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  1. Is it harder for you to catch bass when the bunker are thick? I find this to be the case from shore
  2. I'm only getting out to wade 1 or 2x/week. Have been seeing more bait (peanuts, bunker, silversides, spearing). Although I've not found a pod of bigger fish yet, I feel it is imminent (maybe tonight?) I have been jigging up, w/zoom flukes, 3-6 fish/night under 26", in current near river mouths. I may be missing bigger fish, because I cycle thru my wooden big lures, then go right back to the little jigs when I get tired of not catching.
  3. 2 maybe 3 yrs ago, at that spot we both sometimes fish.....I don't know if he was on coke or meth, but some guy had a spotlight with a cord to a battery pack. He'd cast, retrieve, and if he thought something had touched his lure, he'd shine the light in the water to check. Priceless. I stayed for 15 minutes watching in fascination
  4. 2 Fridays ago, on my local lake, as soon as the sun went down, I paddled around and caught 15 (or so) small bass, and a few panfish, all on my homemade 4" Rapala imitation. I never changed lures because it felt like I was catching them all (not missing opportunities) Then 2 nights later, on a Sunday night, my buddy and I yakked the 'big bass lake' for 3.5 hrs and caught nothing, threw the kitchen sink, and best I could do was 2 blow-up/misses on the jittrbug. I also tried an experiment: I always thought that when I catch bluegills and sunnies with tiny rubber worm and bobber, they were attacking strictly by sight. Well, when I was NOT catching at the so called big bass lake, I attempted to get a bluegill for live lining. The bluegills hit the suspended trout worm in the dark at what seemed the same rate as they do in the light.
  5. Qnicorn! Hillary didn't have the guy assassinated, you got botted!!!
  6. Pink ***** hat? You are dreadfully confused, but I can understand you get enraged being one of those who fell for the Seth got killed by Hillary stuff.
  7. I'll admit you don't have a clue what you're talking about, and lack the ability to stay on topic. Go with whatever you want, I'll just laugh over here. This forum was full of deceived people babbling about Hillary having Seth killed. It's still full of Qnicorns, too. I never liked Hillary, so stop whining about her
  8. They read that Hillary has Seth Rich killed, and they read it here, and other places. Are you not paying attention?
  9. The one that convicted so many Team Trump players? Good shoots, IMO. I read the Mueller report. If Mueller wasn't an (R) Trump would have been indicted.
  10. They are way too savvy. Trump's been persecuted and done nothing wrong, Mueller was a Democrat out to get Trump (tho appointed by Trump appointees) and Hillary had a dozen people assassinated. Nah, just kidding, that was sarcasm. Trump's a bigoted,incompetent, Russian puppet. (R)s know it, but are totally afraid of black men and vaginas, so they're either aware of the Russian disinformation and like it, or they're too dumb to recognize it. Christ, the whole NRA leadership fell for the spy's (Butina) shtick about representing a Russian gun-rights group (there are no Russian gun rights groups) and went to Russia on paid vacations. Many (R) Congress critters crawled along...or did they 'fall for it" or just want the bribes?
  11. Yes. It was almost comical wading thru the ignorance of the Killary threads (I think a bunch of regulars here regurgitated that she's had many people assassinated).
  12. ^There it is! So many of the regulars here fell for, repeated, and espoused the Russian-bot and disinformation, and now ignorantly belittle the effects that Russia had on getting the popular-vote-losing Resident. Not a single one of them disputes any of the specific claims Isikoff makes, instead they somehow feel that they were just too 'informed' to be fooled by Russian disinformation (despite evidence to the contrary). Russia! You'd have to be a total moron NOT to acknowledge that Russia worked overtime to get tRump elected.
  13. Congrats on the fish, ASrod! The BEST thing you could do is hand out some advice. Young, like you are, is needed amid these old men complaining there ain't no stripes in the salt.
  14. In. I'm gonna build 5 (I think) and cut the bodies out on Saturday
  15. Hope you catch. Take pics if you do