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  1. I thought it was going to be a thread about Ed Gein or John Wayne Gacy.
  2. No rain here.
  3. Get the **** out of here with that bull****!
  4. wawa hoagies suck. go **** yourself.
  5. Oh, you were so close, but ****ed it up in the end.
  6. Can you blind an assailant with it?
  7. scummy lies!!
  8. The solution is in front of you!
  9. He of the exploding heart.
  10. Happy Birthday, DG.
  11. I'd decapitate you in a ****ing heart beat, just to watch your blood pump out of your headless body.
  12. All I see are excuses already and you haven't even started yet.
  13. You can join Mitchell and reduce the population by two!! You people who complain about the population should either put up, or shut up.
  14. If you're going to give it away, I'd give it to your wife.Your daughter is young enough to maybe one day get her own draw.
  15. Why wait?