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  1. I've been fishing a lamiglas infinity 7'6" ultra light for trout the past year and love it. Definitely on the more expensive side but I also use it for shad in the spring and have caught largemouth to 5 pounds on it
  2. I like them for albies, I've found I catch just as many and I don't have to re tie nearly as much. They also don't bend out even on long runs with a tight drag. That being said I don't use them for plastics or for stripers, just epoxys, colt snipers etc. The gap is too small for larger plugs/hooks and trying to squeeze them in there will bend the clip
  3. I've been using the 25 pound TA clips this year and love them. Caught a lot of albies and smaller bass on them with no issues
  4. I would say that's a little high. I just had my vs250 spoiled with 417 yards of the new superslick v2 for 70 dollars. I believe it was around 17 cents a yard
  5. Gotcha, if it falls through Id be interested
  6. This still available or did Any Luck Buddy grab it?
  7. My advice is to rent a kayak for a day or two and fish inside the intercoastal.. When I go down I usually fish at night around dock/bridge lights with shrimp and greenbacks and clean up on snook and small tarpon. Drive around during the day looking for canals that have moving water and docks and go from there
  8. I love mine. I have both models, the regular s14's and the zip ups. The regular waders held up to some serious abuse the 5 years I wore them. They did start to leak around the crotch toward the end so I just aqua sealed them and was fine. I've had the zip ups for about 8 months and really like them so far. I basically lived in them for 9 days in upstate NY a couple weeks ago, and they held up great.
  9. You can reel these back straight, or fish it with twitches of the rod, as lureman stated they are an awesome fish catcher with great side to side action.
  10. lll offer $60 for the luna
  11. Would you take $500 shipped?
  12. My go to is my Loomis 1325, the rod has a softer tip action and I find I get the most distance with the softer tip rather than a fast action rod
  13. They eat pretty much anything depending on where they live. We've found anything from the usual sand eels, silversides, and squid to small porgy, sea robins and small black sea bass in their stomachs.
  14. In the 2 days I went out this week between 2 of us we boated over 150 of the speedsters in the eastern sound. Plastics out fished jigs 3-1. I'll be going from shore next with the fly rod, half the time the fish were basically within spitting range of the beach
  15. I think the last time I caught a tinker mac was in the late 90s-early 2000s, as a kid. I always used to catch 1 or 2 a summer randomly on snapper poppers off the beach. I'd also occasionally catch what looked like baby tuna >1LB, definitely not small albies or bonito, but something else. Both species I'd usually catch later in the summer, around late August