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  1. Pats will be pissing of the haters! Agam!
  2. Horrible for a little one to go through. T and P for everyone in his life.
  3. Very good to hear. Cook her something good Red.
  4. Damn...I hope all works out for the best. T & P from our family to you and yours Red.
  5. Horrible thread....wicked bad actually....
  6. Lol
  7. That Amazon prime chic looks to have a nice box.
  8. More than likely will have to rewax slate joints. Which means new felt. Just lifting a little bit will cause the joint to "crack "...
  9. To the OP thread title... Their motivation may be the cause of that.... if you can't make it in America....then so be it..... America is the best....imo... country to choose to live.
  10. What?!!?
  11. Nice!
  12. Bennett meadows?
  13. Chunky's would be okay if they didn't put raisins in it.
  14. Post more in the hottie threads!!!