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  1. You did not drive far enough for No Property - Sales - Utilities MV - State income -Taxes And permanent fund Check. Heat Fuel Subsidy/ Free to do as You please. And no liberal Socialists illegals in Sight Till The Snow Melts revealing a few.
  2. Don't shoot the messenger as the Illegals Pour across the border. States Cities Towns are using the Tax dollars not budgeted for or even Voter Approved but Voting people to manage the taxes. So called Nonprofits Tax Exempt organizations are funding the Illegal migration the Biggest is The Churches. the Liberal Wing of Society. who have no body controlling the Collected Cash. Unfortunately Mainers Voted in politicians to Run & Manage the Funds . You gave the Approval and YES it is the Result of Elections it is not Amazing Just sad.
  3. Nothing new NJ the most overTaxed State. No Deductions for Second Homes or Flood reimbursements for second Homes, Shore towns Learned fast to tax Summer Rentals and adding Guest taxes. Room Taxes. Sales Taxes Beach Taxes Parking Taxes. Toll Taxes. Yet NY PA tourist are willing to pay Yes exorbitant Rental fees Weekly Monthly Seasonally., No one is Shying away from Buying up Homes in NJ be it the Shore or Burbs. What has Collapsed BIG TIME is NEW Construction make existing Homes increase BIG TIME --- WHY have you seen the Price of LUMBER in every State up almost 300% Brother in AK said a 4x8 3/4 sheet of exterior Ply is $95 a sheet. 2x4 x 8 $10 Forgot to add many shore towns have put in place discrimination laws on who and How can Rent those rentals. and with No Push Back
  4. Low pressure on the Cheap Amazon
  5. Wonder why maybe not much interests. But I had a Pontiac Transport Van that had a installed air pump in the rear Panel with a hose that could reach front of van. Now the Kicker The Manual mentioned that you can blow up your Basketball with it Dam CRS the pump was for the load leveling System the outlet was secondary.
  6. MattieG all good points many released do not survive Legal or not So if you foul hook one Legal or not is the Answer Circle Hooks proven better, Best argument for the fish visibly holding Eggs The fish Sucks as table fare as most spawning fish do.
  7. Over the yeras Stripers have come and gone many things contributed to this. from over fishing to Bunker & bait availability. Even pollution played its part. I have Kept my time & not for me but for others I do not care to Eat them. Even did not Target them for that reason. To believe catch and release by a Minority of Fisherman will save them is not realistic but gives a scene of doing your part. WHY there are no Across the Board regulations by the east Coast States. They regulated by themselves or Federal Guidelines. $$$$$$ Like the OP said the commercial interests mostly has a free hand on Size - Limits - By Catches state by state. NJ is by itself with NO Salt Water Fishing Licence $$$ just a Registry. And Failed Science. taking a piece from all the other so called Experts. Fact 1000s are lost to Bad Releasing form Boats & Beach ever see some one kick on back into the water or Beach one let it sit & flopping around to remove the hook and kick it back into the water and watch it float back and forth in the surf DEAD. IMO stripers are Hyped as a game Fish for $$$$ when a Blue Fish will provide Sport Stronger fighting, As I am in the minority who rather eat a properly prepared Blue fish than any Striper.
  8. Right on RAW ----------Remember --You can call me Ray you can call me J or you can call Me. Or you can call a Egg Fly a Glow bug Even if Matt can have one named after him Yours would be a ( RAW Egg Fly ) OR By many other Names, Prestige Egg Clown Egg Yarn Egg Nuke egg Roe egg Estaz Egg Easter Egg Fly Many More, - Is a Name a Name by any other Name Great Fish is it a Native Maine Catch and Release ???
  9. Sorry not following your post Beads have been around for many Years as the Original people ( Natives ) in AK made and used them made from various material. never heard of a Moffit System but a search refers to a Circle hook system. Tied Egg Flies have there place but since Plastics were introduced have lost favor. As I posted where spawning Salmon are present it is the go to rig. as The Trout and Dollies are keyed in on them, In NJ I have only used a Bead on a rig as an attractant not the Focal point. And Petes Salmon eggs many use have an attractant on them might say the beginning of Power baits. After the Beads other Flies come into Play from Flesh Flies and Egg Sucking Leech. But all this is off topic but refers to fish do not become Shy or learn Dangers they are Opportunists Be it Mouse Tails Power Baits Trout Magnets Live baits. Presentation Presentation. My days of Fishing at 80 yo has been curtailed to enjoying the fishing catching is just a reward as they say been there done it. .
  10. Works all the Time, NJ stream Lakes Ponds are Hatchery Raised 90% Rainbows. They get get pounded from the day of Stocking to the next week Stocking. NJ trout do not live long enough to develop a Discerning Palate - Naive is not in their Vocabulary.From day one they compete for food in the hatchery.
  11. Hope this helps. The bead is a Legal use as Fly in Alaska where Fly fishing only is the law. But used anywhere there are egg laying Fish Salmon #1 To be legal the Hook has to be a certain distance from the Hook and distance of the Split shot above both, The beads come in many shades and sizes depending on Size and age of eggs. On the Kenia 99% use them add other rivers streams to the list. A single bead as shown will get you from trophy Rainbows to Dollys- Graylings - and at times Salmon will pick one up like they do with Egg sacks where allowed. the thought is they are protecting an area from competitive fish. The Fish sucks in the Bead and becomes hooked. when I first encountered them I was very leary. And as far as Trout becoming leary of them I have hooked some on the Kenai and Russian with 2 -4 hook & beads in their jaws and removed and Released unharmed Yes the Kenia is Catch and Release Only you can even get a summons lifting and holding out of the Water for photos for to long. many guides do it for you or leave in the net.
  12. Very Flawed Science and Reasoning. Example The Time Honored method for catching Trophy Sized Trout catch and Release ONLY meaning Catching over & over day in day out on every Alaskan River for Trout be it FLY fishing Only waters or not and this bead method is considered a Fly method. Guess the Trout in Alaska and and other Salmonid Rivers are just unconditional Losers. Photo Kenai Rainbow on a Bead Rig Catch and Release ONLY to be recought once again same rig Fact Fish feed on Conditions Opportunity and Availability.
  13. Off topic but Trashing Cities creating unemployment welfare flooding illegals into America Divide People Cry Racism COVID controls could not come at better time for the Demhipocrats Socialists. Packing the Courts. No limit Unemployment benefits, Pushing the Green Deal Globe. Warming Trade You predicted CONTROL a year ago it has been the mission for Years till Trump paused it but fear not it is full speed ahead THe saddest part is the Gadflys and Pundits Clueless have the Most to lose as if they are not already losers. The Play book is as Old as Dirt BLAME BLAME COVID the best gift they ever had. Think all that is Bad Bidens capital gains Tax will suck you 401 retirement plan dry what's in your wallet will be gone
  14. Not for Crispy Critters always Free