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  1. In honor of LAB... Mike Wells.... Message from his son Mick.... From Mick Wells..... Korine Falk and Mary Jean Kane came up with the idea and put together a nonprofit fundraiser to help NJ SPCA in my fathers name. my dad adored his/our dogs, and this is a perfect way to honor his memory! thank you both so much!!! And thanks for all who donate
  2. Viewing arrangments for LAB ,,,,,, Viewings for Michael M Wells will be at O'Brien Funeral Home, 505 Burnt Tavern Rd @ Hwy 70. Brick, NJ (732) 899-8600 Saturday 2 pm - 4 pm and 7 pm till 9 pm. Service will be at the funeral home Sunday at 1 pm.
  3. Well the word is out on mikes FB page so now I will comment.... Today I tradgically lost my Best Friend, Brother, and Bow Monkey... and on the anniversary of another lost friend 5yrs ago today..... Mike would go to the ends of the earth for me ads I would have for him..... so many fun moments this guy brought into my life I cant list them all...... I really cant stop the tears and I am so ******* heart broken over this its unreal and so ******* difficult..... My prayers go out to Lady Di, Mick, Kimberly and the rest of his family....... MR. WELLS..... YOU WILL BE UNREPLACEABLE AND EVERYTIME I LOOK TO THE BOW OF TNT I WILL SHEAD A TEAR...... CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE GONE
  4. Mick... I was on the boat on Good Friday.... I had 1 keeper and 4 shorts....MAYBE 10 keeper tog for the whole boat... 4 to 5 ling.. and a descent keeper cod.... the 3 big fish i witnessed on the boats digital scale were 17, 11, 8.... weather the scale was right or wrong i dont know but thats the real numbers it read.....
  5. relocating my rig to Gateway this season, supposed to be able to get in by april 15 , but may be later as they are having issues getting floating docks set..... if it happens in time would be willing to host some of the old time flounder pounders from here on a trip if any are intrested... havent done it the past few years myself as 2 fish are hardly worth the effort and cost... but man was it fun
  6. EXACTLY.... why doesnt anyone else get this ????
  7. its NOT about 5 is plenty, why do ya need 8....... for me its about 5 fish this season.... 2 or 3 fish next season..... with hard work nj fisherman went from 6-8 fish, and now for a 1/2 in less on the ruler we go 3 fish backwards ...... Overfishing the fluke with these new regs is a very REALLY possibility.... I hope for EVERYONES sake I am wrong...... but look no further than across Raritan Bay to see where this is exactly heading........
  8. no.... but they are still working on it as is the ASPCA
  9. Got a call from Capt Lou of Stripermania Sportfishing last night..... seems his dog is STILL missing and he is still desperatley searching for him.... He wanted me to post a pic and a description again and asked for ALL to please keep there eyes open..... DUSTY is a male Yellow Lab weighing about 65 lbs...... 4 years old and he is not fixed....... As you may or may not know..Lou's truck was stolen On Sunday July 17, 2011 in Holmdel, NJ when he ran inside a residence to see someone.... was only inside a few minutes and came out to find pick-up and Dusty gone... if anyone has any info that will help locate Dusty....please call Lou 732 687-7673 or 732-673-5572
  10. Looking for a Sprint compatible phone.... anyone....
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