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  1. I wanna start by asking that nobody gets specific in naming locations. Did you get a weakfish this year? Did you try? How'd you catch them? It took me 5x to get my first this year, and the few I did get were small. 2 of my friends, that I fish with regularly, got them before me. One on a Swarter, the other guy caught on a Mag Darter. Neither were trying to target weakfish, specifically. While I was trying for bass and/or weakfish, I threw a plug with a got some attention, but I couldn't land what felt like weakfish. Eventually, after many tries, I got one on a Zoom fluke and jighead, attached to a casting egg. 2 nights later, it worked again.
  2. I use my bright white whenever I feel I need to. This includes major untangling projects and walking difficult terrain. I cannot fathom walking off unicorn beach being considered difficult terrain. Fishing etiquette (and probably repeated success) are generally a product of experience. Covid and spring have record numbers of anglers swarming the spots discussed on the internet. Add those part-timers to the regulars, and you have optimal conditions to experience a guy with $2500 of gear on his body, yet still doesn't know enough NOT to shine their Black Diamond Sprinter 275 on the same water they hope to catch in. Standing shoulder to shoulder, the other night, afforded me the opportunity to evaluate everyone's gear. Holy crap, I'm a broke emm effer! I'm still replacing bearings in the $130 reel I bought 10 yrs ago. But I did learn that 1" carbide studs are needed to walk a sandy 1/4 mile.
  3. agreed^. I was on a pier once, and watched one follow my lure for a few yards on each cast. Was a shallow sandy area, and I got that robin to come in from 60 yards to within 15, before it finally took the tin. Next time I see them feeding at night, I'm gonna get a few.
  4. I'm wondering if any of you esteemed anglers have gotten into any sea robin action, yet? I wanna catch a bunch, clean 'em once, and have some meat. They're good grilling, fried, or breaded and baked at hi heat
  5. Eagle Claw plain shank #4, 6, 8? I've tied some, took forever, now I just stock up when I'm in the Biddefraud Walmart or Cabelas in Scarborough. The Mustad knock-offs work
  6. I wonder if water temp is playing a role? Or maybe, I just need to get out front more and find some fish.
  7. Low in rivers, but all it would take is a good night out front to convert me
  8. Finally had a good night last night. Last 5x out, it's been 1 or none fish. Last night got 7 fish from 10" to 41"...took 2.25 hrs to get them, cold and windy. All fish on jig/zoom fluke, as slow as I could keep it off bottom. Not a single tap on any other lure
  9. I need to find some shad! Great thread
  10. Jealous of the yak fish....I'm scheming to get a Hobie
  11. Are there worm hatches in CT? I've never seen one, and I frequent what sounds like areas they could occur
  12. Did you look on I found my roof rack and kayak carrier on there, 2nd hand Malone, very inexpensive, but I don't know if they have what you're looking for.
  13. oops, I did think the thread was about river herring. Those ocean herring are fair game when you can find them
  14. To say it plainly: it's illegal to target river herring in CT.
  15. I fish brackish river probably 50x/yr with good success on foot. Although I will, and do try just about anything, and sometimes get lucky; what works best for me is looking for advantages. On the few occasions I put my kayak with sonar in the same waters, I was surprised to find there were more bass in more areas...I just couldn't catch them with regularity. Especially in pools, ponds, slow areas, crawling a small lure or bouncing a jighead back to shore can get bass to strike when they think the bait has little room left for evasion. This seems to work way better at night or overcast days. Instinctively, a bass will not expose itself to danger very long for a one minnow meal. What I look for the most, however, is narrows, inlets, and fast current areas. Like Sweetwater said: big brown bass. It's my opinion, that if bass are holding in breaks near strong river current, they are there looking for food. Swinging the right lure through that current will get get results, if bass are there. Night's better, but if bass stack up in current, they're probably there to feed, day or night. It takes energy to hold there, so they're trying to feed, or they're gone. Last night, I caught a few in front of an outlet. There was only a few fish, but they were there to feed. Every so often, in the distance, I heard feeding on what I assume were minnows trapped close to shore. I wrote them off...I couldn't get over there, anyhow. Sticking to advantages/the fish I can catch, makes me feel like I could have success almost every outing.