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  1. Guys, I am googling it, but I would definitelly need an european retailer. The blank itself is sold out at lami.
  2. I have friend who builds rods, if I have a blank I could work from that. There is plenty of 9´ in that throwing weight, european made, for very little money, but they make all the rods fast-ultrafast these days. I need something which would load sweet for throwing and which would bend nicely with fish. This with something like daiwa balistic LT reel with big spool wil throw metal to the horizont, but without the "hard jerk". A friend of mine lent me beastmaster 9´ up to about 45 gr, definitelly too heavy club and that was almost painfull to use.
  3. I should perhaps clarify, that the main rod I seek is for spinning from the beach. So rather closer to 9´ than to 8´or less.
  4. Many thanks. They have a blank til 40 gr, but at 7´ its bit short.
  5. Hello folks, would you guys recommed me a glass rod for light beach spinning - mostly metal, max up to 1 1/2" oz, with a sweetspot around 1 oz. For belonne and seatrout, or species like asp. Our last trip I had very many fish to fall off , I think this is all due to my graphite rod being too stiff. Alternative would be to go from braid to mono, to get me some stretch, but that kills the casting distance and sensitivity. I would also very much like to have glass kayak rod, but I cant seem to find them. A company not shy to send to europe would be preferable. Thanks
  6. Thank you!
  7. I think I just go to see that Penn Battle, looks nice and I have looks on specs and its pretty light too. Does anybody know if it has wormshaft mechanism? I know Penns have them but does this model?
  8. Well I was not spinning with lures much before. Anyway I can read - I m not saying "Shimano is no good" but I had some of cheaper shimanos on feeder and on my float rod and I didnt liked them, whats not to understand. I have read alot lately and even if you take it with pinch of salt, it looks like even cheaper reels few years ago lasted much more than today. There is certainly something going on.
  9. Used to have few cheaper ones, all got bust really quickly, not even on spinning and I think that Shimanos are bit hyped - if you consider price/value.
  10. Thank you for advice guys, my tackle shop carries Penn Battle, I shall take closer look on them. They also stock all shimanos, but it would take alot to change my mind. Jaro
  11. Still at it, cannot find decent emails to paint them by hand. Good suggestion with avatar I m going to use that one. Lurked around the site, lots of amazing lure builders here. Jaro
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by flytyingguy1 What kind of budget? Remember 2 things. You get what you pay for And some of those pike can tear up your gear. You want a strong reel. You may want to go with a conve tional bait caster reel. And S far As the " Zebco goes IMO Shimano is a better reel. Welcome to SOL. :-) Well its for river spinning and mid sized woblers and lures. P My budget would be around 100 bucks. Trouble is that lots of respectable companies moved production to china and quality is tanking, while different dd the same and quality is decent. Lots of people complains about cheaper Penns lately for example.
  13. Hello, I ll be getting new spinning reel soon, for my pike rod. Something in the size 40. I m not ig fan of Shimano, everybody is pushing around here.. I heard good things about "Quantum reels" by Zebco. Does anybody have the experience? What of the cheaper models. Also looking at DAM finessa at the moment. Thank you for the advice. Jaro
  14. I m from Czech republic. The lip on the semi finished wobbler is stainles steel cutoff, which I took from scrapbox I have turned few more and now I have 20 lures to wire and paint.
  15. Hi! I just got my fishing permit after 20 years. When I was a boy I made few "rapalas" from the balsa wood, even though I cannot rememeber if I ever caught something on them. I just went to my workshop and tried to crank couple on my lathe. The bottleneck gives me gripes as I couldnt remember the correct shape. The "bug" down there is from maple as its my first nonpainted wired one. It has good action, save that it is built like tank with 2 mm wire - which was only stainless I had when I got lurebuilding feever. The rest is poplar, which is pretty amazing material for this work, sort of like hardest grade of balsa. Also tried 2 poppers becaues they are not common around here and fish might not know them. Now to get some glue on eyes, hooks and must make die for casting the weights for these. And airbrush kit, but sort of afraid of that - being general woodworker, I usually make natural beeswax polish on everything and that is. This site has been great inspiration to me! 3 months to trolling season, still have some time to finish these and couple more.