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  1. I’m interested But am in western Mass. What would it be for shipping?
  2. Pot
  3. EVS uses them in the E. Coli rooms and it’s reported it kills most everything. Prime is with N95s is potential degradation of the material.
  4. We are looking at using UV lights to “clean” N 95s.
  5. Snot
  6. Time to keep the pets inside.
  7. Orient
  8. Didn’t see the no pp. I’m out.
  9. I’ll take it. PM me your info and I will pp in the AM.
  10. 20% off the 17” at a big box “sporting goods” store till midnight. Buy online & pick up at store.
  11. Sounds fair. I can do pp tomorrow if you pm me.
  12. Any discount for shipping both to the same address? If so I am interested.
  13. Birthday
  14. Whole heartedly agree but I had to give it a go. Small local chain in Arizona, Lolos has it as their main thing. Great waffles and super fried chicken. Would order it again when I am south of the Mason Dixon line but never in New England.