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  1. Why is that post pinked?? what the ****??!!
  2. nigga, please. I just went up to -.03.
  3. I'm dying over here
  4. Yes, he's accepting red into alligator alley.
  5. Sounds like a plan!!
  6. Why is it unfair? What kind of ***** statement is that?
  7. What did they say? I never saw it. Been busy.
  8. The comments are great.
  9. That one sucks, just like you, fag.
  10. What, and ruin all are fun??
  11. Glad to hear, John.
  12. Those ****ers always bite my eyes and I seem to have an allergic reaction, my eyes swell up to almost closed, and it's not from the weed!
  13. Saturday morning, Ern.