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    25 Year accomplished Surf Fisherman
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    4 wheelin', fishing, the BEACH and MORE FISHING !!!!!!!!!!
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    I work - will probably have to beyond the regular age of retirement.....don't remind me..Uugghh !!
  1. Overall I had 4 from June through early had a tag from Panama City Florida
  2. From the album Sharks and Seals on LI

  3. From the album Sharks and Seals on LI

  4. From the album Sharks and Seals on LI

  5. From the album Sharks and Seals on LI

  6. From the album Sharks and Seals on LI

  7. A few from this past season[img=[/img][/img][/img][/img]
  8. If using at night and dead sticking, simple scotch tape to the tip, you can see every vibration or touch on the line. If you are using it infront of a plug, it comes with a clear tube you string on your line in front of the plug and you insert it into the tube, it DOES NOT create tork on the line when locked into a fish
  9. My little guy is now officially on the board !!!!!! After 2 soccer games and countless errands this past Saturday I took him down at 6:00 p.m.....we ran into some nice blue fish, only one was under 10 lbs., he pulled this in all by himself, weighed in at 12.6 lbs. witnessed and signed, he literally cried tears fighting it all the way in begging me to help him that he "could'nt" do it, but once it was on the sand it was ear-to-ear smiles and elation, he's still bragging about it !!!!!!!!!
  10. She needs to be holding a BIG ROD in her hands.....LOL