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  1. No one needs to know about your shower habits.
  2. Bury yourself in the sand and wack off??
  3. Congrats to all, boB!
  4. She's like, what the ****??!!! It's cold out here!! Take me in!!
  5. Billybob has perfected the over the glasses look. Maybe you can get some lessons from him.
  6. It's not good to keep that anger bottled up, Doc. Let it out!!
  7. Fish are stupid. Of course they'd hit it. They hit pieces of wood, metal and rubber.
  8. Smaht!! I bought a penn 930 on here years ago. The handle is on the wrong side, though, so I never use it. Triple tail?
  9. Shouldn't you be working??
  10. Which eye had the stye?
  11. Nice. Enjoy, Peaches.
  12. 55 with sun, too!!
  13. Well hell, neither am I, if that's the case.
  14. 4 inches? Really? I'm not that far from you and there is no where near 4 inches here. An inch and a half at most.