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  1. My buddy is, he pisses a lot. Lol
  2. No, it means 'stirred with a used tampon' .
  3. Did you give her a job, too, so she can pay for it?? And I don't mean that in a sexual manner, lest you get the wrong idea.
  4. That's menstrual.
  5. I like this for $100. Well, $90.
  6. I imagine I am one of those 4.
  7. Hey Matt, Cabelas is having a 10% off sale for club members today only. Got a recommendation on a trail cam?
  8. When do you head south? Racist post reported! I haven't even looked. Don't want to look, either.
  9. With some fava beans and a nice chianti, of course.
  10. Same thing with a buddy of mine. Crazy, huh?
  11. There you go again. Weirdo.
  12. He's gonna die, then. Only money has kept magic alive.
  13. You ****s need to leave me out of your sick, sexual fantasies. Bunch of ****ing weirdos.
  14. It's more, 'I like feeling junk'.