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  1. Thanks for the offer! Make it $75 for both and we both win! I will pack and ship as soon as funds are received.. This is all GREAT quality and quantity hackle. your gonna love it. Pay Pal good for me. ok for you?
  2. Negative.. But it is a super nice quality, all long slender hackles... always loved this super fishy color...
  3. Obviously I used some of these feathers, but some great quality here. Two very nice packages offered for sale here. No swaps or switches. Package 1 and package 2. $50 each includes PayPal fees and shipping. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi John! I am working 3pm till 11 on Thursday night. I am on call and have no idea where I will be in South Jersey at that time. If you want to meet there before 230 Im good with that... best I can do, Thanks, Frank
  5. Best of luck Enjoy the rod!
  6. Buyer backed out. This rod is still for sale. Make me an offer... you pick up. you might be surprised!
  7. sure thing.. lets finish this deal up! thank you
  8. SOLD. Come and get it! sending you my phone number via PM. give me a call ASAP please to arrange pick up. Thanks,
  9. Make an offer guys... you might be surprised!
  10. Really appreciate the offer, but I can't use the reel... But pick it up for a good deal! Give me an offer...'lets work it out...
  11. Excellent. Sold pending transaction...
  12. Molly Pitcher Service Center on the NJ Turnpike Saturday morning 10 am sharp.
  13. I appreciate it very much but just started a new job. schedules a bit wonky. I can meet you on the turnpike rest stop up by exit 7a or so? Saturday morning say 10 am?
  14. Drop the price down to $150.
  15. Thanks...think I fixed it.