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  1. I dont know about brake blocks. Typically I see this reel as more or a boat reel. But I never considered using it in the surf, it should/could work but I've never casted it. I recommend you do alil research.
  2. Looking to sell mu used torium 20, packed with 300yds of 50lb braid. The reel shows some use couple scuffs and very light oxidation on handle that honestly should wipe right off with wd40. The braid is in great condition. Mechanically the reel works very well. $90 tyd.
  3. His cat ate one... we all know how that ended.
  4. Dont really have anything on my want list right now.
  5. Oh, I thought the kayak was his way of purifying the water before using it to brush his tooth.
  6. Do you have a garden hose connected to the faucet. And does the sink drain out the wall, onto an old boat or something out there?
  7. He doesnt cut the grass. He just slowly covers it in more "junk"
  8. Yea, I have some questions I'd like to speak directly to the owner on.
  9. Theres a green jones brothers center console with Yamaha 150's in the mashfeild area... anyone know the boat? I'd like to get in touch with the owner.
  10. One last try $230
  11. I do not belive I have that. Will double check. Finnal reduction $90
  12. Looking to sell my 700te. It's in great condition both cosmetically and mechanically. I bought this reel from a member here last season for $325 , spooled it with 300yds of 40lb power pro. Used it once and that's it. Looking for $300
  13. I did not. I ended up buying something new.
  14. Hes waiting for the peanut butter.