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  1. On my way fishing one day and came across this street sign and thought I lost my mind. As I stopped to take the pic, I couldn't help seeing the humor in these signs. Was I experiencing early stages of Alzheimer's? Went fishing a few days later and the signs were gone, just the post was standing. 4-5 weeks later they were back. Had to laugh again; is someone losing their memory?
  2. When I was young, my Portuguese uncle told me to start fishing for tautog once you see the first yellow dandelion. It had always held true for me. I should start fishing for tog again, after many years.
  3. If we're discussing fishing from the surf on the Block, and not from a boat, I'd have to say from experience, mid to late October. A group of 4 or 5 of us fished the island for a number of years in the 80's and early 90's. We would rent rooms/cabin for a week or long week-end from Stan at the Gables Inn/Gables II. Our trips were planned around the harvest moon with an occasional extra trip on the following new moon. Got to know some locals that fished, one being Sergeant Bill from the BI police. He would call one of us when it looked like the Fall run was on. Back then, you could drive down to SW Point, park, and walk down to fish the bar. That whole area has been privately owned for sometime now. Fall trips out produced the spring trips (late May/June) in size and numbers.
  4. Fluke love sandeels.
  5. I use a salmon/steelhead rod when fishing from shore such as a beach or river estuary, where it's relatively easy to land a fish. Much like the places fly fishermen frequent.
  6. My first exposure to steelhead/salmon rods was when my wife and I were driving through Niantic Ct. and saw a sign on the road that read "Fishing Tackle Blowout". I found an interesting 9' rod that had no writing on the blank but had a name badge on the butt that read "Kinetic Signature". The person selling the rod said it was a European steelhead/salmon rod. The feel and the action was so nice, I bought the rod. Got it home, researched the name on the badge and found the company is in Denmark. Caught some schoolies with it and liked it so much, I now own five steelhead/salmon rods from 9' to 10' 6".
  7. Island Park or the Hummocks.
  8. A Herters possibly?
  9. Thanks. Was hoping to purchase the mold.
  10. Picked up the following jig. The retailer labels it as "Fish jig head". Not certain if the mold is custom or if it can be purchased somewhere?
  11. High temp RTV also works well to improve Dremel tool errors. Once cured, the silicone is forgiving by flexing into small voids for an improved seal. Don't over apply the silicone. If you do, wipe it down before it starts to set/cure.
  12. I don't use the weed guard feature and would plug the cavity with a finish nail. This created the challenge of positioning two small diameter items in the mold while wearing heat resistant gloves. Wanting to cut my fumble time in half, I thought of plugging the weed guard cavity with high temp RTV. After a dozen pours, it worked so well, I coated the hook eye cavity with RTV. This eliminated the small amount of flash I often got at the base of the hook eye, and sometimes in the hook eye.
  13. Where can you get them?
  14. Do you get much flash from those areas modified to accept the underspin crane/barrel swivels? Looks like you got better with the bit as the sizes progress. It appears you took a drill bit to the hook eye cavities on all the sizes but the 1/8 oz. Do you get flash around any of the hook eyes after the pour?
  15. Here's one that I added a red Sharpie permanent marker too. Used it in the recent past at a flounder spot and the marker is holding its own. Red Sharpie on tin type gives the red a translucent ruby color. I've used other color Sharpies on other tin type jigs as well and they all get that translucent look. Notice the thread wrap is red. That's Danville's optic white 210 denier flat waxed nylon that I color Sharpie red and epoxy over. Been using the same brand/color thread for years and apply whatever Sharpie color I want. Sure beats stocking many different color spools, and the permanent marker doesn't fade or bleed when covered in epoxy.