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  1. Yup, that be the dolphins we saw feeding for about an hour.
  2. Heard reports of dolphins throughout this past week. For about an hour this morning on a south county beach, there were pod after pod of dolphins scattered east and west and out as far as 200 yds, with many venturing close to shore within casting distance. They appeared to be feeding. At least 1/2 dozen boats in one area were surrounded by them feeding. Certainly a sight to see in RI waters. And of all days for me to leave my dolphin lure at home.
  3. You guys are selling me on it. TD has it for $208 currently. I’m an “XL”, would I need a 2X if I wear a sweatshirt under it, or do you feel the XL is sufficient?
  4. Is it true to size?
  5. Interesting. Thanks for clarifying that. Much appreciated.
  6. My current foul weather jacket is from the old Cabela’s guidewear collection which I bought over 15 yrs ago. It’s starting to show wear from years of carrying a shoulder surf bag and doesn’t hold up to heavy downpours as well anymore. Time to shop for its replacement. It’s been years since the the development of Gortex, and garments that contain it are still pricey. I’m on the fence whether to get something that contains neoprene, as neoprene ends up being unbearably hot, at least that’s what I experienced in my neoprene waders. Looking for a jacket priced between $180 - $220. Came across the Stormr R215MF-01 Mens Typhoon Jacket which has a neoprene core and I believe a nylon shell. Description states the shell repels water. One thing that has me puzzled about the jacket; it claims to be windproof/waterproof but states the finish is “water repellent”. Does anyone have experience with this jacket, or can recommend a jacket that actually keeps out the water for the price range indicated above? Not interested in anything Frog Tog, and Grundens quality isn’t the same as years ago.
  7. Plenty of Portuguese Man-o-War on south shore beaches after the storm.
  8. I recently purchased a surf belt that is relatively new on the scene (the past year) and is catching on in a big way, and IMO is nothing short of fabulous. I have a degenerative disk in my lower back and this belt gives you the best of both worlds, a great back support combined with a bag belt. It was designed by a surf fisherman (Luke Znosko) for his own use. The way Luke put it, he was looking for features in a bag belt that he couldn’t find in other belts. He integrated a bag belt with a weight lifting belt. Other fisherman would see him with it on and would inquire about it, the rest is history. It’s called “Z Belt”. The fit is great and you’ll quickly forget that you have it on when you’re surfcasting. Luke put a lot of thought into this belt and has since made improvements to the original design, creating the Gen2. He also offers a thin version which is similar to ODM, and is in the process of refining the design of a bag he designed to pair with the belt(s). The bag is to be released into production in the near future. Everything I wear is “XL” but his size Large fit perfectly with adjustment room to spare. Luke sold it to me out of the back of his truck. LOL Google and/or YouTube it.
  9. Define “near Westerly”. Search Google and you’ll find there are charter boats in Avondale, Watch Hill, Mystic, Groton, New London, Charlestown, South Kingston, Narragansett, Point Judith, Block Island (12 min. plane ride), and of course private charters in Ashaway and Westerly itself. Plenty of 18” and 18.5” fluke around, 19” fluke are another story.
  10. Yes, if it’s the same person on eBay, I purchased what he calls an “Aspirin” head jig mold from him (see images below). Some would call it a “Barrel” head or “Cobia” style jig head. Certainly the aspirin jig I’m familiar with isn’t barrel shaped. However, his molds are CNC machined, and when I contacted him with the specs of a jig I preferred with barbs and a big eye, he refused to accommodate me, stating the CNC setup time wasn’t worth it for the sake of one mold. This is understandable but, how could he be certain others wouldn’t buy the style mold I spec’d out? His molds are very pricey BTW.
  11. This past Wednesday, saw laughing gulls for the first time this year mixed in with terns and herring gulls. They were on a mix of bay anchovies and peanut bunker hugging the shoreline.
  12. I belong to a local gun club and haven’t heard anyone mention this alloy for pouring bullets. That doesn’t mean people don’t use it for that purpose. Being harder than pure lead, I would think this alloy would be more aggressive to the gun barrel. Besides, I wouldn’t feel right selling something that was gifted to me. I basically look at it as a lifetime supply for pouring jigs and spoons.
  13. Has anyone else used type metal to make jigs? About 4 years ago I was gifted 3 six gallon buckets (the size bucket wine juice comes in) 3/4 full of letterpress type. Each bucket is approximately 60-70 pounds. Type metal when casted is tougher/harder than soft lead, remains shiny much longer (much slower to oxidize), and weighs in slightly less than pure lead. A one ounce jig in lead is 0.94 ounce in type metal. I’ve noticed whether vinyl or powder paint is used on lead, the paint chips off easier on lead when introduced to hard bottoms/rocks, because the lead is softer and dents causing the paint to crack/chip. Type metal is comprised of the following and shown are some jigs made from it:
  14. In some cases, there may be only an ounce or two difference. It’s all about personal preference, not how strong you are. I find it more comfortable using lighter reels, and to be honest, the combo balance where I place my hand is improved. Bigger is not always better. Not every bowler rolls a 16 pound ball.
  15. I modified my Do-It flat head mold from having a collar to having dual barbs. And I had to “build up” material, not “remove” material for the eye socket. Wasn’t a pleasure to do by hand. Used a needle file to modify the mold for the barbs. Tried using a Dremel for the barbs but it would travel and make a mess. Used 15mm eyes. Would have used 17mm eyes but they encompassed the whole head.