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  1. We're pissin into the wind. They have moved past caring about draining the swamp. They LOVE that Trump lied, and is (for now) getting away with crimes. They celebrate the corruption and think it's 'winning'
  2. Thank You! Is it the same hat your buddy Pepe' is wearing while hugging your hero Trump? Anyhow: Trump's 'charitable' foundation is misappropriating funds, Trump violated campaign finance laws (Stormy payments), Trump's loan (leveraged thru Oligarchs 'buying' debt) from Deutsche Bank. All under investigation. Trump's charity continues to cheat taxes and self-enrich Trump, Trump continues to violate the Emoluments Clause
  3. Don't bee a doosh. I'm at work, and can't respond when I want to.
  4. Are you left handed? Not trying to get personal, here just wondering what activity hurt your left rotator. I started fishing left handed, 3-4 yrs ago, and it relieved tendinitis I was experiencing, almost entirely. Now, it feels natural to reel with my right hand
  5. Doing the damn PT exercises has restored nearly full functioning to my back and right shoulder. The struggle is to keep doing the exercises, even during times when pain isn't reminding me of the injuries.
  6. Fanboys who cheered "Drain the swamp!" and now defend Trump, as he hides his illegal and immoral business dealings from the American people, amuse me. The whole idea of elected officials is that they should represent us, be subject to oversight, and be removed once they no longer uphold the ideals we sent them to Washington to defend. Whataboutism is the weak sauce currency I hear the lemmings (who vote (R) in this forum) exchange as if it were a cogent retort. What about Hillary, Maxine, Obama? Holy Crappoli,does it sound ignorant, first listening to you guys demand oversight of Obama, and now defending Trump. The Birth Certificate...the Birth certificate!!!! Obama showed it. Trump absolutely lied (again) about the circumstances of his tax returns (said he couldn't show them due to a mysterious audit) and said he would show them later. Now is later, much later. Trump is a liar. You people defend him, and in doing so, display the utter lack of integrity that is the hallmark of today's (R) voter.
  7. Kastmaster. Small swimshad, retrieved erratically, but not too fast.
  8. If Tim won't pony up the $, who's with me to start a GoFundMe thing?
  9. So, he stays in the NH/ME forum now? It's too bad, I thought he would have fit in, here, had he just been able to get over himself, and realize a fat F in waders, in knee deep water, is not Xxxxtreme fishing.
  10. Effective aggression. Just because a fighter throws more punches, doesn't mean he's doing damage. Mind you, I'm completely unbiased/impartial as I feel the whole lot of you need to get a life. So, when you spend significant time and 4 posts calling 7 a homophobe and referred to his penis a couple times, I smelled desperation. The pandering to other forum members for support was weak, too. If you can't take 7s down, single-handedly, spare yourself the shame, and admit defeat. If a geriatric patient whose only release is tricycling gets you unhinged, maybe go to the MF and talk about the VS vs ZB vs Torque debate?
  11. What happened to fishing bear? He was nice enough to post pics of himself, doing that hardcore fly fishing, and you bastids still made fun of him. Anyhow, I've been scoring, and I got 7's over MarkG, 10-8, 10-8, the last two rounds.
  12. They should set up a Federal commission to investigate fraudulent voting. Oh wait, they did, and Kobach got sued; lied, stole, and cheated....and when held in contempt of court, he used gov funds to defend his illegal actions. Aaaaaannnnnnd......they found NO appreciable amounts of voter fraud, or about as much as James O'keefe committed.
  13. Did iPhish get kicked out of the PG?
  14. Seven is right (again). Two hrs ago, I pumped up 6 bicycle tires, and told 3 kids they could peddle over to the school playground, under the condition they texted me every half hr, saying they were 'alright.' Little B-words didn't respond when I called each of them an hr ago. As soon as I finished tying leaders for tonight, I jumped in my truck, and drove over. They were all on the swings, giggling like schoolgirls (they are schoolgirls), happily unaware of my worries...until they seen the angry dad. I told 'em: "Home, now!" They each had an excuse I did not care to hear. They just peddled their little butts into the garage, so I gotta go deliver a lecture. If any, and I mean any, of you need parenting advice, you just need to ask. Don't worry, Sevens, I'll get these drug-addled internet heroes in line re:parenting. Together, we will restore America to greatness!
  15. Sevens is probably right about Tim owing him royalties, but we should pass the hat, to defray the cost.