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  1. Unless you count his lifeless body slumped over the steering wheel holding her steady at 10 and 2. No doubt. He just missed t-boning them at 30-40mph. That upsets me too. It really shows how ****ing difficult that job is. But I'm just not convinced this was a good shoot. Something just seems off. Maybe I'm just getting tired of this always ending in a hale of bullets. Just not looking like justice to me.
  2. Devils advocate, not for the guy in the BMW, but for the white minivan entering the line of fire. Hypothetical of course. That’s your wife and kids just minding their business, driving home from from lax practice, Build A Bear, the dentist. What do you think of the leo’s judgement then? This could have gone a lot of ****** ways.
  3. He’s a handsome fella. Even after the manstectomy. He’ll be on fire when he gets the other titty done.
  4. Gymnastics. Daughter made Nationals. Don't tell Seal there is a girls gymnastics comp down here...
  5. Guaranteed. You get 15 minutes to land it. Otherwise you better hope Tim hasn't replaced the rusted snippers lanyarded to the t-top...
  6. I'm in Daytona. Nobody seems to give a **** aboot masks, save for the iniquitous progressive northerners. It's slowly coming back to me, that warm blanket of freedom we once took for granted...
  7. Me too. Once you hear it, you never forget it. One of he first punk shows I'd ever gone to AOD, The Fems, The Dickies, TSOL and F at Werblin gym in New Brunfus. I think so at least. That night was a little blurry....
  8. Roughly 7,317,073 shares? $4,097,560.88 per quarter pretax on the dividends alone if my maff is right. Not bad. I could survive on that.
  9. I have. Nobody takes my calls anymore. This is why I only have friends in EST (UTC -5)...
  10. Not the ones I get. If they're just putting the everything on the top half, then you should speak to a manager.
  11. Cant beat the bottom half of a lightly toasted everything bagel with a little cream cheese or butter, salmon(lox, smoked(hot or cold)), slice of Jersey tomato, red onion and caper. The fresh Jersey tomato is really what makes it happen. Can't wait till summer...
  12. Us too. Everyone's a winner here.
  13. Go. El Cap, Half Dome, Tioga, Mist Valley and Glacier Point. Mother****er it don't get more spectacular than that Glacier Point.
  14. I'd be satisfied just living out of a Sprinter van in Yosemite.