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  1. Hope this opens Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved_ The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important Updates on 2_28) – The Millennium Report.html
  2. Hope this opens it will open up your minds Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved_ The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important Updates on 2_28) – The Millennium Report.html
  3. Better Than being Snowflakes and Deniers
  4. Owner-operator Found
  5. Saw this on local FB Page the boat washed up at night still looking for the owner to Claim it believes Sandy hook or thereabouts. . There was a Dashcam they are trying to download may have the owner id.
  6. Now your a Medical Expert to have an opinion on who is and who is not sick. we could use you when we go to the Lyons and Menlo Park NJ Veterans Hospital. Where we see veterans with less than 2 years and do the Paperwork for their VA benefits. and educate them on all of the benefits they are all entitled to regardless of years of service. There are VA representatives that keep our group up to date and check over the long term cases. we even work with The Monmouth County Senior and Veterans affairs department who has many more Benefits for Vets over and above what the Federal VA administration has. If you did over 31 years of service ??? and as a Pilot ????????? you most likely took the money and ran and never applied for any benefits. My last words to you since you like a back and forth Go to The VA web site and order the book of benefits. and other resources for extended benefits.
  7. Thank You. Once you make that pledge and sign the dotted line your ass is theirs. My Nephew Graduated from VMI while in the national guard and stayed in when he came home to NJ. You Know The Weekend Warriors. But His company was activated to active duty sent to Fort Dix 4 weeks training sent to Iraq after only 2 weeks there he volunteered to go on a mission for someone else who broke down after a bad patrol So Sgt. Ryan E. Doltz was Killed in action and was Layed to rest at Arlington. That is How he LUCKED out. Whoever thought The National Guard would be in actual Combat NJ Lost 4 Others from that Company. Google his name and read the volumes about him. Like I said everyone has a Story to be bitter about, And being bitter or hold a grudge makes you the loser. I never heard my Nephew utter a disparaging word about anyone who served or not.
  8. Not Realy been in and out and reregistered 2012 I due not pass judgement on anyone unless provoked. I was passing by this post till I saw a post that made sense out of this whole thing Whether this op is an AH or not who am I to Judge with the usual posters going Left and right. I thought something in the middle was ok.
  9. I feel for the OP as he let his emotions get the best of himself in a time of Stress. As a veterans advocate and Volunteer my group visit The Lions and Menlo Park VA Hospitals and hear it every time many are Bitter for their Plights in life and many rightfully so. Since we have not been allowed to do Visits My Fears are the ones that will not be there when again we will be allowed to Visit. PTSD is real and can come at any time.
  10. You got it Right Partly right but not Correct The list of benefits for someone who served a Reg, Tour of years Honorably Discharged is long and are from Death Benefits to Education Access to VA Benefits. Has nothing to do with anything but Earned pension amounts.
  11. 4-year tour Since then I joined a group to fight for benefits Federal Gov. said No-till we went to the NJ State Government with Republican Senators support a bill was passed to give us a Property tax deduction of $250. Sorry about the 1952 - it should be 1958 - 1962 have to edit it