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  1. My ****ting buddy.
  2. I just finished a new Gulp container. I'm gonna fill it with some special baits for Y to use. Psst! Tim, definitely DO NOT use the soft brown tailless ones floating on the top.
  3. I'm gonna vomit AND leave an upper decker in the head this trip.
  4. PB Blast the crap out of it if it hasn't been turned in a while. But sound like it has... Left, lowers. Right, raises. ONE full turn is usually between a 1/4" to 1/3" of lift/drop. WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED...fsm states 55mm is the MINIMUM amount of droop you should have. Less is BAD. Measure before and after. I bet you are close to 55mm now with the lift. 70-90mm is good and probably where you'll end up after dropping the front an inch or 2. Hopefully your mechanic didn't **** up the pre-load.
  5. I did too. An I have that same Albums on the Hill t-shirt he's wearing. But I'm also a drummer and feel the need to defend ****** songwriting from drummers whenever possible.
  6. It's probably level unloaded, but full with all that gear it looks like you're doing a wheelie. With all that gear you need the 2864 rear coils. This is an old picture, but this is how your truck should sit unloaded. These are 2864 rear coils. When I have the truck loaded, it sits level. ARB front bumper, winch, and Slee Sliders. Those are 35's as well compared to the 33's on your rig...
  7. The ARB 303001 torsion bars really need a bumper and winch up front to load them properly. I guarantee they are not indexed properly on your rig with the stock front. I doubt there is any compression at all. As the fully laden rear compresses, it lifts the front even further where the front diff is impeded by the stock crossmember, creating the extreme angle and is causing the vibes. Definitely lower the front first if you're not installing a bumper. What is the distance from the top of the tire to the top of the wheel arch, fronts and rears? You definitely want the front lower than the rear. If then you are over 1.5" over stock in the front, you'll want the diff drop. If the boots aren't leaking, they're fine, unless of course they're empty. I have 220k on my 2006 and it gets beaten like a redheaded stepchild. There are no old 100's yet...
  8. "Once, Twice..." when it was (finally) released was on auto-repeat in my truck for a solid 3 weeks straight. As good as any Mats album and far better than any of that **** Paul released.
  9. Just looked again. The vibes you're experiencing are the front diff. The rear being packed with gear makes the angle worse in the front. That's why it is not noticeable when the truck is empty. - Diff drop kit (I happen to have an extra Slee kit(in NJ) for the hundy I'll sell to you for $200 or you can buy Christo and have it shipped from Golden, CO for $250) - lower the front OR hd springs in the rear
  10. The front of your truck is REALLY high. the hundy likes a little rake from front to back. Are those the stock torsion bars cranked or ARB? How much drop you still have in the front with that lift? Definitely need a diff drop kit with that front lift. If the front cv isn't leaking will be.
  11. Awesome trip again, fellas. Was a HOOT. Can't wait to see to pics.
  12. BU is on par with NYU, American, and Cal Berkely as far as the most Liberal schools in the country. Everyone gets a trophy at those schools. You just need to show up.
  13. 27 shot in Chicago this weekend. 6 fatally. I suspect the media didn't g-a-s because they were all brown people. Oh, and Charlotte is urban btw.
  14. Is that Dave Grohl?
  15. Yup. Neil Fallon. Clutch. A few of you get it.
  16. I'm with Steinbeck. A Barnett Ghost at the ready on the back deck dispatches urban legends. Two so far actually...
  17. You need to frame those.
  18. Use your phone as a wifi hotspot. Welcome to 2012.
  19. So he's playing 18 at Trump National, driving(well his driver is) 15 minutes north to the OoA Day Spa for some yankee, then 40 minutes south to Mar-a-Lago. Was any of this on the warrant? Again, what does the proximity, or lack-thereof, to Trump National have to do with the story. Not to mention, if I have that type of moolah, I'm playing PGA National, Frenchman's, Old Palm or even Loxahatchee before I'm slumming it at Trump National...
  20. How is the proximity to Trump National, Jupiter important?
  21. Urinary Tract Infection students?
  22. Nice land based toggin opportunities...