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  1. It's not a stutter. This guy does not want to be President. He is embarresed doing his job. Has to be.
  2. And an appointment with DocHop...Stat
  3. Idk. Something smells fishy with this one. Interesting area to lobster dive though. I have been told it's like a lobster appartment complex. Holes everywhere in the wall of sand. Basically no rocks.. With white sharks roaming around anyone that does it has huge balls.
  4. Hopefully nobody quotes that disgusting meme..
  5. So "he did trusted putin" ... You sir will be killed in chess.
  6. Do you really think Trump trusted Putin? Omg
  7. This deserves 100 thumbs up
  8. You ain't a guy unless you keep score.
  9. 2.79 for slugs??? When did you buy these? I think the Fair in Worcester had them at that price in the 1985.
  10. He obviously did not care enough to do this to keep a high position amongst his peers. Sad actually.
  11. Unless you are mentally challenged its really not hard to keep it on target. At all.
  12. Psychiatrist are educated.... Does educated equal smart... NOPE. People who think educated people are smart...may be morons.