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  1. Physics.
  2. Korman Suites. It took me a week to adjust to the silence of home without the gentle sounds of gunplay and sirens in the night air.
  3. Canton is a culinary wasteland. The 15 minute drive to Potsdam doesn't exactly improve the situation either. Oh and **** Clarkson.
  4. Dropped my son off last weekend. Thought it would be easy after 4 years of boarding school. It's not. It's different. My only advice to him was not to bang any of the girls on his floor as he'll have to walk past them every day for the next two semesters. Probably wise not to hook up with any girls for a couple weeks until there's significant data to plug into the hot crazy scale.
  5. The same moms endorsing that ultimate frisbee bull**** i bet.
  6. I played golf in HS and college(D1). My shoulder has been bothering me...
  7. Yes and both the Janssen patch and crush resistant pill have negligible rates of abuse. The data supports this. No false claim about it. There is no comparing Duragesic and Nucynta(sp?) to Oxy and Vicodin, not to mention ZERO comparison to street fentanyl. There is a legitimate need for opioid medications despite the crisis and J&J is probably the ONLY player in this that has been well within compliance, safe practice and education. By your comparison to El Chapo, J&J is more like Juan Valdez being sued for the coffee beans sold to McDonalds for the scalding hot coffee spilled in someones lap while driving. The opioid epidemic is ****ing horrible. I've seen it affect families first hand and my heart goes out to anyone going through it. But there has to be some common sense here and going after the raw materials supplier, of which there is a legitimate and necessary market, makes no sense to me. Injury or death by car accident? Try suing the member countries of OPEC for selling the petroleum.
  8. Enjoy that hot unsweetened black bean water EXACTLY the way ISIS wants you to enjoy it...
  9. Well that guy on the TV commercials does read all the side effects REALLY really fast...
  10. Re. J&J... It was NOT a settlement. A judge awarded monetary damages on a ruling that this was a "public nuisance". Never in the history of the Oklahoma legal system have monetary damages been awarded for the abatement of a public nuisance. OK public nuisance laws are for property disputes. No way this survives appeal. As a side note, J&J is responsible for less than 1 percent of all opioid sales in OK. This will all play out differently in federal court in October. J&J will look like Girl Scouts selling cookies compared to Purdue and others...
  11. Don't go to the @TimS@CaroleS home and leave your car door unlocked, fanny pack unzippered or the hood of you SOL hoodie open. They try to sneak cats home with you when you're not looking.
  12. @Tom T, you could have parked at my place with complimentary shuttle service. Just don't give Y my address.
  13. We'll call it a thank you to me for feeding your family all these years.
  14. Oh ya...thanks for the cash.
  15. I have root access can do REALLY naughty things to all you bitches.
  16. I race ahead, cut into the center, then proceed to let everyone else doing the same in with the time I've just saved. I'm the Robin Hood of Parsippany.
  17. Sexist? Genderist? Definitely not racist. This much I know.
  18. Then just visit the catholic schools. They shorten the list to only 2 genders...
  19. Praise, Jesus. When you don't show, I feel like Chuckie in Good Will Hunting.
  20. Oh they fire it right out at you unsolicited. "Hi my name is..., my pronouns are..."
  21. Oh no. It's very liberating. Frees you up to discuss real issues without the burden of guessing penis, vagina or null. I carry around a notepad now. To keep track. And introduce everyone with their preferred pronouns. These kids are onto something.
  22. I dunno. That's how it was explained to me. I've been going on college visits with my son and being overly cautious to ask everyone their preferred pronouns. Repeatedly. As to not embarrass myself.
  23. They do it as a courtesy to you so you don't embarrass yourself in choosing the incorrect pronoun. I think its quite thoughtful.
  24. While you are editing, Tommy. Please send Y back to the bottom of the waiting list. Thanks.
  25. Glad to hear. Toyota engineers have their reasons for all that rake from the factory, to sit level when it's full of stuff. You can probably even bring the front up a half inch, but a little overhead is not a bad thing either. I suspect handling improved as well for what you would notice in a +6000lb truck full of gear...