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  1. Looking for one of these discontinued rods, local pickup preferred in the Westchester county N.Y., Fairfield count CT, or NYC area. Only interested in the waxwing version, not regular Terez spinning, and the 7’2” length. Any color ok. 8.5+/10 condition Anyone relatively local have one they are willing to part with?
  2. I will take them. PM sent
  3. White, new condition. 3 fenders. Retail is $150 for 3 ($50 each). $115 picked up in westchester county ny. Will not break up or ship. Cash. Thanks.
  4. Ahh...thanks. A bit too far, I'm in westchester county ny...glws
  5. Where in CT are you?
  6. Thanks for the offer but I am looking for this particular rod...
  7. looking for 1 in very good to excellent condition. Local pickup preferred...based in Westchester NY, but get to cape regularly this time of year. NNJ also doable. Thanks
  8. I'm not certain. I've read the spoil lip is different...but I don't know it that matters or if there are other differences. Appreciate the idea...but I think I will hold out for one I know will work properly. Thanks
  9. Anyone have one in 9/10 or better condition? Local pickup in Fairfield CT to northern NJ is best.
  10. If you still have this I will take the white/ghost . Is that 15 shipped for the 1 spool to 10580? Will send a check...you can ship when it clears if you like