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  1. That fish smells way better than red.
  2. You could try one of these, might open you up enough it just falls out.
  3. That one of them fancy cheese knives. Saw it on tv.
  4. I'll take that ron z.
  5. 42$ the for the 3
  6. Try hooking one that you didnt see and fighting it for hours thinking you've got a 400lb bigeye.
  7. Theres not too many things a girl can say that would make me not want to still **** em. But talking about taking a dump is one.
  8. Its part of the meateater umbrella. Pretty entertaining the one host Joe is from NJ so theres a bunch of east coast material in there to relate to. Joe Cermele has also made a couple SOL references..... I know your lurking here, who are you?
  9. I'm going to be looking to sell these can ya'll give me some ideas on prices. 1) 3 atom swirl swimmers 2) blue swimmer think it said master lure on belly 3) yellow swimmer says cooper on lip 4) mackerel vintage gibbs I think.
  10. Shoulder is sore a/f this morning. Twice as bad as the first one. And very slight head ache. If that's the extent, easy peasy.
  11. Shes already dead.
  12. See above
  13. Peer pressure is real.
  14. I got my first Pfizer shot about a month ago. I was wanting because I have to work around the public. Today my 2nd shot is scheduled, I'm considering bailing on it. Covid seems to be dropping , and I dont want to feel crappy for a couple days. Any tavern input?
  15. His money and fame, he could probably be smashing out 20's vag till he dies.