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  1. I'm gonna buy a few of these lures and deplete the heck out of my local ponds and lakes. If the FBI or DEEP think they can stop me, I'm putting them on notice'll never take me alive!
  2. mag minnow has a very aggressive action and dives deeper than the 'darter' which is not a darter. The name, Mag Darter, is a misnomer, but it sure gets people talking about it. I catch a lot of fish on the MD, I have occasional nights when the aggressive action of the MMinnow produces, but I've found on those nights any lure would also catch. The MD sometimes produces when nothing else will (for me)
  3. I cannot find it when I Google "Swim Up Lure"
  4. Wow....I've done hundreds of tapered tails, and never did it occur to me to use a (smaller diameter) nose grommet. I usually use a tail grommet and snip/trim the flange. Good tip
  5. just expressing my opinion (above) and mean no respect to any other builders
  6. Wire, as you know, this is an adhesion's the paint not the epoxy. The epoxy is pulling away from spots it won't cling to I've had the same issue, a few times, when using different solvent paints (spray cans and sprayed latex) and also on metallic spray can colors. Rollincoal once suggested something that sounded crazy but I tried it and it worked nearly 100%. I wash the painted/cured plugs in water + dish soap, and give a very light wipe with paper towel, rinse w tap water, let dry....epoxy tomorrow night. Nobody wants to do an extra step. I get that. ^Worked for me because I couldn't keep enough powder free gloves on hand for when I glue the eyes on my plugs. I like to epoxy over the eyes, and handle the plugs with clean bare hands as I put the eyes on. I used to wipe down with alcohol, but it lifted the paint, like SPulse said. Anyhow, consider the Dawn wash, or not. In my experience, the plugs that I've done that had the first coat golf-balling looked good/better after another coat, but hook-rashed or shed epoxy faster.
  7. this a 'spy for a spy' exchange?
  8. Is this a case where the "Hispanic Liberal" (as 5's dishonestly claims) was denied the right to rent an apartment due to political association, or a situation where roommates, who were looking to find someone to share rent with, decided Seleh wouldn't fit in? The circle-j that is Alt-Right media doesn't do a good job of citing facts, it just appeals to buttercups' emotions.
  9. I'm no pro, and everybody's situations are different, but I'd strongly advise throwing out all preconceived notions about which lures work during the day vs night. Many will tell you (truthfully) that tins and topwaters (e.g.: spooks) work at does the color white. Also, black can work during the day.
  10. awesome, with the squid idea. Please post pics of finished product...better yet: a fish on one.
  11. oh gee, here we go^
  12. I'll let SOL be the judge...who's was bigger, Lou's or mine? yesterday at sunset:
  13. These were/are two Azek prototypes....they swam like I wanted, so I went ahead and painted/epoxied. There's 11gm of lead in the homemade tail weights, and .28 and .18 0z balls of lead in the belly/chin. They sink relatively fast, but when they sit on bottom, they don't keel over. One can see that the treble is on top (lure's back) and the tail siwash is rigged to keep the point up. I didn't try to make them pretty, or even flush fill the weight holes. If they catch next spring/early summer, I'll make more and pay attention to details. I hope to be able to drag them real low, and not get snagged too much. They get good distance casts.
  14. what gauge wire will you use?