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  1. It is Friday.
  2. It was a pretty easy call.
  3. Yeah, too much work. The sink is on the other side of the bathroom. I turned the air on. It stopped sweating.
  4. I think I've heard of that solution before, now that you mention it. I'll will check it out. Thanks.
  5. Was 79 in the house, with every window open, before I turned on the air. I'm a little chilly now, much better.
  6. Yes, like a donut being eyed up by a fat kid.
  7. Have fun, Ern. I got a few nice crappie yesterday.
  8. Sorry to hear. Horrible news. Good thoughts for you all.
  9. I rolled the walls and was drenched. Had to turn the ac on.
  10. Give it time.
  11. It was so humid yesterday that I thought my toilet was leaking. It was sweating so much the floor was wet.
  12. It seems they worked at the same strip club at the same time in the past. The cop did outside security and the dead guy inside security.
  13. Wayne, Porno Merchant.