regardless.