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  1. Anyone local that can place this bar top....? The owner has multiple scallop boats....
  2. Too many projects to little time.
  3. Goals...its what lifes about.
  4. Sun is too bright for pics too.
  5. Took longer than expected to remove the residual glue. Finish tomorrow.
  6. So I decided to turn the a/c up and replace the forward cabin headliner. 108 with heat index today. Going to the monster shark tourney weigh in later though.
  7. 4 eggs at a time? I am addicted to them. I fill a gallon jug with 3 dozen extra large.
  8. Ha! Made one just like that about 15 years ago. Still got it too. Made my kid and his friend sift out some white landscaping stones to reuse....built some character that day as I drank beer and watched.
  9. Half part Frank's red hot half part water to one part white vinegar. Garlic cloves peppercorns and salt. I do the same with kielbasa.
  10. Glad it was any easy fix. 1 in a million shot having that wheel weight getting in there. Too bad it wasn't a lead one ...probably wouldn't have noticed.
  11. Not the photos but the comments. Grouping that large a group and implying that they are KKK members is quite despicable imo. KKK being a very horrible group of people...I have never been that much into politics but witnessing the hate from the left leaning is quite telling. And yes I see the same from the right but not nearly as prominent.
  12. When they talk to me about nothing. Hate that! Hens being hens. Worse yet.
  13. You are a crackpot, bigot, and a horible person. And you suck as a human being!!!!!!
  14. I aint googling it but it cant be. Wtf.