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  1. Yes News 12 NJ reported it. and my Grand sone said all the machinery has been removed from the area, And the beaches look like no sand was even Replenished it all looks as was, But for the Islands of sand just off the beach at low tide.
  2. Back from Timeout, For those concerned about the Loss of the jetties from Seabright to Asbury, they are all still there and all the Sand pumped on the beaches has retreated back out to form massive Sand Bars and Rips, Also just announced the Cancellation of all NJ beach replenishments till further notice, due to Fuel costs and Budget issues,
  3. *
  4. Harf Thanks for the reply, The fact that is overlooked & missing is The Difference between China and Rusia Military China has the Largest Navy in The World and Soldiers are not only well trained but Fanactcal, A Leader not in any hurry, Russia Poor quality weapons and Soldiers as the war in Ukraine is proving and a Crazy for a leader, And what we had as Leaders
  5. They all Became Politicians, The worst part is what the Dems since Trump have done to the Military from the Material and Readiness, & MORAL Standpoint, After Afganastan The Us has hit an all-time low in every department, And China = Korea sees it all, And as Russia is Learning how week Biden Is,
  6. Who said we did not send any Weapons to Taiwan Last time I checked it is in the Pacific, Where the USN 7th fleet operates in Force Above and Below the Waters, As China Does - North Korea Does, And all this over Computer Chips that we Pay for. What does Taiwan Pay us in Return? IMO China is not as Crazy as Russia But Than again We have Crazy Joe
  7. 8 Months and The Biden ring is gone ----ended
  8. Simple needs No Introduction or Interpretation PAYBACK IS A BITCH Note the look on Pence's Face is he Enjoying it all ???
  9. OK
  10. Rest my Case all the I I I I I I not one WE and not one single Document or Article to show all Your I and me
  11. Dam. has it been that long, 715/2021 Care to share the outcome on all this. Also, notice my Pros and Cons my support for & on Both Sides all the Documents and ZERO from You, Did I call you an Hippocrate My Apologies Not
  12. Ok with Windmills you are in the Bottom % in the Fishing Comunity ( it's ) Come on man Your Spelling is showing again Only 95%' I will take that any day 95% out of 15, How many Signed up when you asked For Rally and support on the Beachreplenismet Gathering That had No Public Support but for 5 of the same, Keyboard Warriors do not Count
  13. REALLY
  14. You call it attacks I call it Exposing your Hypocrisy and Gaslighting an issue that has no merits on Defending BS Issues, Be it Replenishments Beach Closures - Restricted Access It is not about you and your Constant Having someone anyone close to me does not affect my posting on Issues Affecting Public Projects That benefits the Majority and Public Good, The Majority of your rants have no Merit, Move on the Windmills are coming