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  1. 27 shot in Chicago this weekend. 6 fatally. I suspect the media didn't g-a-s because they were all brown people. Oh, and Charlotte is urban btw.
  2. Is that Dave Grohl?
  3. Yup. Neil Fallon. Clutch. A few of you get it.
  4. I'm with Steinbeck. A Barnett Ghost at the ready on the back deck dispatches urban legends. Two so far actually...
  5. You need to frame those.
  6. Use your phone as a wifi hotspot. Welcome to 2012.
  7. So he's playing 18 at Trump National, driving(well his driver is) 15 minutes north to the OoA Day Spa for some yankee, then 40 minutes south to Mar-a-Lago. Was any of this on the warrant? Again, what does the proximity, or lack-thereof, to Trump National have to do with the story. Not to mention, if I have that type of moolah, I'm playing PGA National, Frenchman's, Old Palm or even Loxahatchee before I'm slumming it at Trump National...
  8. How is the proximity to Trump National, Jupiter important?
  9. Urinary Tract Infection students?
  10. Nice land based toggin opportunities...
  11. Only if Y sleeps in a concrete bunker. His snore is like no other...
  12. Tog Flophouse. I've witnessed first hand some outlandish "Y"deas in the past, but this I have to admit is gold.