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  1. Maybe. It's a luxury to have time to make a decision. And yes principles are something to stick to.
  2. A woman that graduated from West Point told me. "Weakness is changing your mind" there is no doubt....
  3. I can not disagree.
  4. What I see is division. It is not productive and is making us choose sides.
  5. A centrist is as alusive as a mountain lion these days. The left went too far left for any sane person to relate.
  6. Any pics of her Mom?
  7. Nothing better than a smile like that. Great job Cap.
  8. Let me restate my position on this....crazy peeople are the ones who changed the definitions...
  9. Yes..very familiar with genetics.
  10. lol
  11. Define pregnant. Or woman/man. I am pretty sure the definition of everything has changed...crazy world.
  12. Most guys like meow matter what state they are in.
  13. These types of memories are the best. A lot of people do not have them. .
  14. I get it. Teach those kids as much as you can. I had mine in my 20's. They wore me out at times. We camped a ton. On land and sea. Now one of them works for me and pushes me forward. I love it.
  15. Camping is for the under 30 YO. No way in hell will I ever do it again. Not rowing a boat anyware either.
  16. I just hope they change tissues when they wipe his face after his butt.
  17. Noun. chud (plural chuds) (US, slang) A gross, physically unappealing person. Too many nouns and verbs to add to the vocab these days.
  18. I got rid of mine with Juicy Fruit gum. Never using anything else. I only got one with a trap. Poke a hole with your finger into the trail. Place gum. My girls yard was a mess. This was the only thing that worked. We were going to use the poison "worms" but we have 2 dogs(deadly for dogs) I used a lot of gum.
  19. Great show. Pale face and red skin.....
  20. 25 per person in MA. We use 10 traps this time of year. Pogies are better bait than chicken.
  21. eggzactly
  22. I had the freezer lose power too. Full of macs, herring, and bluefish. My ex wife "accidently unplugged it" she said. Then why the eff didn't you plug it back in. "I didn't know anything was in it" I was pissed.
  23. Damn..what a bummer. Looks well established too.
  24. Squid left in the trunk for a few hot days.
  25. So cool. Its feeding a fish to the chics now.