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  1. 56 mins ago, mybeach said:

    Wearing stupid little outfits and you need a GPS to find the green. What a crock. The best part about golfing is bombing the tractor on the range and beeping as you pass a bunch of clowns teeing off. I'm just channeling my inner Pete.:p


    Playing golf AND beeping at people teeing off are two of my favorite pastimes. :th: 

  2. **** JES. **** Cobol2. **** CICS.  Chubb had a VERY good program in late 90's and produced some pretty high functioning programmers. If you worked hard and finished at the top, you were employed before you graduated and most, if not all that I know, did very well for themselves. None of the ones I know or have hired stuck with Cobol for more than a year or two then moved on.  Even the bottom of the barrel that were able to stay with it also managed to find jobs, however they all went on the work for The State of New Jersey. :th: 

  3. 1 min ago, Kml said:


    No there’s not :)

    I actually think he has more than one of those. 

    Y, did you bring an extra one of them to RI last year?



    I know, but I'm just trying to boost the poor bastards spirits in these dark times.  He's prolly smashing the beans on the counter with a hammer and filling the infuser with mulch...

  4. 3 mins ago, Brother Brian said:


    Explains the loins thing . For me, headphones and emulators. Any Colour You Like.


    Nothing wrong with the Eleven Rack. They sound great and are versatile. I've recorded with them plenty.  But it's not the same when you're only wearing the guitar AND headphones.  Though you do have a place to tuck the headphone cord behind your back to keep it out of the way while you rock out with your cock out. :th: 

  5. 1 min ago, MitchellNJ said:

    Where are you finding snow? 


    Other than Montana and Colorado?  You need to draw a line through Burlington and look north.  Other than November, southern VT has been ****.  Too many weekends of 50 and rain.  Whiteface, Sugarbush, and Sugarloaf, with the latter conditions being as good as Big Sky was. That drive to Carrabasset Valley kills me though. VT this week and mixed precip in the forecast. :rolleyes: Snowmass the following. :th:  But this winter... :dismay:  

  6. 32 mins ago, MikeMc said:


    This sounds like a man who has given up all hope in life. :( 


    On the contrary, it's snowboarding season. :th:  But that amp has given me so much joy over the years it's hard to explain.  It makes sounds that shake my loins. It makes me sound like a better player than I'll ever be. It's essentially an unnamed Trainwreck Express dressed as a 70's Fender Twin with 4 6550's.  I asked Ken to blackface it.  Got it back a week later.  In addition to the amp, he handed me box saying "this is all ****"... it was the output transformer, reverb driver, pre and power tubes and an envelope of about 20 assorted capacitors. He just understood tone like no other.  He found four GE 6550's matched within 2mA of eachother. Then added a switch where I could drop the output to the first two 6550's, ONLY 95 watts :laugh:, which were within 1mA of each other. He was an extraordinary dude when it came to circuits...

  7. On 2/20/2020 at 7:25 PM, Eeeeels said:

    It’s all about the tone bro. Tone is EVERYTHING. The amp gets a little muddy, but hey that’s a hot rod deluxe. Thinking of upgrading the stock speaker to a vintage 30 also. See where that takes me 


    What type of music are you playing? I'm assuming the stock speaker is a Fender Gold Label? If you WANTED my opinion, the V30 would be a mistake as it would break up too quick. Unmodded, you would just get, well, louder mud. It's a fantastic speaker, just wrong for the application IMO. You need a speaker to handle the headroom of the HRDx and break it up late. Think sensitivity <100 dB like a Celestion G12-65 or a WGS ET65 .  Try one of those in there for a month before you mod it. If you are still not happy, try the V30 or 50w Reaper.  I'd probably go for the Reaper first. :th: 


  8. Ken Fischer and recently Rich Koerner are dead. They are the only two legends that have "touched" my trainwrecked 190 watt(yes 190, not 135) 77' silverface twin.  I don't know what I'll do when it needs to be serviced.  Probably just cry and never play the guitar again. :cry:  


    That being said, I've had some work done by Mike Sportiello ( in Bound Brook on other amps and have been happy.  He was Dennis Kager's apprentice for a while.  And well Dennis is dead too so **** it.  Just buy an Eleven Rack and go emulator... :dismay: 

  9. 20 hours ago, TimS said:

    Solid plan :laugh: 


    I’m liking @Kings over Queens plan - try to be better...and I’m gonna keep stopping at red lights :th:




    Yep.  Try to make today just a little bit better than yesterday. Emphasis on "try".  It's a good system. Not foolproof, but a good system nonetheless. :th: 

  10. 18 mins ago, Otter said:

    not available. he made a move but as kneel is my witness, yuge. or as he put it, an important fish (for an important person). tom just kept going why why why. tim hugged me before i had a short breakdown of sorts. it was going back anyway, we've since moved on :th: 


    want to see the 2nd biggest fish of the day? substantial on its own. 8 pounders were like a let down after awhile


    It was an important fish. Important fish change you. :th: 

  11. 1 hour ago, BrianZ said:

    Hi my names Skip, first time caller long time listener. 

    Does joining the pool negate big tog mojo? 

    Second question : is the size of the anchor you pull relative to the size of the tog you may catch?

    Last question : Do you do any special dance or chants prior to stealing Kneels mojo?



    Otter absatively posolutely deserved that(and the other) fish after the prior play date we had, not to mention the priceless expression on his face as said fish rocketed out of his grasp while Tim fumbled for the camera. I, sir, and truly richer for that. :th: