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    married--cat and dog like to chase steelys ,landlocks, and now stripers
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    fly fishing
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  1. Talked to more folks. There seems to be difference between dropping anchor and setting in reverse to get it to set.
  2. Thanks all... I’ll get some chain and try it before I really need it.
  3. More like a mushroom with 3 blades. Didn’t know if going heavier would do it. others said they had a 2 bladed fluted anchor but would set itself. I see online there is a plow shaped one that digs in better. Smallest one is for 22’ boat. yes , seatow showed up 90+ minutes later. I learned a good lesson that heavy fog slows down wait time quite a bit .
  4. I have a 16’ Lund. Engine quit last Friday off RI coast in heavy fog. Called sea tow and waited. Dropped anchor in 30’ of water. It’s a 20 lb 3 bladed river/ lake model. Had 75’ of line out and was dragging. Would 10’of chain help ? talked to some others that had that had same issues but different kinds of anchors. Any ideas? Thanks Don
  5. Hi, I am interested still. Thanks. Don
  6. I don’t have a picture of them right now. Discontinued model. Looks like a low cut hiking shoe. Has korker felt sole insert. Thanks. Can you take a pic of yours ?
  7. Killer. Watched 2 nd time with 10 wgt in hand. Thank you
  8. Up here in Vt. Water dropped and cleared. Headed down to Saybrook Friday. Water still dirty ? Love fishing the mouth in my skiff.
  9. Ya bummer re lady huskys. Woke to 16" of white concrete.
  10. You know it. I'm the luckiest guy. I have been saved a few times by sheer luck...on the other hand a busy boat ramp is something to behold. You could do a reality show there.
  11. Has anyone tried electric socks or heated footbeds in bootfoot waders ? I've tried hand warmers for feet but they seem to need more air to work correctly. I have Simms with muck boots. I have a Nerve issue in one foot that make my foot get cold easier. Thanks for any help....D
  12. You can shut down for 5 seconds before restarting and still have same problem. ?..