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  1. Maybe a stupid question and I'm sure some may have caught big fluke on big rods, but what size rod would you generally use for targeting fluke from surf or bay shore side. Would you use a 7Ft medium rod or lighter say a 6'6 fresh water rod. I have both plus, 8/9/10/11ft rods. The 7ft rod is rate 10-17lb. Thanks.
  2. Finally got the skunk off my back. Fishing the outgoing tide in the back bays of South Jersey 10 minutes in I landed a nice 33 inch blue. My buddy managed to get the next five but I was happy with mine.
  3. Does any of the New Jersey Beaches allow All Terrain Vehicles on the beach ? I don't have 4x4 in my truck and looking at options of either buying a 4x4 truck or a quad, I would consider a quad if I knew they were allowed. Only drawback is no shelter from elements..
  4. You can do kids tshirts from various fishing companies, to perhaps boots or kids waders also if you get them donated. Perhaps a few various sized rods geared towards younger kids through teen. For instance maybe a 6 ft rod for a 7 year, 9ft for a 10 year old, 11ft for a teen something like that perhaps. Kids like fishing hats, sunglasses..probably anything water related
  5. Great idea. I am going to show my son this and hopefully get him out more with me. He is 10 and gets bored chunking. Maybe I will let him in my lure bag and toss some plugs or lures to give him some exposure. Thanks. Rick
  6. Anyone on here from Cumberland County. I am looking to come down to Downe Township to fish along the bay and was wondering if there are any road closures associated with the recent forest fires or brush fire down that way. Thanks. Rick
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by MitchellNJ There's no regs on what you do with your 150 daily limit aside from selling them which you cannot. You still need a shellfish license regardless. For the cost of a dozen surf clams vs the effort to rake, you're better off going to the store. IMHO, raking is for eating primarily. Some of the leftovers may become bait. Of course there should be something in the moral code of man that restricts the use of little necks for anything other then immediate consumption. Preferably with friends and cold beer. Thanks and I agree. However I was thinking more on the lines of the freshest bait. Its hard to know for sure how fresh the catch is a the B&T's. Some places I am a little more skepticle than others. With that said I am no expert in clamming so I don't know how long a store can keep clams fresh. I would imagine it can only stay fresh for so long before they shuck and salt them. Anyway thanks for info.
  8. Does anyone rake for clams and use them for fishing ? I know it sounds like a stupid question but to increase my chances of using the freshest bait possible or is it illegal to do that. I am actively searching NJ Clamming Regs. Anyone have a link to locations that you can rake ? Thanks. Rick
  9. Quote:Originally Posted by danflytr Mr and Mrs Jensen are snowbirds of the town I live in now(winter residents). I talked with him about two years ago about his product the Ford Fender. He no longer owns the company. He sold it to an A,erican who sold it off to the chinese. He is very sad that he sold it because of where it ended up(it was an American made product and he wanted to keep it an American product Some of the home improvement stores like THD has a set of fine files in the hardware department that will work fine for hook sharpening. Yeah that is a shame. Seems like we can't get away from it. Hopefully in the coming years we start to see American companies get back to being American and make their products here too but thats another topic. In any event thanks for the info..
  10. I been reading and seeing more of the need for a hook file. Question is do you think anything file would work. I have a drawer in my shed that has about 5 different size files. I wondering if the smallest would work, perhaps I should at least try it before buying one...
  11. wow that much...ok thanks...I guess I may stick to a boat..maybe..
  12. How much does a setup for the waverunner like you have cost ? I am curious, could be something i may want to explore...
  13. Quote:Originally Posted by rockfishfinder I got enough peanuts and spots to last me through the fall!!! Can't wait to get things started, the looks of things right now has my mind spinning about the fall run Freeze them to chunk later or no ?