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  1. the 2-3/4oz " heavy" popper will cast further than the 3-3/4oz. "heavy" and they both swim very well. The bullet is not a popper, it's a stubby needlefish... it will cast even further than the 2-3/4oz popper. Hope this helps.
  2. no more bs... GAME FISH period. It worked for snook in Florida it will work for Striped Bass here.
  3. how old are those causeway darters?
  4. First one listed at the top of the page.... for some reason not on the initial list... click on "Buy Now" and then the 10' shows up.
  5. From the album cts vapor trail

  6. the through wire sits in a channel on the SS needles and the small and medium-sized poppers too. They're made so that water can follow through the wire channel and the swivel cavity, but it will not get into the chambers of the actual lure. If you see rust on the wire, it's because some moisture got trapped in the wire channel and over time it could cause the wire to tarnish.
  7. @ JoeGBreezy... you have it wrong, Mustad is killing the SS reputation. SS didn't make the hooks Mustad did. So if you've have had an issue with the stock Mustad hooks model 35517 please give the folks at Mustad a call and let them know the trouble you've had. Not to pass the ball but they are the manufacturers of the hooks not SS. If your SS lures work perfectly and are otherwise intact Mustad is the company that should be hearing about the hooks issues. ie... if you have an issue with the tires on your car would you call Chevy or Goodyear? I just think that Mustad is not as being made aware of the issues. If they hear from masses of fisherman vs. a few lure companies maybe they would fix any possible issues with their hooks. Here's their contact info: Bonney Whipple Jeff Pierce O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc. Postal Address: 241 Grant Ave P.O.Box 838 Auburn, NY 13021-0838, USA Phone: +1 315 253 2793
  8. FYI VMC 9262 are approx $75 less per thousand than Mustad 35517 at bulk quantity so even though you may not like Mustad hooks they are definitely not Cheap! under $2.00 per lure... maybe in China but not in the USA. Sorry.
  9. labor insurance molding material (plastic) wire weights swivels hooks paint packaging advertising excise tax 10% right of the top of the wholesale price is a chunk. ect... all add up. darters should be selling for approx $16.99 - $18.99 imho. anything more and the dealer would be on the high side, so shop around.
  10. price increase at the wholesale level to shops has gone up $1.05 over the past 4 years about .25 cents per year. I'd say that some dealers have gotten greedy at their end. Shop around prices fluctuate considerably among dealers.
  11. MUSTAD 35517
  12. numbskull do you sell commercially??
  13. agreed.... different darters/plugs for different conditions. No one said that any one lure will work for miracles in every situation. However, calling something a one trick pony seems a little disrespectful given the total numbers of fish and also the quality of fish a lure has produced. just saying....
  14. rollincoal... you should contact the manufacturer, I'm sure they'd be happy to take a look at them and make a replacement if needed.
  15. you're funny