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  1. Hi Rhino83 payment made via PP thank you
  2. Ryan deal. PM infor please
  3. Would you take $515 shipped with pp?
  4. Hi Buy sell only not a discussing forum.
  5. SOL please close thread. Thank you SOL
  6. Sold to mahi03 PM sent
  7. Offer accepted send PM
  8. WTS Brand new unused Van Staal VR50. $435 shipped/PayPal to your door. No Trade! thanks for looking.
  9. Mark d Im sorry, I have to retract my offer. Thank you
  10. I’ll take it for $400 shipped with pp
  11. Would like offer $380 shipped pp?
  12. Brand new $435 ship to your door.
  13. Offer withdraw thanks
  14. Hi $435.00 new shipped to your door.
  15. Hi GED I’ll take your offer for red handle. Send pm, please thank you