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  1. Haha thank you for providing me with a word for my fishing vocabulary. Me personally even if I walk on the beach and see someone catching I don’t go near them. I like to be by myself and watch what everyone else is doing from a distance and let them have their fun. I also want find the fish and correct lure myself. It doesn’t feel the same when someone tells me where they are and what they are hitting.
  2. You’re catching fish and no one around you is and people start creeping closer and closer to you until they’re finally in your hole? I honestly don’t mind, sometimes I’ll even wave someone over if I notice they aren’t catching anything. I wish they would just walk right over instead of trying to be slick about it like I wouldn’t notice.
  3. Lol. I think my spot is cursed this year. All times and tides, damn skunks. Maybe I need to buy more lures that must be the issue, no way it’s me!
  4. I fish a pretty tiny spot in NJ, I tend to see the same people every time I go out which is cool. A couple of days ago someone spot burned it to a tackle shop with the lure he used. That same night at 2amI saw about 10 people I’ve never seen before I usually have the beach to myself at night. Every single one of them were throwing the same lure mentioned from the tackle shop. That’s the first time I felt like someone was messing with my territory even though it’s not really mine lol.
  5. School bus bomber on lake conditions during sunrise. I saw her ripple the surface before I casted towards her.
  6. Out front OC 6-9am, water wasn’t crazy dirty a lot of white water, beach is flat now all my prime structure is gone lol. No fish, a lot of guys around me also no fish. Come to think of it I’ve probably fished 20 days this month and I’m the only one I saw hook up with one 26” bass and I’ve seen a lot of guys fishing in those 20 days. Kinda getting depressing.
  7. Went out from 8-1130pm OC out front, forgot how much of a rush it was to fish a storm. No fish, this October sucked hopefully November is a 180.
  8. Payment sent, address was sent with the payment. I would like wine red, thanks Dan.
  9. It’s not a personal email but no problem. Can you just give me a price and a paypal email so I send the moola?
  10. Can you email me?
  11. Hi Dan, would like to order some bucktails. All of these will be Smilin' Bills, Thanks. 2 - 3/4oz 1 red 1 white 2 -1oz 1 red 1 white 2 - 1 1/2 oz 1 red 1 white
  12. Flex Fabric Bandaids. Don’t leave a residue stay on all day and are waterproof. Someone suggested to me years ago in a tackle shop haven’t used anything else since.
  13. The improved clinch is the only knot I’ve had actually fail multiple times over the years.
  14. White 1oz bucktail, Chicken Scratch SP Minnow, Tsunami Talkin Popper, Blurple Bomber, Crippled Herring. All you need.
  15. I have had both, I fish sandy beaches so the boot foot is almost a necessity but if you do a lot of walking like I do for hours up and down the beach it’s almost worth going with the stocking foots.