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  1. $70 and we can meet at Namaans Road exit off 95?
  2. What's the reason for selling?
  3. Ok, first off, I've never done a full breakdown of a reel, but I figure now is as good a time as any to get my 14 year old son into a small time mechanical project. If my research is correct, we're working on an Olympic reel, but the info online is thin. Does anyone recognize this reel? The plan is 1) full disassembly with photos at critical stages, 2) decrease and clean all the parts, 3) remove corrosion and sand as needed, 4) repaint all previously painted parts, 5) dip the plastic parts, 6) reassemble and grease. Guessing I'll have to at least get a new drag stack. Anyone have advice?
  4. Would like to take a look at this soon. PM me and let me know when works for you...
  5. I'll take it for $60 and arrange to pick up soon.
  6. Second, if it falls through
  7. You ever come down to AC or even further south to fish?
  8. Where are you in NJ?
  9. Righty or lefty?
  10. Offer stands if the other falls through.
  11. $130 shipping included to 19711 and I'll take it.
  12. Right hand or left?
  13. If you'll do $120 shipped, I'm in.
  14. Does it have line on it? If so, what kind?
  15. Second, if it falls through.