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  1. So did this Mayor Pete guy, who scares the crap out of righties, actually say he wanted to blot out history, or did he just say he wanted to rename some events?
  2. Maybe you should read something, since you can't answer the question.
  3. I figure the robins will show any day on the beaches nearest me. I'm thinking I might, when walking back from more remote locations, pick-off a few robins for the table. They're decent eating, and I'm only feeding 3 people (so 2-3 fish will do it). I enjoy all types of why not? One robin I caught was in a raging river current on a 8" metal ip...that one surprised me.
  4. I haven't read anything about Peter the Mayor, yet. Of course, I know who he is from headlines, and seeing pictures when I scroll. When you say that this Peter guy says scrubbing Jefferson's name is the right thing to do, what exactly do you mean?
  5. A few times now, I've seen them way up into tiny tidal rivers in shallow water. I'm positive many get suffocated. Also, I've caught many on Sabiki rigs. They bit the flies ( I did not snag their open mouths). They are an interesting fish
  6. can definitely use WD 40 to help remove the old grease, tho.
  7. Clambrella! You in a boat or wading?
  8. I made a bunch of 3" minnows (3 are pictured) and finished another black 3 n 3/4" one. All are made of the cedar Rollincoal gave me. I'll make a few protos thru the year, but I'm essentially done 'til November
  9. I bet you cannot find a single post in this thread where anybody called the OP a racist. Several pointed out it was him who was playing the race card, because that's how he started. Nobody called him a racist, you're making stuff up
  10. "Some are trying to make you out to be a racists because they do not like the fact that you posted the story. These are the same people who tried to stop Media reports" Dena read the above. To me, it sure seems like he is saying the people "trying to make you out" "are the same people".... You question my honesty? I question your reading comprehension. Nothing personal, mind you. Just responding to what you've written.
  11. Check out this lake monster I hauled out of the local on my newest 3" minnows. Beast was close to a pound heavy
  12. Conveniently, you forgot to mention that the only time the social media is mentioned is when the person had a history of posting stuff that could've predicted the crime they later committed.
  13. I'm not sure I understand you. Are you claiming someone here attempted to stop media reports?
  14. Do you have any evidence, beyond your own imagination, that she pushed the old guy because she is black and he is white? It may have been anger towards old people, or being told to behave, or anything....IDK I do know that You are projecting a lot of your own feelings onto the situation Maybe it was a race motivated crime, IDK. I'll withhold judgement until I see evidence. And...if you think you are giving someone a taste of their own medicine, that makes you only equal to them, in behavior. Conservatives and Trump supporters are not superior in any way.