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  1. Going? You're missing the pre-party...
  2. People are only going down that street to hide a body. Last thing they want to add to the list of charges is mail theft...
  3. **** YES!!! 8 tracks of AMBIENT drum mics! I don't think Glyn Johns was the engineer that day, but that drum sound is glorious.
  4. Those buttons must be sewn with kevlar.
  5. Just a grazing. Enough venom to make him **** and/or piss himself. And stop posting. Forever.
  7. Happy belated birthday, T. Now get to collecting my pool money, bitch.
  8. Vincent "Vinny" Ziccolella passed away last week on an apparent heart attack. A fixture on this site since it's beginning, he will be sorely missed. For those who knew him, there will be no wake or funeral. He will be cremated and his ashes scattered from his favorite party boat at a later date. This is what he wanted. There will be a memorial service at St. Vincent's in Madison, NJ on July 6th at 11:00AM with a reception to follow celebrating his life. PM for details. For the Greater Glory, brother...
  9. Why do you limit to ONLY the USA? I'm fairly certain the African slave trade to the Americas was alive and well in the 1600's. While I agree upon the difference in indentured servitude and chattel slavery, there is no fundamental difference in the ****ing the Irish received from the brits for hundreds of years prior to the first Spanish and English slave ships landing in Africa and embarking for the new world. IMO, there is only one group that can say "Hold my beer..." to the Irish and that is the Jews...
  10. Lolz... Then they're surprised when nobody gives a **** about their proclaimed righteousness.
  11. The entire product line is pretty good. The wife slips me the Beyond Hot Italian Sausages in my pasta when everyone else is eating pig. Then she slaps me and calls me a ******.
  12. Looks like fried pistachio cake that had been dropped on a woodshop floor...
  13. Out of my way, no. They are in the same aisle in Costco as the angus and sirloin burgers. What kind of question is that...
  14. Beyond burgers are pretty tasty you murderous degenerate fatty weirdos...
  15. I have one of those too. It's seen some hard road time. With a couple of simple mods the MP1 is a VERY good distortion/overdrive, especially when recording direct.
  16. For the Minneapolis PD
  17. This thread needs more overdrive.
  18. Sure, you start with the fancy Mason jar setup from Amazon, move onto advanced straining techniques, then as you're driving down the highway, sipping your cold-brew and listening to end up in the bushes of a rest stop with a cock in your mouth saying to yourself "God, how did I get here?!?".
  19. For about 2 weeks. Then you'll get tired of the hassle. I agree, makes the best tasting coffee. Even makes ****** coffee tolerable. But it's a huge pain in the ass. Quit now. You're welcome.
  20. Playing golf AND beeping at people teeing off are two of my favorite pastimes.
  21. **** JES. **** Cobol2. **** CICS. Chubb had a VERY good program in late 90's and produced some pretty high functioning programmers. If you worked hard and finished at the top, you were employed before you graduated and most, if not all that I know, did very well for themselves. None of the ones I know or have hired stuck with Cobol for more than a year or two then moved on. Even the bottom of the barrel that were able to stay with it also managed to find jobs, however they all went on the work for The State of New Jersey.
  22. A few strategically placed donuts and Y will loiter in that stern all day. He's the gift that keeps on giving. Keep the bills tidy with like denominations and I'll continue to feed your family.
  23. Yep. Happy to take your money again.
  24. Everyone is home from college/school, I don't have to drive 100 miles a day and KoQ taught my wife how to make bagels.
  25. I know, but I'm just trying to boost the poor bastards spirits in these dark times. He's prolly smashing the beans on the counter with a hammer and filling the infuser with mulch...