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  1. Wow, just wow!
  2. I think one thing that skews perception is that one usually fishes for stripers with certain rods and reels and then goes for smb with different gear. Once, I was with the family tooling around on a beach, and brought my fresh water stuff. I was surprised that a 4# bluefish peeled so much drag and took twice as long to land (despite having my feet on the ground) than any +5# smallie or LMB I've caught in the yak with the same rod n reel
  3. I have more success with Zoom Flukes than any other soft plastic and pink produces very well. Next on my list is the Slug-Go! which others have noted is versatile: heavy enough to throw unweighted and substantial enough to accept a few different rigging schemes. Slug-Gos and Albie Snax sure do look 'alive' to me, coming thru the water.
  4. It's also a joke from a comedic video that was popular amongst striper anglers
  5. It would be fun and satisfying to say Citizens United was coming back to haunt you trumpers, but as much as you try to frame the matter as "oh them media companies are liberal-biased and discriminate agin us'" the truth of the matter is they just policed slander and libel (the mainstays of current (R) strategy) You wanna stay on twitter? Stop trying to incite insurrection with demonstrable lies about massive voter fraud. You wanna stay on FB? Stop claiming there's some huge child trafficking ring run by Hillary. Recent events show evidence of trumpers actually trafficking children So, suck on that, trumpers Responsible companies have a limit to what content they will be forced to carry. trumpers went too far with slander, libel, and incitement to riot
  6. You are forgetting that I know what you are. You can scream insults all you want and I'll just laugh at you. Trump is the most criminally compromised President ever. It's funny how this truth unhinges you
  7. I read that ^, did a Google, watched a Youtube video, and am having trouble believing it. You can really just mush chapstick into the knot and it will pull out? I probably go 5 trips without a 'windknot' and then the next time out I'll get a few. I'm willing to throw a $1.25 stick of that stuff in my bag if it prevents even one 15-minute untangling event. Can you tell me any more or how you use it? Thanks
  8. I put a guide back on 2 years ago with braided fishing line, 5 minute epoxy, and when dried I wrapped it with electrician's tape. More than a hundred fish later and probably 50 outings with that rod, and it's holding fine. I'd do it again because I'm a cheapskate, it's a $60 rod, and I hate shelling out money and waiting.
  9. It takes a special kind of stupid to think your opinions on Biden somehow make trump not criminally compromised. I can't be 'played' by Biden because I view him as nothing more than a politician. I gave up hero worship when I was in my early teens. Good for you, though, went a couple posts in a row without projecting your homosexual fantasies on me. You getting therapy?
  10. 2 impeachments, and what 10 convictions/plead guilty's of cabinet n close advisors? Combined with his charities and other scams that got shut the eff down: hands down: most criminally compromised President ever. trump was lucky to have a ponzi Senate. Currently, the justified prosecutions of trump n crime family goes on.
  11. trump wins the Most Criminally Compromised President award, hands-down. The fact that you become unhinged and start hurling keyboard tuff-guy insults when you are confronted with the fact is amusing, telling, and should be of concern to you. If you can get your hands on a copy of the DSM 5 and rate yourself against the criteria, you'll find that you fall in the 'in need of significant support' range of the TDS spectrum.
  12. Meh, I've seen your reaction before:trumper gets confronted with the truth, trumper loses his temper and lashes out. I don't value your opinion, so I can't really be offended by your attempt to insult me.
  13. Last week I went thru Penn's site and a few of the box-stores and the on-lines looking for another SSV 5500 and/or 4500. My thinking was: these reels are great, I know how to repair and maintain them, and for short $ I'll always have a couple reels ready to fish and the one on my workbench only needs parts that I know how to change out. It made sense when I could only see the newer SSVI on the online sites, Penn has a right to promote and maximize sales of new products. I just have never been 'devoted' to a brand before...and didn't realize how this worked. Then it dawned on me: if the whole reels aren't readily available, how long will parts be available? Line rollers last me 2-3yrs, bearings 4 years, the bail springs about 5, with total tear-down cleanings 2 or 3x/yr. Are parts for the SSV available now, and how long will they be?
  14. Berndawggerz, what illegalities does the Time article claim these 'leftists' committed? I just watched Youtube vidz on making chipmunk jerky and on proving the earth is flat by calling Democrats pedophiles, so I think I'm almost ready to understand your thinking. Please don't link me to no more Beltway Pundit or OANN articles, just tell me in your own words: what illegalities does the Time article claim these 'leftists' committed?
  15. That proves it! VOTER FRAUD ON A MASSIVE SCALE! I didn't believe you until now