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  1. If you stop and think about it, just about every day has been extra windy since the start of Covid-19. Doesn’t matter from what direction. Just an observation.
  2. “Tinkers”? As in tiny bass, or do you mean tinker mackerel?
  3. Yes, its a Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil. I swapped the stock trebles with VMC 4X single in-line hooks.
  4. Some of last Fridays catch before the front moved in and locked things down. Size ranged from upper teens to 27”.
  5. Some of yesterday's catch. Fish were well fed and very powerful. Plenty of bait in the area.
  6. The upcoming full moon is turning the switch on. Last night good, this morning insane! Besides a 45-50 min lull, action this morning between 5:15 AM to 10:15 AM was non-stop. Very aggressive quality fish, performing aerobatic maneuvers exploding on topwater plugs. Several fish tail walked after being hooked.
  7. If you’re into repurposing and “cheap” is at the top of the list, do what I’ve done on occasion... take a Pop-Tart wrapper and cut it into strips to use as body braid or lateral line material. You can make plenty of strips out of one wrapper and it works great.
  8. The factory sealed box did not have any shims/washers (nylon or otherwise) inside.
  9. I recently bought a Slammer III 4500 and the line lay is horrible (cone shaped from back to front of spool). Worse line lay I have seen on any spinning reel in my 50 yrs of fishing, mono or braid. How can Penn sell these reels for the price they’re asking when the reel is crap straight out of the box?
  10. Recently bought a 4500 Slammer III and a 4500 Spinfisher at the same time. Out of the box, the line lay on the Slammer is horrible (cone shaped) while the line lay on the Spinfisher is perfect. How can the Slammer (which costs considerably more money) have such a crappy line lay right from the factory?
  11. Black rock or SW point should produce some fish with a SW wind.
  12. Fish not as plentiful as last week, but still some quality fish around. Just one fish (26") last night after dusk and two fish (25" & 26") this morning before dawn.
  13. Caught 16” Shad from the beach as recent as last week when fishing for bass. Then the Gannets showed up which generally means herring unless they were diving for Shad.
  14. Plenty of fish tonight. Average size was mid to high teens, largest was 24". There was a lull after the first 4 fish, then moved onto a school with fish every cast to every other cast for 40-50 mins, until my jig hung up and I called it a night to get some food.
  15. Try using a plain jig head with a soft plastic off the beach. I’ve had success lately with a 1/2 to 1 oz jig head and slugo (6”) while other guys are telling me as they leave the beach that they haven’t had so much as one hit on topwater since they arrived. Conditions permitting, I’ll be fishing the beach this weekend.