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  1. uh you got nuthin, and figured you'd lump me in with your imaginary group that you attribute bad stuff to. Got it.
  2. I believe every member of team trump that was charged has been found guilty or plead, no? Which original charge are you referring to? We'll wait and see on Stone, who's case ain't been adjudicated, yet. Russia...are you listening? If so....get me the emails (and then....) I have no dealings with Russia (and then we find Trump/Putin Tower Moscow) So, this thread is about Trump talking ish about a dead (R)/war hero. Trump hypocritically talked ish about the dude, again. President Bonespurs is a loser, IMO. Sorry if that bothers you.
  3. The amount of work he did on behalf of the Russians in the Ukraine?
  4. Who the hell are 'you guys'? You have me on recent record of commenting on Reagan? Seems like you got a bucket of faux, krock
  5. While it's hard to combat your retort, I would just point to the convictions of Papo, Manefort, Flynn, Gates, and other coming soon attractions. Oh, and the T Foundation, inaugural fiasco, T University, etc., etc., etc., Trump Tower Moscow will be built!!!!
  6. Just seems so petty and
  7. In some cultures a draft dodger talking so disparagingly about a war hero would be considered hypocritical. To Trump fans, it's refreshingly honest. Also Trump is trying to install a false sense of the time line. Trump fans love to believe Trump is being unjustly persecuted, instead of just admitting the truth: Team Trump broke enough laws, told enough lies, to warrant investigation. McCain did the right thing with the dossier, by turning it over to the FBI
  8. I've caught a few what I believe were lmb that had red eyes, but the longer I look at your picture, the more I think it is a rock bass
  9. So, I was unable to get near the current to film, and my buddy couldn't show up (he was gonna help). I did shoot 10 seconds of video each of a sample from the big rapalas and the little 3 and 3/4" ones I make. I was happy with both. I know the videos suck. I was trying to hold the phone with one, and the rod with the other. The big one swam better in current or a crawl then at middle speeds. The mini just looked great all around. I was unable to get the mini below 9"ish deep even ripped thru...which is good, I want it to stay on top in ponds. After these awful attempts at video, I said eff it, waded in and threw jigs at stripes. I'll get better video someday (today was not that day, I thought I would drop my phone) IMG_2640.MOV IMG_2639.MOV
  10. This is a scathing refutation of a YouTuber! Who knew that people who video themselves for publication could be emotional? Thanks for keeping us informed.
  11. I'm committed to using a casting egg, or similar device, more this year.
  12. I had a plug that got slammed by a big blu, but I did not hook it. The plug came back with distinct bite mark and the hook rash ring. Every time I trell this story the blu I never saw gets bigger.
  13. I stuck 2 battery powered tap lights to the ceiling of my cap. It worked for 2 yrs, but now I'm ready to wire something (as well as other modifications to my fishing/staging area) so this thread is what I needed for info and motivation.
  14. Best info thread ever, here. I got a used Taco that came with Leer cap w/Thule tracks. eTrailor.cmm had the racks n bars used for cheap.
  15. They were at the winter spot, but pretty active today. Drag and pick up slack worked, but just a slow retrieve got me some bigger ones