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  1. OB-CO Donuts is open. A distant second from Donuts Plus, but a fine donut nonetheless...
  2. Like this crew needs more carbs...
  3. Start at 0:45. He's saying "Hey, dummy. Why you not listen to Billybob? Two feet thataway please. ". He's up on his haunches and everything like he's talking up the line. This just proves everything we think they're thinking down there is accurate.
  4. One tried to lure my dog off my property 4 years ago. Now have a Barnett Ghost on the back deck. They're stuck before they even have a chance to twitch from hearing the click. I agree with Steinbeck.
  5. Don't sell yourself short. They ALL look hideous.
  6. When your only option of getting your penis touched by another female was a mile north on 30 at Bryn Mawr, I don't think Haverford guys gave a FF about the temp of the delivery method to dulling the pain and eventual tears of "HOW DID I GET HERE?!?! ". Those girls were animals...
  7. I twerk actually.
  8. Are we just talking administrative offices or the whole shebang? E.g. courthouse, police station, OoEM command center etc. Don't forget to add 3-5% for change orders. The answer of course is YES, $100mil is excessive for a town that size. As a comparison at 1/5th of the size, my snooty, mostly conservative and extremely well managed town recently completed their town hall project for a police cruiser under $6mil and it's spectacular. But I'm sure the Governor approves being that it's his hometown. If you look, you'll start to see some patterns...
  9. Don't get me wrong, my dogs are absolute balloon knots. But they are extremely well trained balloon knots.
  10. Simple fix. Works for any stupid behavior. Furniture eating, counter surfing, keeping them off furniture, jumping up on people. Timing needs to be impeccable however. - Station yourself at the scene of the repeated crime and wait for the dog to make the move. - As soon as it puts its mouth on the wall, puts his nose up on the counter, etc. blast the Pet Corrector. - Try not to laugh because its hilarious to to see your dogs expression of "holy Jesus in heaven I'm never doing that again..." You probably won't have to do it a second time. You've associated the act with the unpleasant sound of the Pet Corrector. Oh and make the time to train your dogs properly before **** becomes a problem. I'll be working with @TimS and building this into SOL as an admin plugin so he can blast 7#'s BEFORE he hits "Submit Reply".
  11. That must be some pretty good head...
  12. They really need a 6/0. They jump from 5/0 to 7/0...
  13. Note to the acquisitions and procurement team...we need more.