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  1. I have about 2 ounces already, but thanks
  2. peas suck
  3. So you can hear you boyfriend coming??
  4. We used to go to my mom's every Friday for dinner. Man, I miss those days.
  5. Um, I'm going hunting, not to war. ****ing weirdo.
  6. Why limit myself??
  7. Couldn't catch crabs in a ghetto whore house ^^^
  8. Yeah, I still have some vacation time. Weekday would suit me better. Less people. That would be cool to see. Never saw one. What room does he have at the lodge?
  9. Yeah and it's not like you moved a few towns away, either.
  10. Now the chick is trying to say she is just an innocent victim of the two guys.
  11. Well, they believe Terri, so.......
  12. Ah, damn. Give her a kiss for me.
  13. Here we go, agam!!