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  1. I had to stop fishing after that pickeral. He either bit me or cut me with the braid. I was reaching down to unhook it when he went nuts just as my hand was at the frog. Got him off, started fishing and notice some blood on my hand. The tip of my finger was bleeding like a stuck pig.
  2. I did get these at the pond Wednesday morning, too. Lots of top water action. A couple few bass, two pickeral and quite a few missed strikes, by the fish, not me.
  3. Well, the kid took his when he moved out, but since I put a lot of his 4leaker on my CC, I had points out the ass. Got rod, reel, backing, line and leader in a package deal and added a case and still have some points left. BB liked it. 4 piece 7'6" 3wt, with a 3/4 reel. And, if we're being honest here, those were the first trout I ever caught on the sissy stick. I've had one for years but really hadn't touched it since I was a teen. I did catch smallies and panfish on it back then. They stock no small fish there, either. The second one, which came unbuttoned at the end, was a beast and took me a while to get in. I need to work on my fish fighting technique but I didn't miss a hit. 3 for 3 on strikes. I couldn't hook a fish to save my life in Jellystone, so this was very satisfying, and fun, too.
  4. I punched him in the tit, so it stands to reason.
  5. We'll just camp in your back yard. Good luck, Ted. Good luck to you, too, Mike. Nice to see you around. You've been scarce lately. Good luck to the DIL, boB. And, in closing, **** cancer right in the ass!!
  6. My mileage does vary. I can't stand my campsite lit up like it's the middle of the day. I can't even remember the last time I lit my Coleman lantern.
  7. What's GFC, global finance community?
  8. MikeMc


    I listened to that while taking a dump.
  9. MikeMc


    Much better here today. Can't even look the sun in the eye like I could yesterday
  10. Funny. He was very vocal against liv and the players that went.
  11. They're not going to let you dance, pal. Your titties are too saggy,
  12. She's a female, you stupid fag, and not a sheep. God, you're dumb.
  13. He's the King Cornbread of Brussels.
  14. My buddy had one that was a runner. Unfortunately, he had to give the dog away.
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