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  1. You haven't seen the convictions? You haven't heard the convicted offer to give evidence saying Trump knew about collusion? You don't know about the Trump Tower meeting? You don't know about Papado drunkenly babbling to an Australian official? You're unaware that Mannefort has agreed to fully cooperate and has already admitted to deceiving the US Gov while orchestrating a campaign to support the Russian puppet president in Ukraine? You don't know that after some Mannefort/Trump maneuvering, the party platform towards Russian sanctions (as opposed to support for Ukraine) was changed? Republicans control the House, Senate, Presidency....and HOW MANY of team trump have gone down in flames, despite the (R)s attempts to protect them? Holy crap...the Witch Hunt is getting results. Only the best people, lmao. Keep babbling that mantra. Perhaps YOU aint seen evidence yet. But, juries have, and it was enough for convictions and more are coming
  2. Nope. I fully expect it from those who still have their heads buried deep enough in the sand to claim Team Trump did not collude with Russia, or that Trump is not a criminal, or that Russians did not undertake in an active campaign to undermine the sanctity of our elections.
  3. Is it true that the bigger ones do not taste as good as the 29" fish? I've never knowingly ate one over 37" (gut hooked bait fishing, could not release with a belief it would live)
  4. I log almost all my outings. This year, I've caught approx 190 bass, and 22 were 28" or larger. I don't have log in front of me now, so 190 is within +/-5, 22 is exact #. Last year I had similar #'s for total caught, but a higher % of +28" fish, and for 'larger' (+36") fish. I ate 2 or 3 +28" fish, last year, they were delicious, but hard to carry out to truck. Sea robins are easy to clean and carry, and can be caught next to the parking lot....yummy, too
  5. I agree with this. The all-star teams are a chance for competition and the elite to shine. The regular season teams should give all the kids a chance to play. I've seen many instances where kids who, supposedly, sucked at sports, were actually just never given instruction, practice, equipment, and essentially a chance to develop. Plus, IME, I've seen a lot of dad coaches who (either on purpose or inadvertently) favored their own kids.
  6. Nice. An American swamp creature conspires with Russians, Turks, and Ukrainians to undermine the US, influence our policy towards Russia, and launder money, to boot. The the Republican officers appointed to bring him to justice are equated with Nazis. This is the twisted logic and apparent TDS suffered by Trump supporters here in the PG. Priceless!
  7. Finding schoolies on peanuts up and just outside a couple different rivers. I ain't caught a +28" in a couple weeks, but I'm having fun catching 18 - 25" fish on a 4" swimshad and Kastmaster. I'm taking shots at larger fish a few times next week, tho. my advice: try a Kastmaster at night. If bass are on the pnuts, they might bite the tin. You'll lose less rubber to the blues, too.
  8. Good choice. I don't live in a glass house, btw. But good try
  9. Blame away. I'd expect nothing less than abject ignorance.
  10. Sure. There was a fatal shark attack. There's been fatal animal attacks since the dawn of human kind. A bunch of (R) voters whine on the internet that it's the liberals' fault. Is it the Gubermint's responsibility to protect people from sharks, or is it a personal responsibility for people tp protect themselves? I wish you guys would make up your minds. The blaming liberals crap is old and shows a weakness of mind.
  11. ? Did I single out anybody's wife? Do you think you know something about my wife? This is interesting...spill the beans...what do you THINK you know? I'm just working from my personal observations: many many conservative, 'libertarian', and otherwise alt-right middle aged men are just mad at their own ineffectiveness, and looking to blame minorities, liberals, and (D) voters, when they should really be looking in the mirror.
  12. I'm guessing the usual suspect 'libertarians' are afraid a Muslim child might come to a birthday party.
  13. Yes! And every single one...every...kid I've met who's threatened to shoot up a school (and I've met several) was all messed up on right-wing rhetoric. The kids had been quoting Bannon, Alex Jones, Daily Caller...etc. The new 'leftist policy' is that the threats get dealt with thoroughly and taken seriously. The 'rightist policy' is to put more guns into the schools. You guys ain't so bright.
  14. this yet another Jade Helm-type story?
  15. This is a thread where grown men pizz and moan about a grade school class party?