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  1. I'll take for asking. PP. Thanks.
  2. I will take the darter. Thanks.
  3. Ill take this. thanks.
  4. I will take lot 2 for asking pending offer above. Thanks.
  5. My experience catching on a night sandeel bite has been tide and wind dependent. Last hour of incoming through about 1.5 hrs of the drop when the water fills cuts and bowls and is moving. Winds during these sessions were either non-existent or very light making the surf relatively calm, but there was some white water to work with. Those nights also happened to be on either side of a full moon and there was some light out. Not totally dark. This has been a consistent find for me going back to 2012 where it was true in long island and NJ. Since then, there have been night sand eel bites that I have hit at these tide markers and conditions in long island and other parts of the striper coast. I just haven't heard about or seen sandeels in any great number in NJ for some time. But, before the NE blow a few weeks back in MOCO -- at night where sandeels were present -- the fish were there just the same. Schoolies and some fat keeper size that have clearly been eating well. Note: This has just been my experience in noticing the patterns. Others may have caught at night in totally different scenarios.
  6. seconds.
  7. Excellent thread. Time and place can matter on this one. Gearing down after a long night session and shootin' the chit and laughing about the bite we just had (or didnt), few beers better than Cape May IPA as it's not too heavy. (Followed by that sweet cat nap in the truck. ) Then it could be 4pm the next day firing up the grill getting ready for some eats with the fam, Magnify's "Perception is Reality" (NEIPA) knocks it out of the park. Kane Head High comes in 2nd. Still think the Jersey breweries are slightly behind the out of state IPA makers. But magnify and kane are up there.
  8. Message sent. Thanks.
  9. Ill take this for $20. let me know.
  10. Will take mags in lot 1 if you decide to split for $30.
  11. Will take the lot for asking. Thanks.
  12. Ill take it for asking price if still available.
  13. Your Comment Tracking Number: 1k2-96ih-8h6o Done
  14. White, chartreuse or black. Thanks.