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  1. They are looking for where covid came from. Seems like they focused on an over grown trailer home some swamp creature was living in.
  2. Negro please.
  3. Theres only one and it aint that red trash.
  4. Near where i live a guy was tracking a wounded deer years ago and stumbled on one. He was into that sort of stuff and spent the spring clearing brush from the location, it turned out to be an old farm family cemetery. He reaserched the deceased, the local town news published his report. Crazy what people died from 100yrs ago. Burns, falls, and lots of flu. Its amazing to think how wild/rural where i live was back then.
  5. 360 and 460 are left... package deal, take em both for $80tyd.
  6. $40 shipped.
  7. SMH
  8. Thanks guys. If i put this up for sale what is a fair #?
  9. Id and value please. Shape looks like gibbs to me but the lip seems a little different. Ill be looking to sell it.
  10. Its been sold.
  11. They each seem to have thier challenges. Old bucks are ghosts, hard to encounter. Does and older does i seem to come across, but those are always the ones that pick me off in a tree. Sticking my foot in my mouth right now, but ive had pretty good luck not being picked off by bucks.
  12. Thanks, but im gonna pass. These are all $10-$15 a pop.
  13. Where are you located? If i can drop it ill do $70. If i ship it how about we meet at $75 , shipping costs aint what they used to be.
  14. Selling my slammer collection. 560, excellent mechanically fresh 30lb suffix braid $80 tdy 460, excellent mechanically, 30lb suffix. $70 tyd 360, is operates and could catch a fish but feels like it needs service/bearing. $40 tyd 260, good mechanically. Line roller was making noise i just took it apart and oiled it. $55 tyd.
  15. $36 for the lot, 25 jigs most around 1/2oz.