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  1. The MB1143F is fancy 1970's technology.
  2. Paul(JPR) usually has them just south of you. And don't listen Y. He has that all wrong. It's more versatile as a mugging stick. +8'6" 10 tip. Spiral is fine. Put on any reel you like.
  3. Fake news. I don't mind being bow monkey. I fish with guys who enjoy it and often don't let me. Those are the best kind of friends. Stanley Rose? I don't even know if that boat exists any more. Had some spectacular trips with Captain Chaos, even the one where his windlass died...
  4. What happens just let them go? I know, crazy thought, right? Leave them to freely **** with someone else ahead of you while you reclaim your serenity. Besides, those balloon knots are better off ahead of you where you can see them.
  5. Then there are the guys on those groups that search for justification in bringing 6 rods for themselves on a boat to make sure they have every possible bite scenario covered...
  6. I live in NJ. Voting is purely ceremonial as outcomes are predetermined...
  7. I've tried it. WAY too much work...
  8. I've been riding since '87, which coincidentally is the last time I skied, and in hard boots since '91. Stratton is pretty much where it all started so that's my affinity for it, though now touted as Dear Valley of the East, its a far cry of what it used to be in the 80's and 90's. Actually its a ****ton better, but its crowded and expensive which is a bit of a bummer. Bromley is my goto when it dumps. My boys started on skis, but the call was too great when they saw how much fun I was having. Plus they are both good surfers so it was the natural progression. If I could carve on skis like I do on the board I might still be on them.
  9. You ski? HA! Alpine snowboarding. The only true manly nordic activity. Skiing...
  10. Dunno. I know Stratton does. But they BOTH have magic carpet lifts to deposit the little chilluns and the aged and decrepit to higher elevations. Stratton also has Waffle Cabin. No Waffle Cabin at Bromley.
  11. Use Manchester Center as your base. Stay at The Equinox or any of the B&B's in town. Or if you want a little more romantic/quaint, Dorset(Dorset Inn or Dovetail Inn). Good food and shopping, stuff that broads like to do, because you'll have to do stuff that broads like on their birthday. 10-15 minutes to Bromley, 25-30 minutes to Stratton for skiing. Lots of hiking. Hildene, Lincoln's summer home, is pretty interesting. @Tom T has it right. **** those hippy ****s north of Rutland.
  12. A little part of Tim dies every time scissors are used to make their necks more flexible...
  13. That's why you're a big deal. Don't ever change, Dik.
  14. Ok, we need teams. Billybobs v. Homers? Niftys v. Sheistys? Kneel and Tim v. Everyone else? And a point system. Keeper +1 Roaster +2 DD +5 Albino +20 Release - Male 2x point class - Female 3x point class
  15. Trout gear ONLY for this trip.
  16. I'd stay strong enough to live on just until the jailed ****bird that hit them received photographs of me standing over his children's lifeless tire-tracked bodies.
  17. As much as I want them to have human facial features, it just doesn't translate well. My forearm is still sore...
  18. So who else lol'd when reading the return address was Debbie Wasserman Schultz?
  19. It doesn't make a difference until it makes a difference. It's not about visual acuity with fish as it is with contrast. Lay on the bottom of a pool(especially fun at night) in with a mask and have somebody pull lures of different sizes and color, with braid, mono and flouro across the surface and you'll be pretty surprised at how much you can "see" as these contrast against the waters surface.
  20. At least it's not pork roll. That's rolled. Not processed.
  21. Again, if you want to compare apples to apples, the Limited doesn't come with AVS, ventilated front seats and a bunch of other things so the Platinum is the comparison as they are standard on the LC. And even at that you're comparing crab apples to honey crisps. I'm not suggesting the Sequoia is a bad vehicle. Far from it. But it's just nowhere near the class of the LC. Invoice on a 2018 LC is 77.8k. There are no options. Everything is standard. Have you seen crawl control, Brian? Not on the Sequoia...
  22. Not by much. With all the safety features you mentioned, you're essentially looking at the Platinum level Sequoia at $65k. The LC is $79k. While $14k is certainly a lot of scratch, the Sequoia fit and finish cannot compare to the LC. I have a 2006 LC with 240k on it (just behind that one) that I've beaten like a red-headed step-child. The interior still looks good and it rides and pulls like when I drove it off the lot. Well, sorta as it's also lifted 3" and has 35" inch tires. Sure the Sequoia can approach those numbers mechanically, but its on a body designed to last 150k miles and will show hard living numbers. The LC is engineered with a 25 year service life in mind for places that have no roads. Pay now or later. If you keep your vehicles as unreasonably long as I do, the Land Cruiser is the clear winner in TCO.
  23. Land Cruiser, Brian. 3" lift, 34" tires, my 5'3" wife drives it like a boss...