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  1. rainbow is 22in
  2. its definitely going to be wacky.
  3. election..
  4. And you call Trump a moron.....too funny.
  5. so basically your bagels are done in about an hour or so start to finish? how much yeast? what is the flour? interesting method..
  6. thanks. i am having a hard time finding this. I have been using honey.
  7. Are you refrigerating the formed bagels overnight. I am doing this step uncovered now. i use to cover but they come out way better without it. the crust is far superior.
  8. Shoes...long pants and no shirt? You need the shirt on to soak up the sweat that collects in your navel. Or maybe stroke and you don't know your drooling?..check that.
  9. No. It pretty much starts at Salisbury.
  10. Bagel people...what is your hydration. I am liking 53% these days. wicked tough dough but works. nearly killed a kitchen aid pro recently with it so be cautious. Anyone able to roll it and form from rope? i keep trying an failing. no matter what the hydration or balling and poking a hole. Where you getting your malt? and type...
  11. Goremet Market Basket meal.
  12. I have a Breville that can make this. I have not done it yet. going to have to try.
  13. Bad health bad are consistent. jk...hope your well.
  14. Good day sir!