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  1. Ironically, yes.
  2. Come down to the Barnegat. It's infested.
  3. Cool. Pet bluefish. He should be nice a fat next time you check the trap. Unless of course it gnaws through the chickenwire to escape...
  4. Thats why Google's IPO is $85 per share. Let's see how good it really is... sirloin strip t-bone delmonico filet mignon butt steak
  5. 2 bucks. DEP. The trap was 30 bucks which I ordered from a catalog.
  6. A few weeks ago I did the same in Lavalette. Friday night, with license and commercial trap in hand, I dropped the trap underneath one of the docks before I went to bed. Awoke the next morning at 5:30 to check the was PACKED with blueclaws. By the time I culled all of the smallies and females, I had over 100 crabs. All caught while I slept soundly in bed. That afternoon I took my son fishing for snappers, there was an old gentleman complaining about the lack of big crabs
  7. Aside from weighing 10 times more than what bottle jack would weigh and take up 5 times as much space to store? No.
  8. You should never use welded recovery points as it is impossible to identify a safe weld. Bolted is better.
  9. Oops. Sorry, I didn't really answer your question. Going up in tire size is always a money situation unless you just want to look cool. First, will the tires fit? Well, you can make any tire fit with a Sawsall Will you need a lift? Castor correction so your rig tracks straight again? Can your drivetrain handle extra torque of larger heavier tires? If not you're talking upgrading CV's and axles. After all that, your rig will still need to be regeared to bring you back near stock. It goes on and on. And don't forget. You need to buy 5 tires if you want a viable spare. Your diff wont like rotating at 2 different speeds for long periods of time on no slip surfaces.
  10. Your clearance is the same. In the case of the 4-Runner, the even though the wheel size changes, the diameter remains at 30.6". Only the aspect ratio is smaller giving a lower profile. When aired down, the taller aspect ratio of the tire on the 16" wheel exposes more surface area giving you better traction. Tires for 16" wheels are also cheaper and there are more options in sizes. 10 years ago, the same was true for 16" wheels over 15".
  11. I'm in Warren, NJ.
  12. Your amulet is gone. It now swims freely attached to the jaw of the last fluke you have felt on the end of a line until September. I will have the 8' St.Croix with me as well. No. I will NOT show you my penis.
  13. Your perpetual envy of my rod size will be your undoing. I will prevail.
  14. I will do no such thing as your Architeuthis rig will shut the bite down to everything within a 15' radius.
  15. There you go. The G-Wagen and the Rangie are the only real contenders. The G with locking front, rear, AND center diff would be unstopable on sand. The Rangie would be too if not for the 18" standard wheels. Have a second set of 16" wheels for the beach.
  16. I have a package of 2/0 Gami octopus hooks sitting in a mug of water and kosher salt on my desk as I type. I'm on to your tricks...
  17. Exactly. You've let OTHER peoples kids use them... You'll know what I mean one day.
  18. Escalade with 22" dubs with matching Avet MXJ reels. Bling. Avoid spinners as they may seize from too much sand.
  19. I will be there. By the end of the day, not only will I have snatched the pebble from Hugh's hand, I will accomplish it by fishing to his left.
  20. A 6 hook sabiki is a bit much to handle for an adult let alone a 5 year old. My 4 year old laid a hurting on the snappers this weekend with the tubes. You don't even have to cast them. Just jig it up and down.
  21. Kalins trout tubes in 1/32. Bounce bounce bounce WHACK! They work at all times of the tide.
  22. You have to hold part of the net with your teeth to get it to open properly. Without it, you don't get the super style bonus.
  23. As an alternative to the BFG ATKO, you might want to consider the Cooper Discoverer ST. Great all-around sever weather rated tire. Great in sand, snow and mud. Accels where the BFG falls short(mud, deep snow). Also quieter on road than the BFG.
  24. I was just at Morgan Creek a few hours ago. Snappers crashing spearing under the bridge in the incomming chocolate milk. Couldn't spot any nuts.