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  1. It was an important fish. Important fish change you.
  2. I have a bucket full of cow bells and glockenspiels to use as sinkers so you can have the experience of fishing next to Y, just without the groping.
  3. Otter absatively posolutely deserved that(and the other) fish after the prior play date we had, not to mention the priceless expression on his face as said fish rocketed out of his grasp while Tim fumbled for the camera. I, sir, and truly richer for that.
  4. Oh, I can make Thursday. NVM. In case you were all concerned.
  5. Too slow at the draw, Boomer.
  6. Yeah but there's probably all kinds of DNA, evidence and "other", on it...
  7. Give it a proper sendoff.
  8. If 5 of that is mine Tom, I sent you 90 when you said it would be about...well 90.
  9. Once you get through it there's oatmeal. And Apples. And kale. And nuts/seeds. And the exercise. Real lifestyle changes, brother. Basically you'll need to emulate the life of a hamster.
  10. Derp.
  11. That's reserved for Otter.
  12. Stunt rod conventional for you. Tim has a couple of awesome little Abu's.
  13. Scratch that. I should be able to make it. I'll pay and let you know shortly...
  14. Huffing pine stain and drinking GT's is s'posed to be fun, Tim. You must be going it wrong...
  15. We need to synchronize visits. That drive...
  16. Oh, shut the **** up, you... Oops. Sorry that slipped...
  17. Wah. It's snowing in south jersey. Wah. My son just sent me this from "The North Country"...
  18. That's a game changer for the clambrella. I get tired running up and down the beach...
  19. Sorry for your loss, Dale. This journey can be a real kick in the nuts sometimes. My thoughts and prayers are with you, brother...
  20. If you haven't already explored the option, many schools(I think all of the SUNYs) now partner for 3-2/4-2 dual degree programs BS>RN>BSN>MSN or whatever the actual path is. If she's a real go-getter, which it sounds like she is, this may be something to look into. Only downside is she won't have much of a life, let alone a college experience, but the payoff is real.
  21. I can barely remember the color of an orange. The 965 came with the paddles, but yes that is the correct part number for the 965. Are you trying fit the 975 handle to a 940? If that is the case I'd strongly recommend throwing all your 940/930's in the garbage and buying the equivalent sized and cheapest Chinese conventional you can find on ebay as they'll put out more drag than a 940 ever could. They're not exactly known to be winches... Yeah, those are 2006 prices.
  22. He's wearing golf shoes too, you just can't see them in the picture. Dress for success, Billybob.
  23. I watched Otter catch a filthy monster yesterday. @Tom T saw it too. @TimS was too slow on the camera before she helped herself back over the side. It was AWESOME.